We’re still (safely) producing video as usual during COVID‑19.

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  • Q: Do videos still go viral?

    They do, though you’ll find that this rarely happens with product-focused content. In 2019, it’s more top of funnel video content that has a higher chance of organic uplift. Whilst our video productions have totalled 1.1 billion views, most of these have come from television views (actually 90%). The approach we take to production in such an instance is normally with ‘statement creative’. Big ideas, normally humorous, that require a solid pre-production phase so we can nail your concept.

  • Q: Do you also do storyboarding?

    Yes. All of our explainer videos include storyboarding — we see this as one of the most integral parts of the entire animation process. You cannot have a quality explainer video result without a strong script, storyboard and animatic.

  • Q: Do you have your own studio?

    We have a host of partner studios that we work with depending on the size and requirements of each project. Most of our Sydney-based productions are on-location, where the majority of our shooting (even for clients in the US) will be in Melbourne studios.

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