Design & Illustration Services

Ongoing design & illustration made a breeze.

As a video-first team, we're all about crafting a high-quality collection of creative assets that perfectly align with your brand, and we do it at scale. Think of us as your go-to for all things creative, from video to design and illustration, all under one roof.
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Used by over 450+ of the world's best startups and established enterprises

Custom, bespoke illustrations.

We take the magic from your video projects and turn it into a powerhouse design system for your brand. It’s like hitting the creativity jackpot – we craft design and illustration assets for your campaigns at lightning speed.

Your one-stop shop for all things visually stunning – digital ads, social media, out-of-home campaigns, killer lead magnets, engaging emails, and more.

Whether you need eye-catching static images or GIFs that bring a smile, we’ve got you covered.

And the best part? It all stems from the genius of a single video project, making your budget go further.

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Creative production services that scale

Top-quality design system

Expect top-notch creatives that fit your brand perfectly and take your marketing efforts up a notch. Need design, illustration, or photogrpahy? We've got the skills and systems to create visuals that grab attention and get people moving.
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Always-on creative development

Get ready to team up with a team of creative strategists and video pros who are all about diving deep into what makes your brand tick. Together, we'll brainstorm a flood of innovative and fresh ideas designed to take your campaigns to the next level.
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Flexible pricing models

We get it – budgets can be tight, especially when you're trying to stand out in the tech world. That's why we're here to shake things up by making top-notch creative production a reality for businesses big and small.
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We're the specialist in end-to-end creative production

Each video is a treasure trove, packed with dozens of stills, graphics, illustrations, GIFs, and yep, you guessed it… shorter videos.

It’s like a nesting doll of creativity that unfolds into bigger projects—from engaging ads, and captivating landing pages, to OOH campaigns.

Project Summary

Vidico’s Involvement

A streamlined, fully managed workflow.

A seamless journey from concept to completion. We take care of everything, freeing up your internal resources and ensuring your projects stay on track.

With cutting-edge techniques and state-of-the-art software, you’ll get design & illustration that captivates and inspires.

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Success stories from top tech brands

Karim Zuhri

Chief Operating Officer

With Vidico, every single detail matters. They make sure everything looks clean, beautiful and very professional. Really caring about the outcome and following up, again and again, to make sure you're happy with the results. A real customer-focused team.

+ Avg. view duration 56s (93% view rate).
+ Over 1.4 million views on Youtube.

Adam Harder

Senior Video Operations Manager

The ROI we were getting, the cost per acquisition and the ARPU just for the views have really been effective. The cost has been low per customer when they’re transitioning from our youtube to our website and purchasing our platform via that video.

+ Over 3.7 million views on Youtube.
+ Lowered CPA.

Jane Zhang

Product Marketing Manager
The Vidico team is a joy to work with -- talented copywriters and animators, seamless communication, and timely delivery despite our 14-hour time difference. Our product video came out beautifully, and we'd gladly work with Evan, Michael, and the team again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Vidico?

Vidico has a proven track record of creating exceptional website explainers for a wide range of clients. We make the best explainer videos from some of our major clients here in Australia.

Our team consists of talented creatives, animators, and strategists dedicated to delivering top-notch explainer videos that meet the objectives of your websites and reach your target viewers.

When we make an explainer video, we prioritize collaboration, attention to detail, and hassle-free services that exceed client expectations. If you are unsatisfied with the results, you can ask us to edit or adjust the video length based on your preference.

Our motion designers will turn complex ideas into great animations for maximum engagement and high conversion rates. Together, let’s make your brand shine.

What’s your process like?

Vidico’s approach to the video services has always been end-to-end. Our team love being involved in scripting, concept, storyboarding, telling your company’s story efficiently, sound design, and post-production.

With a strong internal communication, we will work in partnership with you. We have all the tools like drones, time-lapse, and cameras to shoot scenes and create videos for big and small businesses. We are a video production agency in Adelaide that you can book for different video services, editing, storyboarding, and more.

What types of projects can benefit from motion graphics?

Motion graphics projects include marketing videos, social media content, presentations, advertisements, website designs, mobile apps, e-learning modules, and more. They are particularly effective for conveying information engagingly.

How do you tailor content to align with a brand’s identity?

Tailoring video production content to align with a brand’s identity is a strategic and iterative process that begins with a deep dive into the brand’s values, mission, target audience, and competitive landscape.

The best video production companies conduct comprehensive research to check the development of a video content strategy that outlines the key messaging, tone, and visual style of the final video.

Creative ideation on training videos follows, where concepts are brainstormed and refined to ensure they authentically reflect the brand’s identity while effectively engaging its clients.

What is a creative video agency?

A creative video agency is a specialized company or team that produces high-quality, innovative videos for clients. These agencies typically offer services, including pre-production, concept development, editing, and explainer video distribution.

They work closely with clients to understand their video marketing goals and objectives, then leverage their expertise to create custom-tailored explainer video content that resonates with the target audience.

Feel free to visit our studio for a free consultation at 77 Argyle St, Fitzroy VIC 3065, Australia, conveniently located near Mario’s and the Melbourne Museum. We’d love to discuss our video production process and how we can bring your video ideas to your brand marketing.

If you are outside Melbourne or anywhere in the world, you can use our VidiFit Quiz for free and upfront estimates. Please leave your details; our specialists will connect you with our video services.

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