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10 Best 2D Explainer Video Examples: Must-Watch (2024)

Laura Chaves
December 21, 2023

2D explainer videos have emerged as a powerful and engaging medium for conveying complex ideas, products, and concepts clearly and concisely.

By leveraging the simplicity and versatility of 2D animation, explainer videos can break down intricate subjects into easily digestible visuals, making them an invaluable tool for businesses, educators, and content creators.

Discover how these 2D explainer video examples can improve your marketing efforts.


    Top 10 Awesome 2D Explainer Videos Worth Watching

    1. Hello, Sunday Morning

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    What Makes It Stand Out: The Hello Sunday Morning 2D explainer video by Vidico is a remarkable example of effective communication through animation.

    Our [1] script concisely conveys the essence of Hello Sunday Morning’s mission in just 30 seconds.

    The 2D animation in this video is clean, visually appealing, and consistent with the brand’s style. The choice of a 2D format allows for simplicity and clarity in delivering the message.

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    2. Operata

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    What Makes It Stand Out: The latest video collaboration between Vidico and Operata is a testament to their expertise in 2D animation and video production.

    Any time, we can create a more organic and personalized visual narrative using hand-drawn storyboards.

    3. Plutora

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    What Makes It Stand Out: The explainer video project with Plutora is a testament to the technical prowess and creative collaboration within the Vidico team.

    2D animation, created using industry-standard tools like Illustrator and Adobe AfterEffects, showcases high technical expertise.

    Since we used the Portuguese language in the narration, it adds an extra layer of accessibility and can increase engagement, mainly since the target audience includes Portuguese speakers.

    4. CaraKit

    What Makes It Stand Out: Creating the right mood and resonance with the target audience, including 2D animated explainer videos, is crucial in marketing.

    This time, CaraKit used warm colors for creating a sense of comfort and familiarity. Incorporating warm colors into the video’s design fosters a welcoming atmosphere.

    The narrator’s tone and delivery align with the overall mood of the video to increase target audience engagement.

    5. Spotify

    What Makes It Stand Out: This explainer video effectively communicates the partnership between Anchor and Spotify.

    Instead of making live-action explainer videos, Spotify utilizes bold animation and informative content this time, to engage the audience.

    The choice of animation adds a dynamic and visually engaging element to the video. At the same time, the bold and informative script has the ability to capture the viewer’s attention and convey the message effectively.

    6. YouLocal

    What Makes It Stand Out: Minimalism is a highly effective design style for 2D motion graphics explainer videos, and YouLocal did a great job with their impressive 2D animated explainer.

    Focusing on the core message, ensuring timelessness, animated characters, achieving narrative unity, and engaging the customers through simplicity effectively communicates its message and maintains viewer attention.

    7. Slack

    What Makes It Stand Out: The Slack video is an excellent and effective promotional video that resonates with target customers and employees.

    The video created effectively tells a story, showcasing the transition from a hectic, email-filled workday to a simpler, more enjoyable, and productive one with Slack.

    The animation videos on Slack helped increase business sales and brand engagement.

    8. Quickbooks Online + Etsy

    What Makes It Stand Out: The Quickbooks video for ETSY users is a standout example of targeted marketing.

    It successfully communicates the convenience of Quickbooks as a supplemental software for managing ETSY businesses, using clear and understandable explanations, visual consistency, and efficient messaging.

    This 2D explainer video effectively convinces its clients of the value of Quickbooks in just one minute, making it a highly effective marketing tool for its target demographic.

    9. Dropbox

    What Makes It Stand Out: The Dropbox 2D explainer video excels in its problem-solution narrative, effective use of visual metaphor, and relatable character story.

    In less than 3 minutes, it was able to deliver a clear demonstration of the features of their services. The animated explainer is a cost-effective solution for marketing and brand recognition.

    10. Animals

    What Makes It Stand Out: The “Animals” 2D explainer video represents an intriguing fusion of explainer and advertising video styles, straddling their boundaries.

    The video created explains its subject matter in a light and easily digestible manner to easily understand. The decision to use animal characters instead of humans is clever.

    Animals have universal appeal, making the video more relatable to diverse viewers. The video taps into the natural entertainment value of animal behavior by featuring animals.

    When To Use 2D Explainer Videos

    2D animated explainer videos are ideal for simplifying complex concepts, products, or services and communicating them visually, engagingly, and easily understood [2].

    They work well for educational purposes, product demonstrations, marketing campaigns, and internal communications.

    2D animated explainer videos are particularly effective when you want to capture and retain the viewer’s attention, convey a message succinctly, and create a memorable brand image.

    Their versatility allows them to be used across many platforms, from websites and social media to presentations and training materials.

    In essence, 2D animated explainer videos are a powerful tool for simplifying, informing, and engaging your target audience.

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    Why Work With Vidico

    Expertise in 2D Animated Explainer Videos

    Vidico boasts a team of seasoned professionals with extensive expertise in video production. We excel in creating high-quality, engaging, and visually appealing 2D animated explainer videos.

    We take pride in our exceptional visual design capabilities. Our artists and animators are adept at creating stunning visual elements that enhance your video’s aesthetic appeal and simplify complex concepts. We can animate characters and settings depending on your needs.

    Global Presence

    With a global presence spanning Melbourne, Sydney, and beyond, we are well-equipped to serve clients around the world. Our reach ensures that your project receives the attention it deserves.

    Our team can create voice-overs and narrations if the animation videos require different languages. Our international reach means that we can work with you seamlessly regardless of location or time zone.

    Client-Centric Approach

    Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority. We collaborate closely with you to ensure that your goals are met. We can create video that exceeds your expectations.

    We understand that managing your business is complex, and we can help you by creating animation videos where prospective clients can learn in a breeze and increase sales.

    We will keep you in the loop as we create your motion graphics and animation videos, from design to post-production.

    You can choose the video type and length of the videos, but we are happy to assist you and give you ample time to decide.

    Cutting-Edge Technology

    Vidico utilizes the latest technology and software tools, including Adobe AfterEffects and Illustrator, to create visually stunning and innovative 2D animated explainer videos and motion graphics.

    We ensure that we deliver high-quality animation for your business. We continuously learn, develop, and explore animation options to help increase conversions and business sales so you can focus on other things.

    Collaborative Team

    Our team is dedicated to making your project a success. We thrive on effective collaboration, ensuring that the projects we create benefit from our collective creativity and expertise.

    Our team of experts ensures the delivery of the quality you expect and helps you focus on what matters most- your business.

    Proven Results

    Our portfolio speaks for itself, showcasing a history of successful projects across various industries. We have a proven track record of delivering impactful 2D animated explainer videos that resonate with audiences.

    We keep our focus on hundreds of clients and continuously provide animation videos that help businesses increase sales, engagement, and recognition.

    Transparent Process

    We maintain transparency throughout production, keeping you informed and involved at every stage. You’ll have a clear understanding of project timelines and progress.

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    What are the benefits of 2D explainer video?

    2D explainer videos offer several benefits, including simplifying complex ideas, enhancing engagement, and concisely and visually appealingly conveying information.

    2D explainer videos improve audience understanding, drive message retention, and are versatile for various social media platforms [3], making them assertive communication, marketing, and education tools.

    Getting a professional animated explainer video company can be a cost-effective solution for your marketing goals. Use our VidiFit Quiz any time and get transparent pricing in 90 seconds.

    What does it cost to make a 2D explainer video?

    The cost of a 2D explainer video can vary widely, typically ranging from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

    Factors influencing the cost include video length, complexity, quality, motion graphics, animation of characters, animation style, scriptwriting, voice-over, and revisions.

    Use our VidiFit Quiz for free! It is a convenient and efficient way to get an accurate cost assessment based on your unique project requirements.

    How long does it take to make a 2D explainer video?

    Typically, a 1-2 minute video may take 4-8 weeks time to create, from concept to final delivery, depending on the length and type of animation you choose.

    Complex or longer animated explainer videos may require more time, while short videos can be produced for a short time, depending on the details, animation type, and complexity of the product or business.

    The time it takes to create a 2D explainer video depends on various factors, including explainer video length, complexity, revisions, and production resources.

    In Conclusion

    2D explainer videos are a versatile and impactful tool for simplifying complex concepts, engaging audiences, and conveying information effectively.

    The 2D explainer video examples discussed showcase how these explainer videos can excel in diverse industries and creative approaches, making them a valuable asset for marketing, education, and communication needs.

    Their ability to distill ideas into visually appealing, concise narratives makes them stand out in digital content creation [4].

    Ready to bring your vision to life with a captivating 2D explainer video?

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