We’re making product complexity disappear.

We believe that video is the medium to engage audiences and inspire action. It is the visual language that combines innovation with story, and unites the world in understanding.

Vidico is a video production company that’s deeply connected to producing compelling narratives for innovative startups and tech enterprises.

It was all started by the Pirone Brothers (our founders Michael and Evan), who set out to bring clarity to complex concepts through video. They assembled a talented group of writers, directors, producers, designers and editors, who have worked on well-known Youtube commercials (The Oodie, Koala), and national TV campaigns (Square, Temple & Webster).

Vidico’s approach to video production is end-to-end, and by preference. We use tested models for storytelling that’s been proven across hundreds of videos, and storyboard each video extensively.

Across animation, we team up with some of the most recognised illustrators in the world.

For live-action, our videos are then shot with the same cameras used on your favourite Netflix shows, and for good reason — we’re obsessed with clarity, and video content that performs well above expectations.

Vidico works with category leaders.

Our community of 720+ clients include Square, Spotify, Vimeo, Amazon, Uber, Samsung, Koala, Airwallex, Temple & Webster and Digital Ocean.

With over 1.4 billion views, it’s highly likely you’ve seen our videos if you’re a resident of the US, Canada, UK or Australia.

In our six year history, we’ve only ever received reviews that were five stars. That means that if you work with Vidico for your next video project, come with your expectations held high.

We produce explainer videos, product videos, brand videos and television commercials — if you are a company that wants to win with video, let’s make something memorable.

3x more conversions

Vidico content leads to an increase of up to 15% in conversion action rates.
Vidico Content ACR
Industry Content ACR

2022 YTD statistics

Vidico averages taken from
Wistia, GTM & Vimeo aggregate data


What does your process look like?

For both animation and live-action video projects, our preference is always to have an end-to-end level of involvement. On 99% of the media you see in our portfolio, that’s our copy and our creative — the same goes for our TV commercials. We are half creative agency, and half video production company. For a full run down of our process and further info, get in touch with us.

How much work is needed on our side?

When we say not much — we kinda mean it. If you don’t have a brief, we’ll give you an outline to produce one. If you don’t know what you want, we’ll tell you what will work and why.

Your main role is in helping us learn more about your company — this is normally achieved through us asking a heap of questions and some solid workshop time over the first few weeks.

What are the turnaround times?

For both animation and live-action clip production, six to eight weeks, including feedback loops. Pre-production takes up to four of these weeks.

How large is the Vidico team?

We are currently a team of 50+ go-getters and growing.

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