We’re still (safely) producing video as usual during COVID‑19.
Evan Pirone
There was a real sweet-spot in this project when it came to balancing market profile with product functionality. It was clear in the script and cemented in the storyboard. We shot almost exactly to the storyboard, which really helped retain the integrity of the script that we took five versions into drafting.
Evan Pirone, Executive Producer of Vidico

4-weeks to launch.

From script, storyboard, sourcing of talent, location, a day of production, two days of editing, a day of graphics, a day of animation, voiceover and music, we summoned the strength to fit this project into a four-week timeline in line for an Amazon event that Olikka presented at.

The video received a high-level intrigue, which then turned into multiple idea sessions with clients on how the technology could be implemented in their office environments.

4-weeks to launch.

Production insights.

If you’re shooting for over 25 shots in a 10 hour day, use of voiceover as opposed to character dialogue is a serious time saver. We had to be so precise with the placement of the product, that shots really took quite a while on the day to get right.

We opted to stick with the single environment and shoot for quality, as opposed to multiple environments with a smaller crew.

All up, we used seven crew behind camera:

– Director
– Assistant Director
– Production Assistant
– Lighting
– Lighting Assist
– Makeup
– Set Design

Production insights.

Amazon, Olikka & Vidico

Here are some further shots from the video project:

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