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Vidico (formerly Lunamik) is a story-driven, video production company. We are a collective of directors, designers and technologists, who believe in the power of clear communication and stunning video.

From Melbourne to San Fransisco, Vidico works with a broad range of clients in the software, hardware and new-tech industries.

Our approach is typically end-to-end, where we produce the script and storyboard in addition to all components of production.

Our list of clients includes Square, Amazon, Airwallex, Uber, Salesforce and Koala.

With a research-based approach, our mission is to spark excitement, broaden audiences, and drive viewer interaction.

Let’s create something memorable.

Up to 3x more conversions

Vidico content leads to an increase of up to 15% in conversion action rates.
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2018 YTD statistics

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We’re happy to help.

Here's our answers to production questions that get asked fairly frequently:
  • How much does a video cost?

    It’s really helpful to be specific with this question.
    You can ask us, what’s the level of investment for a video like ‘x’? And we can give you an accurate estimate in response, whether it’s a video from our portfolio, or a video that you’ve seen in the field. Each production requires a different scope based on the resources involved in the project. Whilst the online video editing tools certainly have their place when it comes to DIY projects, Vidico is more aligned with bespoke content production.

  • What does your typical process look like?

    For both animation and live-action video, our preference is always to have an end-to-end level of involvement. On 99% of the videos you see in our portfolio, that’s our copy and our creative. Normally you’ll come to us with your company, platform or product, and we’ll respond with some high-level directions on the right video strategy.

    Once the approach is solidified, we’ll then get to work on your script and storyboard, which are the two areas that we define as the most important in the entire video production process.

    We’ll then follow with our recommendations on components like animation style, and what the lead actress should be wearing on shoot day.

    For animation, we work with some of the best illustrators in the world, and for live-action, we use the same cameras as your favourite shows on Netflix.

    For a full run down of our production process, get in touch with us.

  • How much work is needed on our side?

    When we say not much — we kinda mean it.

    If you don’t have a brief, we’ll give you an outline to produce one. If you don’t know what your want, we’ll tell you what will work and why.

    Your main role is in helping us learn more about your company — this is normally achieved through us asking a heap of questions and some solid workshop time over the first few weeks.

    Our clients on average report to be spending around 2-3 hours worth of feedback time in the entire life of a production.

  • How long does all this take?

    For both animation and live-action production, the average project life cycle is 6-weeks including feedback loops. Pre-production will normally take up 2-3 of these weeks, as we really love our time spent in planning.

  • What kind of ROI could we expect on this investment?

    The best question.

    We need to know your APV (Average Product Value) — you need to know your ALV (Average Lifetime Value) of your newly acquired customers.

    In the meantime, it’s safe to say that our videos have extremely high engagement, conversion and share rates, which greatly exceed industry averages.

    Our approach to production provides some of the best price-to-performance ratios within the video content market.

    Still have questions? Ask us directly.

"Now we don’t sh** ourselves on presentation day. When we want quality videos, we call Vidico."
— John Oakley / CMO ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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