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We teamed up with MobileMuster once again to create a compelling brand video targeting Gen Z. The goal? Spark their interest in recycling old mobile phones. The video outperformed previous campaigns, achieving a stunning 31% increase in brand recognition.

Joel Murray
Vidico's flexibility and creativity really allowed us to break ground with an audience we had been struggling with. The well managed process ensured we got everything completed on time too.
Joel Murray
Marketing & Communications Manager


MobileMuster commits to making the mobile phone industry greener, and for that, every recycled phone counts.

To counter the lack of awareness among 16-24-year-olds, MobileMuster turned to us for an impactful brand video to inspire action.

Creative Approach

Creative Approach

To create an authentic connection, our creative team tapped deep into people’s bond with their phones.

With the phone as the storyteller, the ad takes viewers through an emotional journey, cleverly positioning MobileMuster as the hero of the story.

Every detail was tailored for the audience, avoiding generational cliches and breaking away from typical TV commercials.



Our video achieved the highest level of recall of any of MobileMuster’s previously measured campaigns, with a 31% uplift in brand recognition in their target audience. This impressive result showcases that the video reached its goal: making phone recycling a go-to action!

If you want to check our past work with MobileMuster, read how we created a compelling campaign in just two weeks or watch our humorous series!

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