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  • Charlie Gearside
    Charlie Gearside
    Creative Director · Koala
    Vidico were simply brilliant for our TVC. They're a dual threat of artistic ability and story-telling know how. They went through pre-pro without a hitch, executed our shoot day efficiently and got through 5 rounds of edits quickly. They took some direction but brought their own perspective to the script, and their excellent VFX work. We will be working with them again.
  • Omer Molad
    Omer Molad
    CEO · Vervoe
    We looked at quite a few agencies to help us with a video and we choose Vidico for two reasons; the quality of their work and their willingness to move beyond the cookie cutter approach and come up with something that is uniquely suited to us.
  • Anola Balthazar
    Anola Balthazar
    Marketing Manager · Loc8
    Collaborating with Vidico was an enjoyable and smooth experience – the work produced for the Loc8 account was executed to perfection. Any upcoming projects will assuredly be entrusted to Vidico.

Choose a project pathway.

We’ll produce and market your video. You’ll give us an A+.
  • Concept
    Get to know the Vidico team with a free script for your video.
  • Product Video
    Explain your product with crystal clear clarity.
    • 60sec product video
    • Performance-driven content: a perfect combination of live-action, animation and typography in motion
    • Full-service: we produce your video end-to-end
    • Great for fresh startups and small businesses
    • 1 month of Vidico marketing
  • Brand Video
    Contact us
    A video that will be the front and centre of your marketing efforts.
    • 60-90sec brand video
    • 30sec commercial version
    • Animatics for concept testing
    • Broadcast quality live-action and animation
    • Great for established brands and later-stage startups
    • Full-service: we produce your video end-to-end.
    • 3 months of Vidico marketing

Frequently asked questions.

  • Free script… really?

    Well yeah — nine out of ten companies that come to us for script will elect to continue working with us on their video project. We’re serious about talking the talk that we can probably pitch your business better than you can by the time we’re done.

  • Do you have your own studio?

    We have a host of partner studios that we work with depending on the size and requirements of each project. Most of our Sydney-based productions are on-location, where the majority of our shooting (even for clients in the US) will be in Melbourne studios.

  • What’s a product video?

    A product video is typically aligned with a single product instead of a widest breadth of a company value offering. In the initial stages of your startup, we really like to emphasise focus and clarity of message. We’ve included an example above on what this looks, sounds and feels like.

  • What’s a brand video?

    A brand video still features your product, but often includes your chosen market profile, and delves into an array of benefits that your offering provides. We allocate more time and resources to a creative approach that is highly tailored to the unique identity of your brand.

  • Animation or live-action?

    It depends on a) the type of company you’re running, and b) the stage that your company is at. More abstract and backend concepts are well suited to animation, as there is lesser resource limitation on creating quality vision. Live-action incites more of an emotional connection, which might be an essential part of your sales and marketing strategy.

  • What’s an animatic?

    Animatics are animated storyboards that often contain a base sound layer like voiceover alongside the visual narrative. It’s one of the best testing methods for video creative, and can assess a number of important factors like tonality, pacing and sequencing. We include them in our brand videos, and yes, they’re all that.

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