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Business Animation Videos: Boost Your Brand (2024)

Laura Chaves
October 31, 2023

The State of Video in 2024

From startups to Fortune 500 giants, business animation is widely used to simplify complex concepts, boost engagement, and drive results.

Animated videos grab people’s attention and keep them entertained. Without them, your brand might not stand out as much, and people might forget about you.

Here are the best corporate video examples that totally nailed their video strategy and connected with their audience in a big way.


    Top 20 Corporate Animated Videos To Watch

    1. Vidico x Spotify – Ad Studio Animation

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    Target Industries: Startup, Established Enterprise, SaaS, E-commerce, Retail, Non-Profit, Financial Services

    Collaborated With: Spotify, Upfluence, BotCentral, Bailey Nelson, Airtable, Square

    What Makes It Stand Out: Vidico [1] partnered with Spotify to create an animated corporate video to introduce significant development of the brand’s podcast advertising: Spotify’s democratization of access to the Spotify Audience Network through Ad Animation Studio.

    The corporate animation video employs eye-catching visuals, colorful graphics, characters, and transitions to captivate the viewer’s attention. The narration guides the viewer through the content, making it easier to follow.

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    2. Vidico x BotCentral Animated Explainer Video

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    Target Industries: Startup, Established Enterprise, SaaS, E-commerce, Retail, Non-Profit, Financial Services

    Collaborated With: Spotify, Square, Digital Ocean, Linode, Airtable, Square, The Oodie

    What Makes It Stand Out: The business animation video created for BotCentral represents a noteworthy achievement and is worth watching for several reasons. BotCentral, as a communication platform, brings a unique perspective to the world of chatbots.

    It effectively conveys BotCentral’s capabilities by combining character animation and abstract 2D vector animation. Character animation adds a human touch to the presentation, making the software more relatable.

    3. PRIM Technologies

    Target Industries: Established Companies, Virtual Platform

    Collaborated With: Confidential

    What Makes It Stand Out: The animated corporate explainer video produced for PRIM Technologies serves as a standout illustration of how entrepreneurs can harness the ability of explainer videos to articulate their narratives with precision and impact.

    It employs a combination of compelling imagery, straightforward narration, and dynamic sound design that will produce results.

    4. Slack

    Target Industries: Technology, Media, Small Business, Financial Services

    Collaborated With: OpenAI, Roku, Credit Union

    What Makes It Stand Out: The company video showcasing Slack as a business communication tool demonstrates its transformative impact on the work environment.

    Additionally, the company video skillfully incorporates Slack’s brand identity by subtly using the company’s colors and sound effects.

    5. Airbnb-Love

    Target Industries: Hospitality

    Collaborated With: Confidential

    What Makes It Stand Out: Airbnb’s Corporate Animation titled “Love” sets a remarkable example of how intricate business concepts can be effectively communicated through compelling visuals and engagement.

    The distinctive and vibrant style of corporate video animation is an immediate attention-grabber. The 2D human figures, contemporary corporate animation techniques, and an invigorating soundtrack ensure customer engagement.

    6. Rymindr

    Target Industries: Organization, Established Companies, Technology, Information and Media

    Collaborated With: Confidential

    What Makes It Stand Out: Unlike other animated corporate videos, Rymindr’s company video marketing is both informative and entertaining.

    It adopts a captivating tone and utilizes striking imagery to promote the company engagingly and excitingly.

    7. MMC

    Target Industries: Economy and Social, Non-Profit

    Collaborated With: Non-Profit Organizations

    What Makes It Stand Out: The animated corporate video created for Makers Making Change exemplifies effective communication in the business world.

    Employing simple animated characters and graphics and a simple storyline creates a sales funnel for your company.

    It captivates the attention of their target audience, ensuring that the message resonates deeply and leaves a lasting impact.

    8. Amazon One

    Target Industries: Finance, Retail, Establishments

    Collaborated With: Confidential

    What Makes It Stand Out: 3D animation, marked by vibrant colors and simple graphics, not only brings the concept to reality but also aligns seamlessly with Amazon’s brand identity, ensuring brand consistency.

    The clever use of humor and informative corporate animations adds an enjoyable dimension to the viewing experience, making it more engaging.

    9. Starbucks

    Target Industries: Food and Beverage

    Collaborated With: General Public

    What Makes It Stand Out: Starbucks is a well-known brand, and its corporate animated explainer video is a remarkable addition to the list of best business animation videos.

    While animated explainer videos are commonly used to tackle intricate subjects, Starbucks showcases how motion animation can educate consumers about blending coffees and be used for training sessions on how to blend coffee beans to create different flavors.

    Starbucks’ corporate animated video showcases how simplicity, when combined with creative storytelling and the right corporate animation style, can effectively convey

    10. Apple Health

    Target Industries: Organization, Healthcare

    Collaborated With: General Public

    What Makes It Stand Out: This animated corporate video employs a captivating blend of 2D and stop-motion animation, successfully breathing life into health and well-being and rendering it engaging and relatable to customers.

    The choice of animation styles for the story is particularly astute, as it combines the versatility of 2D animation with the tactile and dynamic nature of stop-motion.

    11. BlueCross BlueShield

    Target Industries: Healthcare

    Collaborated With: Confidential

    What Makes It Stand Out: BlueCross BlueShield’s animated video exemplifies the potential of animation in creating compelling business narratives.

    It dispels the notion that animated characters are confined to cartoons and showcases animation’s ability to deliver a professional and engaging corporate message.

    12. Microsoft

    Target Industries: Banking & capital markets, Consumer goods, Defense & Intelligence

    Collaborated With: Corporations and General Public

    What Makes It Stand Out: By leveraging animation, Microsoft can depict various characters simultaneously on the screen, enabling a more engaging and informative visual representation.

    This versatility and ability to convey complex features and concepts through animation testify to this medium’s ability in business communication.

    Microsoft’s video exemplifies how animation can enhance the presentation of software capabilities and user experiences, making it a valuable tool for marketing and engagement.

    13. Blockdaemon

    Target Industries: Established Companies, Security and Infrastructure

    Collaborated With: Microsoft, Plaid, Blockchange

    What Makes It Stand Out: Blockdaemon’s use of blockchain animation in its animated corporate video is a strategic and impactful tool for conveying the company’s significance in the blockchain infrastructure space.

    It enables the presentation of Blockdaemon’s features and benefits in an engaging and understandable manner.

    14. Headspace

    Target Industries: Health and Services

    Collaborated With: General Public, Confidential

    What Makes It Stand Out: Headspace’s animated explainer is a masterful example of corporate animation at its best.

    The story combines entertainment with education, employs diverse animation styles to convey a multifaceted message, and successfully highlights the ability of meditation engagingly and memorably.

    It is one of the best animated corporate videos, with the ability to balance wit and entertainment while retaining its educational value.

    15. Deloitte-Future of Mobility

    Target Industries: Consumer, Energy, Resources & Industrials, Financial Services, Government & Public Services

    Collaborated With: Confidential

    What Makes It Stand Out: The Deloitte: Future of Mobility animated explainer excels in creating an aspirational and immersive experience.

    Its strategic use of animation styles, engaging voiceovers, detailed exploration of the app’s features, and visually captivating design make it a practical and memorable communication tool.

    16. IBM

    Target Industries: Information Technology

    Collaborated With: Honda, Kawasaki

    What Makes It Stand Out: The creative company profile video for IBM’s cloud-based security platform offers a comprehensive and visually engaging overview of this innovative defense system.

    It effectively communicates the importance of cloud security and IBM’s role in this field, showcasing animation’s ability to convey complex subjects and inspiring viewers to explore innovative solutions like IBM’s cloud-based security platform.

    17. Google Assistant

    Target Industries: Virtual Software

    Collaborated With: General Public

    What Makes It Stand Out: The animation video featuring Google Assistant employs a simple yet vibrant animation style and a contemporary design, making it a delightful and engaging presentation.

    The story combines animation’s visual appeal with an approachable style to create a memorable and informative viewing experience.

    18. Reseau

    Target Industries: Logistics and Transport

    Collaborated With: General Public

    What Makes It Stand Out: This concise animated video effectively elucidates the issues Reseau has been addressing and resolving over the years.

    This animated video serves as an excellent source of inspiration for non-profit organizations looking to leverage company video to convey their message, simplify complex issues, and effectively engage potential company investors.

    19. Acast – Explainer Animation

    Target Industries: Media, Paid Media

    Collaborated With: Vidico

    What Makes It Stand Out: Acast’s video content employs a striking visual approach with bold and contrasting colors, making it visually distinctive and memorable.

    The use of vibrant colors sets it apart and effectively captures the viewer’s attention. The animation’s dynamic nature, characterized by constant motion, creates an engaging and exciting atmosphere.

    20. Brady Corp

    Target Industries: Printing, Identification and Safety

    Collaborated With: General Public

    What Makes It Stand Out: Instead of using live-action videos, the animated video for Brady Corp explains the technology employed to maintain network uptimes and reduce downtimes.

    This video content effectively conveys complex technological concepts through animation, making them more accessible and understandable to viewers.

    Why Use Animated Business Videos 

    • Visual Appeal: Animation videos are inherently visually appealing. The combination of colors, movement, and creativity grabs the viewer’s attention and will produce great results.
    • Simplifying Complex Ideas: Complex concepts and ideas can be challenging and traditionally conveyed. People will only spend a little time reading paragraph-length information about your business.
    • Business animation is the perfect solution as it simplifies complex ideas by breaking them down into easily digestible visuals and narratives.
    • Cost-Effective: Animations create a cost-effective solution by eliminating the need for expensive sets, actors, and equipment, making it a budget-friendly choice for businesses.
    • Versatility: Animations are versatile mediums that can be tailored to suit various industries and purposes. Whether you need an explainer video, a marketing campaign, or training materials, animation can adapt to your needs.
    • Engagement: Animation keeps viewers engaged through creative storytelling and captivating visuals. It can effectively convey your message while holding the audience’s interest anywhere in the world.

    Why Work With Vidico

    Clear Price Range on Business Animation Video

    Vidico provides transparency with a clear and structured pricing range. This means you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of the cost of creating your corporate animation video right from the start.

    You can use our Vidifit quiz to get a clear pricing range upfront and know what video type suits your business.

    Top-Notch Storyboard

    Vidico ensures it is meticulously crafted to outline every scene, ensuring a cohesive and compelling narrative that aligns with your goals and vision.

    Quality Design Illustrations

    Vidico can create videos using high-quality animations and final illustrations that captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

    Compelling Video Script

    Vidico’s team of experienced professionals ensures your animated business video script is well-written and tailored to convey your message persuasively.

    Team of Experts

    Vidico boasts a team of experts in video production. From script writing to business animations, our designers and project managers have a diverse and skilled team to handle every aspect of your project.

    How to Make Animation Videos for Business?

    1. Set Goals: Define the purpose of your video’s purpose– explaining a product, educating your audience, or boosting brand awareness.
    2. Storyboard: Map out the visual sequence to guide your video’s flow and ensure clear communication.
    3. Script: Write a concise, engaging script tailored to your target audience and brand voice.
    4. Voiceover & Music: Choose a professional voice and background music that complements your video’s tone.
    5. Design & Animation: Create animations using software, bringing your storyboard to life.
    6. Review & Feedback: Gather input from stakeholders to refine and enhance your video.
    7. Finalize: Make necessary revisions and ensure technical requirements are met.
    8. Distribution & Promotion: Decide where and how to share your video to reach your audience effectively.

    Different Types of Corporate Animated Videos 

    2D Animated Video 

    2D animation involves creating flat, two-dimensional characters and backgrounds [2]. It’s a versatile style for explainer videos, storytelling, and character-driven visual content. It is an effective way to create animated videos for businesses and produce results. Check out these 2D animation examples.

    3D Animated Video

    3D animation adds depth and realism by creating three-dimensional characters and environments [3]. It’s commonly used for product visualization, architectural walkthroughs, and high-end corporate presentations.


    Whiteboard business animation mimics the look of a hand-drawn illustration on a white background [4]. It’s often used for educational or instructional corporate videos, simplifying complex concepts.


    Infographic business animation brings static infographics to life by adding motion and interactivity. It’s excellent for engagingly presenting data-driven content or statistics.


    Typography business animation focuses on animated text and typography elements. It’s an artistic style often used for title sequences, promotional videos, and conveying messages with impactful visuals.


    Cut-out animation uses pre-designed characters and objects, which are moved like puppets. It’s a cost-effective approach for creating lively and engaging videos with a unique visual style.

    Industry Trends

    3D Animation Dominance

    While 2D animation remains popular, 3D animation increasingly dominates the business animation landscape. Advancements in 3D animation technology have made it more accessible and cost-effective, allowing businesses to create visually stunning and immersive experiences for their audience.

    Immersive Experiences with VR and AR

    Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are revolutionizing how businesses engage with their audience. Companies are leveraging VR and AR technologies to create immersive experiences, such as interactive product demos, virtual tours, and training simulations. These immersive experiences enhance viewer engagement and create memorable brand interactions.


    Why are animated videos important for business?

    Animated videos are necessary for businesses because of their versatility and engagement potential. They are powerful marketing tools that effectively reach and convert target customers and produce results.

    Whether the videos explain the products, educate audiences, or simplify complex concepts, animated corporate videos deliver compelling stories and memorable information.

    The right business animation or motion graphics company can help businesses create customized and impactful videos that effectively communicate their message and drive success.

    How much does it cost to make corporate animation videos?

    The cost of creating corporate animation videos can vary widely depending on several factors, including the video’s length, complexity, animation style, and the level of detail required.

    On average, a simple 1-2 minute corporate video animation might cost thousands of dollars, while more complex productions with 3D or intricate storytelling can range from $10,000 to $30,000 or more.

    Talk to us or use our Vidifit quiz for transparent pricing.

    In Summary

    Business animation videos are versatile and engaging marketing tools vital in conveying information, explaining products or services, and educating audiences.

    They come in various styles, from 2D and 3D to whiteboard and typography, each suited to different objectives. These animated videos captivate viewers’ attention, simplify complex concepts, and enhance message retention.

    Short animated videos are invaluable assets for businesses across industries. They can maintain brand consistency and appeal to global audiences.

    Unlock the ability of animated storytelling for your business. Elevate your brand, engage your audience, and produce results. Sign up for our Vidifit Quiz and get transparent pricing of animated corporate videos for your company.


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