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Hiring a Full-Time Video Editor? Get The Essentials

Michael Pirone
December 23, 2019

So — your company has decided to hire a full-time video editor.

Professional video editors that are equipped with the knowledge and expertise required to create a compelling and engaging video that can boost your company’s popularity, growth, and, ultimately, your sales.

But in this day and age, finding a good video editor is not as easy as you think. If you want the rundown on what you need to know about hiring a video editor, keep on reading.

What to Look for in a Good Video Editor

Hiring good video editors is indeed challenging. There are so many options out there that will leave you confused and overwhelmed. But did you know that there is one thing that you can do to determine if a video editor is right for your company or not?

All that you have to do is look for the following characteristics—these are what make up a good video editor.

  1. Strong Portfolio

Quality video is what you want for your company, and the best way to determine if the editor creates quality videos is by checking out their portfolio. 

By checking out their portfolio, you can see if they have already created the type of content you need. You will also know if they have previously worked with a company similar to yours—as well as what kind of quality they will be able to provide and the creative ideas that they may come up with. If you want to assess the best platforms for editor portfolios, we recommend Vimeo, and then Cargo Collective as two places in which you’ll have the best chances of finding the best quality. You can also see DesignRush to find good visual references.

      2. Right Specialization and Style

Different video editors have varying specializations and styles. Do their videos show the creativity you want in yours? Do their videos exhibit the types of shots you are looking for? Did their portfolio show off the kind of video that you want to have created? Were they able to execute it in the way you want?

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself to make sure that you hire a video editor that can achieve the style and type of video you want.

      3. Certifications

Video editing is not an easy skill to develop. It takes lots of time, practice, and proper training to create an effective corporate video. Because of this, you need to look for certified video editors. Certifications will ensure that the company is not just knowledgeable in creating videos. This is to make sure that they know how to produce videos that can pique your target market’s interest.

      4. Streamlined and Organized Process

A video editor should have in-depth knowledge when it comes to the structure and creation of a compelling workflow, and they should have established a workflow that represents this.

Ask the video editor about their process. They must talk with you in detail about the key stages of the video editing project in order. They should also explain the guidelines, expectations, requirements, and steps for each stage so that you have a complete idea of what is involved.

      5. Sensible Project Timeline

Will the editor be able to finish the video within your expected deadline? This is one thing you need to ask the candidate. If the editor has an established workflow, he should be able to provide you with an expected timeline too.

      6. Detail-Driven

A single mistake can ruin an entire video and render it effective. That’s why you must work with a video editor that pays great attention to the details in each video production stage.

      7. Outstanding Personality

When hiring a video editor, there is more that you need to consider than their work. It is recommended that you meet up with them in person. If you want to achieve the best possible results, you need to work with a video editor that you can get along with pretty well. The personality of the editor matters because it can profoundly affect your work chemistry.

A good working relationship can make the entire process not just successful, but as hassle-free and smooth-sailing as possible too. The key here is to choose a video editor that you would want to work with again.

      8. Great Communication Skills

Another thing that can make your project as successful as possible is proper communication. When hiring a video editor, go for one that can establish and maintain excellent communication at all times. There must be an open dialogue during the entire video creation process to avoid any costly misunderstandings. You want to also have software in place to ensure that there are review and approvals you can place within each iteration of the video production process. We recommend SHIFT.

      9. Reasonable Rates

We have placed this in the last portion of this section because we believe that price should come secondary to the quality that the video editor can give.

When hiring a video editor, don’t forget to ask a quotation from them. Make sure that the quotation includes all the possible expenses you may incur and watch out for unexpected charges. A good editor should cost anywhere between $25 to $75 per hour.

Pro Tip: Before you go searching for a video editor, it would be best if you already have an established budget in mind. In this way, you can determine if the rates of the editor suit your budget or not.

     10. Good Client Feedback

As they say, word of mouth is the best marketing tool a company can have. You can use this to your advantage by checking out what the editor’s previous clients have to say about them. The past clients will provide you with a better understanding of what it will really be like to work with the editor.

In-House Vs. Freelancer Video Editor/Video Editing Agency

When hiring a video editor, you will be faced with two options—to go in-house or opt for either a freelance video editor or video editing agency. There is actually no straightforward answer as to which you should choose as each option comes with pros and cons.

To help you make the right decision, here is some of the information you need to know:

In-House Video Editor

When we say in-house, it means that you will hire video editors as full-time employees. If you go down this route, you will also be the one to invest in the video equipment needed.


  • You can have full creative control.
  • They will have a deeper understanding of your brand.
  • You can set your timeline.


  • Expensive initial investment due to equipment.
  • Since they are your full-time employees, you will have to pay them even during their downtime.
  • Team size may limit the production.
  • Limited pool of talent and skills.

Freelance Video Editor vs Video Production Company

When you hire a third-party video production company or editor, you will be outsourcing your video needs to them. This means that they will not be your employees, and they will only be paid on a per-project basis. You also do not have to buy video equipment because they already have their own.


  • Since they are outsiders, they can give you a fresher and newer ideas and perspective.
  • No need to invest in your equipment.
  • No need to shell out for employee benefits.
  • They have access to a broader range of skills that will be useful for your project.
  • They can create videos optimized for marketing, search, and conversion.
  • They are expert content creators and storytellers.
  • They can use their experience in working with different types of clients to your advantage.


  • You will need to invest time interviewing them.
  • Less control over creative details.
  • Per-video rates can be more expensive.

So which one should you choose? Well, that would depend on the type of corporate video that you need. If you plan on producing company culture, product and brand explainer videos, and FAQ explainer videos, an in-house video team is recommended since they know your brand pretty well. But you also need to be producing videos as a regular part of your operations. Keep in mind that you’ll be paying a full-time video editor a salary. So if you aren’t producing videos day after day, you’ll probably be flushing money down the drain.

But if you are planning to produce videos for a big marketing campaign or you want to expand your audience reach, and take your marketing into a whole new level, a third-party video editor would be the best option for such projects. Outsourcing your video editing is also standard if you will only need a few videos here or there, or for a temporary project.

In Summary

Videos are simply the most engaging form of marketing your can use today. If you aren’t producing videos, you are losing to the other guys. But you will only be able to harness the marketing potential of video if you will work with a certified, experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable video editor. 

Learn more about how video production can work for your business, with the team at Vidico.

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