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Use the power of video animation to resonate with your customers emotionally.

Have our team manage the whole process, from concept to storyboarding, style, animation, and production.

Create animated explainer videos that engage.

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Use our expert knowledge across scripting, storyboarding, and style.

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Use smooth motion graphics to communicate your product essentials.
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Project Summary

Vidico’s Involvement

with clarity.

Our explainer video company has a proven record of making complexity disappear. Our explainer video company can help create video content for businessSaaSmobile appseducation, fin-tech, machine learning, quantum mechanics, and data analytics. You name it. Our explainer videos will increase website conversions and brand awareness, generate leads, and enhance product pages.

Vidico delivered above and beyond expectations. The comments were glowing, which simply speaks to the quality of the content. Eight months later, it still has legs; the ROI we’re getting, the cost per acquisition, and the ARPU just for the views have really been effective.

Adam Harder, Senior Video Operations Manager
5/5 stars

Trusted by global brands and products you use every day.

Adam Harder

Senior Video Operations Manager

The ROI we were getting, the cost per acquisition and the ARPU just for the views have really been effective. The cost has been low per customer when they’re transitioning from our youtube to our website and purchasing our platform via that video.

+ Over 3.7 million views on Youtube.
+ Lowered CPA.

Shonal Narayan

Marketing Manager

The Vidico team exceeded our expectations, especially with their animation. They were excellent listeners —  not only did they hone in on our creative needs, they really took time to understand our business in order to deliver an amazing explainer video. I definitely recommend Vidico.

Ron Schniedermann


We partnered with Vidico to create two animated explainer videos and couldn't be happier with the price, story, animation, process, team, and, most importantly, the educational explainer video.


What are animated explainer videos?

Animated explainers can use a video to explain your product, platform, or value proposition. Our explainer video company uses animation, in particular, for technical, hard-to-understand products.

Our studio has won over 20 Behance awards for vector, frame-by-frame, and 2D animation for established and small businesses.

Our studio also produces 3D animation for complex products. In short, we’re the animated explainer video company you’ve been looking for.

Does your video production company include storyboarding?

Yes. Our animated explainer video company includes storyboarding, which we consider one of the most integral parts of the entire process.

Unlike other explainer video production companies, our explainer video company ensures we create videos with a creative process and excellent project management.

We can explain our storyboarding and keep you in the loop, from planning to deciding on a live-action or animation style. To learn more about our pricing, take our VidiFit Quiz for a free estimate!

How can your animated explainer video company help my company?

Our animated explainer video company leverages NLP-driven insights to craft tailored narratives and increase engagement and comprehension.

Our explainer video production company utilizes sentiment analysis to fine-tune emotional resonance. This ensures that your message aligns precisely with your viewers’ needs, driving enhanced brand connection for your business.

Are explainer videos effective for business?

Studies show that 85% of people are more likely to buy a product after watching an explainer and convert 20% more visitors into customers than text alone. This means that creating animated explainer videos will drive more sales.

They are effective because a straightforward story delivers clear communication that enterprise clients can easily relate to.

As an expert explainer video agency, we can simplify complex concepts and ensure we engage the audience’s attention.

What’s an animatic?

Animatics are animated video storyboards often containing a base sound layer, like a voiceover, alongside the visual narrative.

It’s one of the best testing explainer video services known for animated videos. As experts in animated explainer video production, we do an excellent job in assessing tonality, pacing, sound design, and sequencing.

What styles of explainer videos are available?

Various styles include animated explainer videos, live-action explainer videos, whiteboard animations, and 2D/3D animations.

An explainer video company depends on the message, innovative ideas, unique blend of marketing goals, and target audience. Our explainer video company can help you with every step, from planning to editing animated video content.

What is the process for creating an explainer video?

Creating an explainer video usually involves several steps, including scriptwriting, storyboard creation, animation or filming, voiceover recording, sound design, and editing.

Collaboration between the client and the video production team is essential to ensure that the final product meets the client’s objectives.

An expert explainer video company like Vidico can help you with the whole process. Use our VidiFit Quiz for a free and upfront estimate, and our production manager will contact you.

How can I measure the effectiveness of explainer video services?

The effectiveness of an explainer video can be measured using metrics such as view count, prospect engagement rate, conversion rate, and feedback from viewers.

Tracking these metrics over time can help determine the video’s impact and identify areas for improvement in animated explainer video production services.

Can I use animated videos for marketing purposes?

Yes, explainer videos are commonly used for marketing purposes to promote a business product, service, website, or brand. You can post it in marketing channels to attract the audience and explain a product in an engaging way.

What is the price range for producing an animated explainer video?

The explainer video cost typically ranges between $5,000 and $10,000. That rate is for a single video, but the price varies on project scope, animators’ expertise, the complexity of the production process, and animated video duration.

Short videos have a cheaper animated video production cost.

Our explainer video company offers high-quality visuals and animation, making them ideal for conveying your message effectively. You can use our VidiFit Quiz for free and accurate pricing.

How do you make an animated explainer video?

To make an animated explainer video, begin with scriptwriting to convey the message effectively. Follow this with storyboarding to visualize scenes and transitions. Record voiceovers to add narration, then animate the storyboard with graphics, characters, and effects.

Finally, polish the video with music design and editing. Attention to detail and creativity are vital to ensure the final product is engaging and informative.

You can also provide feedback to ensure our team provides quality projects aligning with your business goals.

How long should animated explainer videos be?

An explainer video production company produces animated explainer videos that typically range from 60 to 90 seconds.

However, an explainer video company can extend videos up to 2 minutes. It is essential to maintain a balance between providing valuable information and holding the audience’s attention throughout the business video.

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