Free Script Template
An optimised script framework that converts.
Tell better stories by using a script structure that has been tried and tested over hundred of successful video projects from live-action to animated explainers.
Free Script Template
An optimised script framework that converts.
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5 stars
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Script & storytelling success outline that covers:
  • How to create video scripts effectively with an easy-to-replicate structure.
  • How to maximize the efficacy of your video.
  • Tips on how long your script should be.
  • Advice on how to overcome writers block and polish your writing.

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Discover the value of a quality video script.

Your video’s success is largely determined by your high-level storytelling ability.

This structure includes what you absolutely must have in a video script, and the framework we’ve used in projects for Square, Uber and Koala.

It will give you:

> Clarity to make your product messaging straight forward.

> Desirability to differentiate your product with an engaging approach.

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