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We've done some careful research and curated three video styles we think would be perfect for BigID.
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  • SPS Commerce

    Case Study
    How it would work for BigID
    The case study video approach would work to authentically capture how BigID's product suite have helped your customers, such as zendesk and SAP, level up their data intelligence, strategy and overall performance.
    Project Summary
    Following the development of an interview framework, Vidico will shoot and guide the chosen testimonials, ensuring that we capture relevant and high-quality footage on-location for use throughout the video to pair perfectly with the interview footage. This could be done remotely or in-person.
    Video Strategy
    • Reinforced social proof of product value.
    • Assist with MOTF coversion and give more oomph to testimonial page.
    • 30s cutdowns to push out across LinkedIn profile and other tactical outreach.
  • Explorium

    App Video
    How it would work for BigID
    Our app videos are beautifully designed and animated videos that would help showcase BigID's different product features, engaging the viewer more effectively than a typical white paper might. Through abstracted UI and motion graphics, they would give the audience a good overview of the product in a way that is interesting and visually stimulating.
    Project Summary
    BigID gives a product demo to Vidico, which Vidico records and then shortens it considerably with a structured script. Vidico then overlays the script with a series of abstracted UI screens. Our script is then finalised and given a consistent set of beginning and end titles.
    Video Strategy
    • Product feature focused for direct sell on value proposition.
    • Hosted across different product pages to help better communicate technical elements.
    • 15s cutdowns that show off UI in a way that is exciting and captivates the audience.
  • Mattereum

    Brand Video
    How it would work for BigID
    Our brand videos are the perfect combination of technical elements to help bring to life a representation of BigID that is informative, entertaining and visually dynamic. A blend of bespoke script-writing, professional project-management and commercial-quality production, they are packaged together to create the best-in-class in-studio video possible.
    Project Summary
    Our in-studio approach utilises animation, UI screens, text and live-action. With this approach, we'd have the ability to use stylised studio backgrounds, build a range of set designs for the abstracted settings and use multiple characters to reflect the different customer segments or company types that use BigID to help solve their every day problems. Projects are shot at Vidico HQ.
    Video Strategy
    • Use of actors improves empathetic and emotional recall.
    • Hero content for social media campaigns and as your key landing page/youtube asset.
    • 6s cutdowns to use as Youtube bumpers/unskippable ads to help heighten engagement.

Frequently asked questions

We’ve produced over 150 videos a year to help companies sell their product. 
This have given our team a tonne of insights on what works well, and what doesn’t
when it comes to communicating your product through video.
  • Q: What’s your process like?

    Vidico’s approach to the video production process has always been end-to-end. We absolutely love being involved in scripting, storyboarding, and telling your company’s story in the most efficient way possible. For a complete rundown on our production workflow, you can book a call with one of our producers here.

  • Q: How much work is needed on our side?

    When we say not much — we kinda mean it. If you don’t have a brief, we’ll give you an outline to produce one. If you don’t know what your want, we’ll tell you what will work and why. Your main role is in helping us learn more about your company — this is normally achieved through us asking a heap of questions and some solid workshop time over the first few weeks.

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