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Before Vidico: Internal bottlenecks. Your time, and your effort. Videos that don’t perform.

After Vidico: Everything is fully managed in a neat video production process. Run by a world-class team that’s trusted by the fastest growing startups, and the Fortune 500.



1.4 billion

Video views

Trusted by hundreds of the top companies

The video production company you have been looking for.

Get the best of creative agency, and video production company with a single touch-point.

Tackle your company’s video needs, from every angle.

We’ve received 1.4 billion views across 1200+ videos.
Chances are that you’ve probably watched a video produced by Vidico without knowing it.

Project Summary

Vidico’s Involvement

A variety of video capabilities under one roof.

Video for customer acquisition, engagement and retention. Get an evolving, 360° view on what video content is right for your video strategy. Need a brand video, product video or social media videos? Vidico is the video production company built to handle it all.
Acquisition Engagement Retention
Animation Case Study
Explainer Videos →
Cut out complexity and increase conversions, with engaging animation.
Acquisition Engagement
App Videos →
Use smooth motion graphics to communicate your product essentials.
Acquisition Engagement
Walkthrough Videos →
Ensure retention and engagement through clear and concise training videos.
Live-action Case Study
Brand Videos →
Get a bespoke, branded video or tv commercial at the heart of your next campaign.
Acquisition Engagement
Social Content →
Win more mind-share with monthly video content for social media.
Product Overview Videos →
Create product videos, that give a crystal-clear overview.
Careers Videos →
Exhibit why your company is one of the best places to work.
Acquisition Engagement
Case Study Videos →
Show how your customers are winning with your product.
Crowdfunding Videos →
Launch with the production company that’s raised $15m+ for founders.
Acquisition Engagement

Video marketing that grows with you.

The old way: traditional agencies hire a specialist video production company like Vidico. They take most of your budget for concept. They have minimal involvement in the actual video production.

The new way: Vidico is the creative agency and the video production company. There’s less moving parts. That makes it up to 20-30% more affordable than a traditional agency. The whole process is managed from concept through to post production.

  • Flexible: Vidico’s plans are built to allow video at scale, both for startups and enterprise.
  • Strategic: From TV commercials, corporate video, to training videos. Get an evolving, 360-degree view on what kind of video content is right for your product and marketing strategy.

Trusted by global brands,
and products you use everyday.

Adam Harder

Senior Video Operations Manager

The ROI we were getting, the cost per acquisition and the ARPU just for the views have really been effective. The cost has been low per customer when they’re transitioning from our youtube to our website and purchasing our platform via that video.

+ Over 3.7 million views on Youtube.
+ Lowered CPA.

Karim Zuhri

Chief Operating Officer

With Vidico, every single detail matters. They make sure everything looks clean, beautiful and very professional. Really caring about the outcome and following up, again and again, to make sure you're happy with the results. A real customer-focused team.

+ Avg. view duration 56s (93% view rate).
+ Over 1.4 million views on Youtube.

Jane Zhang

Product Marketing Manager

The Vidico team is a joy to work with -- talented copywriters and animators, seamless communication, and timely delivery despite our 14-hour time difference. Our product video came out beautifully, and we'd gladly work with Evan, Michael, and the team again.

+ 3x commercials produced and localised for USA.

5 stars
I recommend them without reservation
5 stars
experts in the video production field
5 stars
over the moon is an understatement
See real results, created by the video production company consistently rated five-stars.
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Getting started is easy.

  1. We chat, to better understand your product.

    We learn about your team, existing skills, and your ongoing video production needs.

  2. Have videos produced on an ongoing plan, or on a single project.

    Our plans are designed to help you scale up or down based on your quarterly projects and video campaigns. If you're new to video production, you can work with us on a single video project first.

  3. We assemble a specialist, dedicated video team.

    A team of top producers and project managers based on your content categories of choice. We have teams that service Australia, USA, Singapore and UK.

  4. We then kick-off with an onboarding session.

    We’ll follow with adjustments as needed, plus advice on how to efficiently and cost-effectively scale your video production.


How is Vidico different?

1. Dedicated team: Vidico gives your marketing and creative teams super powers, literally. Whether it’s beautiful corporate videos for your ad campaigns, compelling motion graphics for your next product launch, or an animated video for TikTok — you can rapidly bring any video idea to life, and make it work for your business. You’ll be alongside a dedicated, award winning video production team that’s done it over 1,200+ times.

2. Fully managed: Skip the hassle of managing video production on your own, and plan, shoot, edit, and produce your video content through Vidico. At every step of the process, we’ve got you covered.

3. Results-first: We’ve battle-tested what works and what doesn’t work over hundreds of different video campaigns, and for a variety of different businesses and industries. You’ll benefit from all of the best video production practices we’ve accrued across every project, which contributes to content becoming more cost effective over time.

What is your video production process like?

We’ve streamlined the entire production process to ensure quality is high:

  1. Creative briefing and onboarding: once you select your preferred engagement and content style, we provide you with a creative brief to collect your product value propositions, in addition to your existing brand guidelines and logo files.
  2. Pre production: then we’ll develop a concept, script, and dedicate the best talent. Each stage of the process requires your sign-off so you’re always satisfied with the outcome.
  3. Production: for animation, we’ll then illustrate out the entire storyboard before heading into motion. For live-action, we’ll be filming on set in our own studio, or on a location that matches your brief.
  4. Post production: you’ll have a video editor or motion graphics expert, that will handle all the video editing from start to finish.
  5. Delivery: once video editing is completed, all the media files will be made available for download following your final sign-off.

What types of video content to you produce?

It’s typical for video production companies to only produce live-action or animation — at Vidico, we have expert teams that work together to provide both. We go beyond corporate video production, and provide a 360-degree content offering that includes testimonial videos, social campaigns — all the way through to national TVC campaigns for brands you know and love.

Our team has more than 200+ years of experience in live-action and animated video. We are an industry leader with a proven track record of producing landmark campaigns and award-winning work. We’re also one of the few video production companies that has produced over 1 billion views across all channels. All whilst having a high-quality-first approach that’s cost effective for our clients.

We’re here to provide you with the best possible video production services so that you can create your perfect campaign for your brand or business.

Where are you located?

We have teams in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Barcelona and South Africa to help you produce engaging video content — with half of our clients located in the United States, we have an international presence that extends to brands in Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom. Our goal is to help our clients produce meaningful connections with their audience using compelling video content, whether it’s animation or live action.

If you’re located internationally, please feel free to get in touch. We have a 24/7 support line, and a team meeting calendar that you can use to book a time with our sales team.

What type of video is right for our business?

This typically depends on one of three goals: customer acquisition, engagement or retention. From there, we’ll match your goal to potential content categories and styles that will match your strategy. We also consider audience and distribution channels (TV, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok). Our approach gets the best of video production, and the strategy of effective video marketing.

What makes a good video marketing strategy?

New formats and channels bring new opportunities. Every brand, marketer, and agency is investing in video content. And with good reason: People are watching videos more than ever before. In fact, over 54% of the world’s population will be a video viewer by the end of 2022 . So what makes a good video strategy? The importance of your objective, audience, and audience segmentation. When building a new content strategy for any given channel or format, you need to ask yourself three questions first: “Why? Who? What?” These simple queries give you an objective for why you are creating content (e.g., increase awareness, drive traffic to your site), who you are creating it for (e.g., target audience) and what type of content you want to create (e.g., corporate videos, explainers, testimonials).

Need a video production strategy, or need help in developing an existing strategy further? We’ve got you covered. Book a call with our video strategy team.



What briefing materials should I provide?

If you’re at the discovery stage, that’s completely ok — you can still get in touch with us!

If you’re ready to proceed with a video project, we highly recommend including the following in your brief:

1. A clear and concise description of the project goals, and what you’d like your video to achieve.
2. A detailed description of the target audience, and the channels that you’re looking for the video to be distributed across.
3. A list of specific deliverables that are required, including cut-downs, ratios or localisations.
4. A timeline for the project.
5. Your ideal budget range.
6. If you’re after multiple videos, the scope of video production services you’re looking for.

The best corporate videos will also start with good references. If you have a video style or example that you like, please include it in your brief. If you need help choosing a style, you can use our portfolio search tool.

Does Vidico focus on corporate video production?

We specialise in corporate video production and produce video content for both enterprise and challenger brands. When it comes to corporate video, we work with some of the most prestigious companies in the world, including Spotify, Uber and Vanguard — the results speak for themselves. Beyond corporate video, our creative concepts have been recognised globally by Muse (4 x Platinum Winners) and Cutaway.

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