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Product explainer videos.

Design-driven animation studio for all your video marketing needs.

Our animation studio produces high-quality animated explainer videos that make your offering clear, and your product desirable.

Over 1.1 billion views and a tonne of talk.

A+ animated video content.

Simple, cost-effective and high-performing animation. Animated explainer videos are engaging and can explain any kind of complex products with ease.

With a bespoke approach, we strive for animation that will always be in line with your brand. We’re here to create something memorable, not dodgy squiggle cartoons.

Award-winning animation studio.

From motion graphics to 3D animation, we collaborate with some of the top illustration talent from around the world.

Our animation extends into explainer videos, commercials and training content. As an animation studio, we’ve won 17 Behance awards for animation — yes, that’s right: Front-page-Behance.

See some our top animated explainer videos.

Over 700 animated videos produced.

1.1 billion views in the last twelve months.

Traditional animation, vector animation, 2D animation and 3D animation.

Project Summary

Vidico’s Involvement

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  • Omer Molad

    Omer Molad

    CEO · Vervoe
    We looked at quite a few agencies to help us with a video and we choose Vidico for two reasons; the quality of their work and their willingness to move beyond the cookie cutter approach and come up with something that is uniquely suited to us.
  • Shonal Narayan

    Shonal Narayan

    Marketing Manager · Everstring
    The Vidico team exceeded our expectations. They were excellent listeners - not only did they hone in on our creative needs, they really took time to understand our business in order to deliver an amazing explainer video. I definitely recommend Vidico.
  • Ron Schniedermann

    Ron Schniedermann

    CMO · AllTrails
    We partnered with Vidico to create two animated explainer videos and couldn't be happier with the price, the process, the team, and most importantly the finished product.

Frequently asked questions.

  • Explainer videos?

    Explainer videos are animations the explain your product, platform or value proposition. We like using animation in particular for technical, hard to understand products. Our explainer videos make up the majority of our agency’s output, where we have specific focus on quality and where the animated assets can be used over time. Our animation studio has won over 17-Behance awards for vector animation, frame-by-frame animation, app explainer videos and 2D-animation. Our studio also produces 3D animation for complex products. In short, we’re the animated explainer video company you’ve been looking for.

  • How much should I pay for an explainer video?

    Explainer videos speak to your brand identity and the quality of your products. They give prospects a clear picture of your product and set expectations. Top-quality explainer videos have the potential to turn your SaaS into an overnight success, therefore the budget you allocate for it should cover the first impression you want to give to your target audience.

    Producing a quality video takes time and involves more than one layer of scrutiny. When it comes to pricing, it all depends on the creative direction you choose. Elements like length, style, turnaround time, and the experience of the video production team you partner with will influence how much an explainer video can cost. Good explainer videos can range between $5,000 to $40,000. Get an estimate of how much explainer videos cost here.

  • What does your typical process look like?

    For both animation and live-action video projects, our preference is always to have an end-to-end level of involvement. On 99% of the media you see in our portfolio, that’s our copy and our creative — the same goes for our tv commercials.

    Normally you’ll come to us with your company, platform or product, and we’ll respond with some high-level directions on the right visual media strategy. Once the approach is solidified, we’ll then get to work on your script and storyboard, which are the two areas that we define as the most important in the entire visual media production process.

    We’ll then follow with our recommendations on components like animation style, and what the lead actress should be wearing on shoot day. For animation, we work with some of the best illustrators in the world, and for live-action, we use the same cameras as your favourite shows on Netflix.

    For a full run down of our process and further info on our video production company, get in touch with us.

  • Can you help us with all of our video?

    Yes. We move beyond corporate videos, with a full-service solution for event videos, promotional videos and motion graphics.

    Our thesis is that you should have one provider that has a complete understanding of your brand over time; this is the key to a professional video, and a corporate video production solution that works consistently over time.

    We’ll continually be suggesting new ideas, and implementing strategies to leverage existing content. We have this down to a science, which is where our Melbourne and Sydney based teams can really help.

  • How long does all this take?

    For both animation and live-action video production, six-weeks including feedback loops. Pre-production takes up two-three of these weeks — we’re a video production company that really loves planning. Post-production or video editing takes the final two-weeks. TV commercials are the exception, with this category of video production taking up to eight-weeks.

  • Free script… really?

    Yes. Our video content will pitch your business better than you can by the time we’re done —  you can see that with a script. We’re the only video production company to offer this to both live-action and animation projects.

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