Walkthrough Video Production Australia

Educate and retain more customers with walkthrough videos.

For customers wanting to know how to use a product or employees learning how systems or products work — our walkthrough videos are perfectly designed to engage, educate and retain.
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Used by over 450+ of the world's best startups and established enterprises

Help your customers
get the most out of your product.

Teach your customers how to get the most out of your product.
Share your expert-level knowledge of how to use it, turning users into experts.
Then watch your retention go sky-high.

Delight your users with engaging how-to videos

Boost in-app metrics

Increase in-app engagement within your user base by teaching them how to make better use of your products before they purchase. By providing clear instructions and tutorials to your video, viewers can better understand your product's features and functionalities, empowering them to maximise their experience.
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Simplify users' life

Produce a whole library of how-to content that answers your users' questions while enticing them to leverage your product better. Users can navigate your product with ease, achieve engaging videos efficiently, and ultimately simplify their lives through the effective utilization of your product.
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Improve customer support

Let video scale your customer support capacity. Getting customers up to speed with your product basics means fewer support tickets. We can help in capturing the target audience's attention with an engaging walkthrough video.
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Training videos that
make complex software easy-to-use.

Companies like Airtable, Square and Spotify trust us when it comes to producing walkthrough videos for their users. You should too.

Project Summary

Vidico’s Involvement

Reduce churn with walkthrough videos.

A great product is one that anyone can use in the most intuitive way possible. Work with Vidico to produce engaging how-to and walkthrough videos that help retain more users.

By providing engaging video instructions, we empower users to make the most of your product, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty.

The Vidico team exceeded our expectations, especially with their animation. They were excellent listeners —  not only did they hone in on our creative needs, they really took time to understand our business in order to deliver an amazing explainer video. I definitely recommend Vidico.

Shonal Narayan, Marketing Manager
5/5 stars

Trusted by global brands, and products you use everyday.

Ron Schniedermann


We partnered with Vidico to create two animated explainer videos and couldn't be happier with the price, story, animation, process, team, and, most importantly, the educational explainer video.

Mitch Donaberger

Art Director

Super friendly folks with a special talent for design and illustration. They really helped us go the extra mile when we needed it, which, believe me, is not unappreciated. Thanks for all you do, mates!

Jimmy Nguyen

BO Operations Manager

Very professional service with quick turnaround times to meet deadlines. Happy with the results.


What is a walkthrough video production?

Walkthrough video production is the process of creating high-quality footage that guides potential clients through a particular video procedure, location, or experience, capturing a detailed visual explanation or demonstration.

As a walkthrough video production company, we specialize in creating walkthrough videos tailored to our client’s needs. We can film, direct, and record walkthrough video that fits your needs.

Why get a video production service for your walkthrough video production?

Production companies like Vidico provide expertise and professional-grade equipment for high-quality footage and to help you save time.

Our walkthrough video production agency can deliver polished, customized walkthrough videos aligned with your brand and goals. We can help in capturing your viewers with our professional video production services.

Our walkthrough video production services Australia team are in charge of the concept, story, film script, interviews, film shooting, recording, and animation. We can deliver engaging video production for walkthroughs in different locations.

What services do you offer for walkthrough video production?

We create concept development, scriptwriting, filming, editing, professional voiceover, software walkthrough video production, and on-point distribution services for high-quality footage.

Our walkthrough video service can help reach viewers in the best way and showcase key features of your project. We are equipped with a professional team, software, and cameras.

You can upload our projects on social media like Youtube and Facebook if you hope to reach more clients.

How much work is needed on our side?

When we say not much — we kinda mean it. If you don’t have a brief, we’ll give you an outline to produce one. If you don’t know what you want, we’ll tell you what will work and why.

Your main role is in helping us learn more about your company — this is normally achieved through us asking a heap of questions and some solid workshop time over the first few weeks.

What are the different video production services available?

Vidico offers an impressive range of video production services tailored to suit diverse industries. From enterprise and SaaS videos to animation, brand, healthcare, walkthrough, education, social media, product, app, recruitment, case study, ecommerce, crowdfunding, and startup videos, we’ve covered you with a comprehensive selection of options.

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