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Work with the company behind some of Australia's most successful online video commercials and get high-quality content at affordable costs. Our Gold Coast video production will boost your business growth!

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We’re not just a production company. We’re also a creative and marketing partner you can rely on for your video marketing projects. Our Gold Coast video production team creates videos that captivate!

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800+ videos and still counting. Gold Coast-based brands trust our video expertise.

Our videos garnered 1bn+ engagements and still counting. Our professional video production Gold Coast group created the most engaging and unique content for the top brands! So, if you’re in Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Perth, Sydney, and other parts of Australia, chances are you’ve already watched one or two of our video content. Grow your business with Vidico!

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Vidico’s Involvement

Stand out from the crowd with creative video content.

Whether it’s commercial TV, social media ads, or just corporate videos, Vidico can help you create any type of video. Our Australia corporate video production Gold Coast group will boost your brand awareness!

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Jane Chan

Marketing Manager

We are very happy with our new video content which formed a part of our larger brand campaign. Using various cuts of the video across YouTube, display, website and social media we've increased our traffic and uplift for our brand.

Luke Jokovich

Marketing Manager

Awesome working with the Vidico team. Incredibly responsive, quick delivery and very high quality. Looking forward to working together more in the future.

Charlie Gearside

Creative Director

Vidico were simply brilliant for our TVC. They're a dual threat of artistic ability and story-telling know how. They went through pre-pro without a hitch, executed our shoot day efficiently and got through 5 rounds of edits quickly.

Video Production Gold Coast FAQs

What are the turnaround times?

For animations and live-action, six to eight weeks, including feedback loops. Pre-production takes up to four of these weeks — we’re a video production agency that really loves planning.

What type of video is right for our business?

This typically depends on one of three goals: customer acquisition, engagement or retention. We also consider audience and distribution channels (TV, Facebook, Youtube, TikTok).

What kinds of videos do you produce?

We started producing online commercials. This opened the door to nine different content categories: brand, product, live-streaming, documentaries, testimonials, case studies, training, explainer, crowdfunding, short film, and social ads.

We’ve worked hard on ensuring that our approach to promotional videos is seamless across all categories (read some of our reviews). We hate run-of-the-mill work and instead aspire to be one of the best video production companies in the world, working from our home base in Melbourne.

What’s your process like?

Vidico’s approach to the web video production process has always been end-to-end. We absolutely love being involved in scripting, storyboarding, and telling your company’s story in the most efficient way possible. You can book a call with one of our producers here for a complete rundown of our production workflow.

Where do you market the videos?

In ROI terms, our most profitable channels are Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. These are also our favourite ad platforms for accuracy in audience targeting and ongoing optimisation/testing of clip campaigns.

Our favourite 2019 metric: reel ads on Facebook are 3-5x more likely to convert a customer than static assets.

Who produces your video content?

Our video productions are all produced locally here in Melbourne — even all our work with US accents. Our level of involvement throughout our video production services at Gold Coast is always end-to-end, which has enabled both domestic and international collaborations of the highest quality.

For videos that require overseas content, like event video production (including case study videos) or commercial video production, we’ll either organise for a small group to manage your event locally or ensure that a member of the Vidico production team manages the production on-site.

Animation or live-action?

It depends on a) your type of company and b) the stage that your company is at. More abstract and backend concepts are well suited to animation, as there is lesser resource limitation on creating vision. Live-action service incites more of an emotional connection because it gives a clear message, which might be essential to your sales and marketing strategy.

Can you help us produce our entire video?

Yes. We manage the whole animated video production process. We are equipped with a high-quality video camera and are willing to work inside and outside Gold Coast.

We believe that you should have one provider that completely understands your brand over time; this is the key to a professional video and an animated video production solution that works consistently over time.

Do you include storyboarding?

Yes. All of our explainers include storyboarding — we see this as one of the most integral parts of the entire animation process.

We have clients all over Queensland and hosted training at Gold Coast Convention and Exhibition Centre.

How do your video marketing packages work?

We work on a monthly retainer structure, with no commission on ad spend. We have a predictable amount dedicated to optimisation and changes to content each month, alongside suggestions in strategy as time passes.

Campaigns work best with a minimum three-month investment. We can opt for shorter campaigns (such as Kickstarter launches), but we’ll likely need to sustain further organic traction with media and PR in the case of the latter.

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