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Boost your Australian eCommerce business with our ecommerce video production services. Enhance sales and retention through professional, high-quality videos from our expert e-commerce video agency.
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Scale your online store,
with high-converting videos.

Increase your product page’s conversion rate with videos showing why your products are different.

See how Temple & Webster had a 335% in brand recall with TVCs.

Bailey Nelson drove a +97% lift in brand awareness.

Boosting online sales has never been easier than with eCommerce videos.

Highlight your uniqueness.

There are tons of ecom brands out there with the same product. How do you stand out? Vidico helps you create video content that positions your business as a hero.
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Win more customers and decrease CAC.

Are you struggling with stagnant ecommerce revenue? Try speaking the language of your customers. We help brands like yours create stunning product videos that drive acquisitions and retention.
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Solidify your social proof.

You're losing money on the table with written testimonials. We help you make powerful case study videos that address your prospects' objections right off the bat.
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See our work for ecommerce video production.

1.4 billion+ views. Over 320+ ecommerce product videos. There’s a reason that ecommerce leaders like Temple & Webster, The Oodie, and Bailey Nelson choose Vidico.

Project Summary

Vidico’s Involvement

Powerful ecommerce video ads. For all of your channels.

Make your products stand out with high-quality ecommerce video content for all customer acquisition channels — from social formats (1:1, 9:16) online to in-store screens for increased offline engagement.

Trusted by global brands,
and products you use everyday.

Charlie Gearside

Creative Director

Vidico were simply brilliant for our TVC. They're a dual threat of artistic ability and story-telling know how. They went through pre-pro without a hitch, executed our shoot day efficiently and got through 5 rounds of edits quickly.

Jimmy Nguyen

BO Operations Manager

Very professional service with quick turnaround times to meet deadlines. Happy with the results.

Steve Tam

VP of Marketing

Vidico not only conceptualises high-quality ideas at speed, but they execute on those ideas to a superb standard. Our tech is complex, but they made it simple and easy to understand for anyone and everyone.

Ecommerce video production FAQs

What’s a product video?

product video is typically aligned with a single product instead of the broadest breadth of a company’s value offering. In the initial stages of your startup, we want to emphasize focus and clarity of message.

Our product video combines live-action and animation and is usually shot and produced at our studio in Melbourne.

What’s your ecommerce video production services process like?

Vidico’s approach to the production process has always been end-to-end. We love being involved in scripting, storyboarding, telling your company’s story in the most efficient way possible, and post-production.

We have all the tools like drones, time-lapse, and cameras to film your clips. We are a video production agency in Adelaide that you can book for editing, storyboarding, and more.

What is the turnaround time of your video production company?

For animation and live-action clip production, six to eight weeks, including feedback loops. Pre-production takes up to four of these weeks. Feel free to use our VidiFit Quiz to get transparent pricing.

Why are videos important for online businesses?

It can help businesses increase product engagement, boost conversion rates, reduce product returns, and enhance the overall shopping experience for new customers.

Marketing a product or service is made easy with e-commerce videos. Our company can create and produce brand marketing using videos. You can use it for your ecommerce brand.

What types of eCommerce videos can be produced?

Common types of videos include product demonstrations, product reviews, unboxing videos, how-to guides, and lifestyle videos showing real-life products.

With the help of videos, companies can easily explain the brand, benefits, product features, product pages, new line of products, or services and solutions to the consumers.

How long should an eCommerce video be?

The ideal length for an eCommerce video can vary, but most successful videos are concise and to the point, typically ranging from 30 seconds to a few minutes.

The video content ensures it will reach potential customers, especially new ones.

The videos we produce are not too long or short- they should be enough to demonstrate ideas or features of individual products while keeping the audience engaged.

Can you guide me in the production process?

Yes, Vidico is more than happy to assist you! Creating videos is challenging, so our e-commerce video production team will give you outstanding results.

We work closely to cater to your specific needs and deliver results no matter where you are. Our experienced team can help increase brand visibility and will reach the target audience using a video marketing strategy.

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