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9 Best Animated Instructional Video Examples You Must See

Laura Chaves
January 12, 2024

Animated instructional videos have revolutionized the way we learn and absorb information. With a staggering 65% of people being visual learners, the power of animation in enhancing understanding and retention cannot be overstated.

This article showcases nine of the best animated instructional videos, each a paragon of creativity and clarity. These examples transcend traditional boundaries of instruction, offering engaging, visually rich, and easily digestible content that appeals to a wide audience.

From the intricacies of complex concepts to the simplicity of everyday tasks, these videos demonstrate how animation can transform the educational experience. Ideal for educators, instructional designers, and anyone interested in the intersection of learning and technology, these videos serve as a blueprint for effective and captivating educational content.


    The Power of Animated Instructional Videos

    One of the key advantages of animated instructional videos is their ability to simplify complex concepts. Animation provides a visual playground where abstract ideas can be made tangible and intricate processes can be broken down into manageable steps. For instance, a video could use animation to visually represent the functioning of a complex machine or the process of photosynthesis. By doing so, it allows viewers to understand the concept at a glance, without getting bogged down by technical jargon.


    Moreover, the engagement factor of animated instructional videos is unparalleled. Animation has a certain charm that draws people in. It’s dynamic, colorful, and can be tailored to match the tone and style of the content. Whether it’s a fun, whimsical animation for a baking tutorial or a sleek, professional one for a software how-to, the animation style can greatly enhance viewer engagement. Viewers are more likely to watch, understand, and remember the content, making animated instructional videos a powerful teaching tool.

    Criteria for a Great Animated Instructional Video

    Creating an exceptional animated instructional video involves careful consideration of several key factors. Here’s what makes an animated instructional video truly stand out:

    • Clear Instructions: The backbone of any instructional video is its clarity. The steps or concepts must be communicated in an easy-to-understand manner. Avoid using overly complicated terminologies or jargon that might confuse the viewers.
    • Engaging Visuals: The visuals should enhance the message of the video, not distract from it. They should be relevant to the content, visually appealing, and assist in explaining the instructions. For example, an animation showing each step of a science experiment can make it easier for viewers to follow along.

    • Concise Content: In today’s fast-paced world, brevity is key. An effective instructional video gets straight to the point, delivers the necessary information efficiently, and wraps up without dragging on. It respects the viewer’s time while ensuring they gain the knowledge they seek.
    • Appropriate Animation Style: The animation style should align with the tone and subject matter of the video. A fun, whimsical animation might work great for a baking tutorial, while a sleek, professional one would be more fitting for a software how-to video.
    • Engagement Factor: The video should be designed in a way that captivates viewers and holds their attention from start to finish. This could be achieved through the use of humor, storytelling, interesting facts, or interactive elements.

    9 Best Animated Instructional Video Examples

    1. Your Next Computer Is Not a Computer (iPad Pro)

    The iPad Pro video, titled “Your Next Computer Is Not a Computer,” is an excellent example of merging instructional content with engaging marketing. The video skillfully presents the iPad Pro’s features, shifting from traditional feature enumeration to a narrative that captures the viewer’s interest and imagination. This approach demonstrates Apple’s mastery in creating marketing content that not only informs about the product but also intrigues and engages the audience.

    Moreover, the video highlights the transformative aspect of the iPad Pro, suggesting it’s more than just a tablet—it’s a new kind of computing device. This messaging strategy is effective in positioning the iPad Pro as a groundbreaking product, captivating potential customers’ attention and encouraging them to explore further. The video’s ability to seamlessly blend product education with compelling marketing makes it a benchmark in the tech industry.

    2. The Guardian Labs & O2 – In Your Pocket (Be My Eyes App)

    The Guardian Labs & O2’s video for the Be My Eyes app is a heartwarming and informative piece that effectively uses animation to convey the app’s purpose and functionality. It stands out with its friendly design and approachable narrative, explaining how the app assists people who are blind or partially sighted. This video exemplifies how animated instructional content can be used to explain and promote assistive technologies in an empathetic and engaging way.

    In addition to its instructional value, the video also raises awareness about the challenges faced by people with visual impairments. By showcasing how technology can be leveraged to create more inclusive solutions, the video inspires and educates a broader audience. It’s an excellent example of using animated videos to foster understanding and empathy for important social causes.

    3. BRIO Builder – Design, Build, Repeat

    The BRIO Builder instructional video is a creative exploration of how to present toy products in an engaging and educational manner. It demonstrates the assembly and potential of BRIO Builder toys, using animation to make the process fun and appealing. The video is tailored to capture the imagination of both children and adults, illustrating the versatility and enjoyment of building with BRIO toys.

    This video also serves as an excellent example of how instructional content can be both informative and entertaining. By transforming the potentially mundane process of assembly instructions into an engaging narrative, BRIO effectively increases the appeal of its products. The video’s approach to instructional content is particularly relevant for products aimed at younger audiences, where engagement and fun are key to successful communication.

    4. What is Figma?

    The “What is Figma?” video serves as an informative introduction to Figma as a collaborative design tool. It focuses on Figma’s main benefit of facilitating teamwork and unity among creative teams, regardless of their physical location. The video uses clear, concise messaging and visuals to explain how Figma streamlines the design process, making it an invaluable resource for teams looking to collaborate efficiently.

    Furthermore, the video is an excellent case study of marketing a technical product in an accessible way. It breaks down the complexities of design software into understandable segments, making it appealing not just to design professionals but also to a broader audience. This approach demonstrates the power of instructional videos in demystifying complex technologies and promoting user adoption.

    5. Dot Shop

    The Dot Shop video is a compelling demonstration of how an animated instructional video can also serve as an effective marketing tool. It educates viewers about the benefits of owning a Dot Shop domain, emphasizing its unique selling points. The video cleverly intertwines instructional content with marketing strategies, illustrating how a product’s features can be showcased in a way that resonates with the audience and encourages them to make a purchase decision.

    Moreover, the Dot Shop video exemplifies effective communication techniques. It focuses on a single, strong idea, presenting a clear and concise message that is easy for viewers to grasp. This approach is crucial in the digital domain where attention spans are short and clarity is key. The video’s blend of informative content and persuasive marketing demonstrates the potential of animated instructional videos in digital marketing campaigns.

    6. Travel The Vote

    “Travel The Vote” is an animated video that addresses the instructional gap experienced by voters during the 2016 elections. It showcases common errors and omissions in voting procedures, providing clear and concise instructions to rectify these issues. The video’s primary goal is to educate voters, ensuring they are better prepared for future elections. Its unique concept and engaging presentation make it a valuable tool in voter education.

    Additionally, the video challenges the notion that instructional content has to be dull. By presenting vital voting information in an engaging and stimulating manner, it motivates viewers not just to learn but to apply these instructions in real-life voting scenarios. The video’s ability to convey a simple message without overwhelming details enhances its educational impact and motivates viewers to act responsibly in future elections.

    7. Google Assistant

    Google Assistant’s instructional video showcases the app integration feature, adhering to Google’s signature approach of simplicity and clarity. The video uses Google’s iconic design elements to present information in an accessible and user-friendly manner, making it easy for a broad audience to understand. This strategy enhances brand recognition and reinforces Google’s position as a leader in creating user-centric instructional content.

    The video also demonstrates the importance of clear and concise messaging in educational content. By maintaining a straightforward approach and avoiding unnecessary complexities, Google ensures that the viewers remain engaged and absorb the information effectively. This approach is especially effective in technology-related instructional content, where clarity is essential for user understanding and adoption.

    8. Meet Asana

    Asana’s marketing video is an excellent example of how motion graphics can be used to transform complex ideas into simple, digestible content. The video effectively demonstrates Asana’s features and functionalities, using animation to guide viewers through the software. This approach makes the content accessible and engaging, showcasing the power of visual storytelling in corporate communication.

    Moreover, Asana’s video is a source of inspiration for creative content creation. It illustrates the potential of animation to convey messages in a clear, focused, and understandable manner. This is particularly crucial in today’s fast-paced digital environment, where attention spans are limited, and clear communication is key. The video serves as a model for anyone looking to create effective instructional content in the tech industry.

    9. IKEA – Motion Language

    IKEA’s “Motion Language” instructional video for its app is a stellar example of concise and effective communication. The video focuses on demonstrating the main actions and features of the IKEA app, using a blend of visuals and sound design to create a user-friendly experience. This approach not only makes the instructional content efficient but also ensures that the key functionalities of the app are easily understood by the audience.

    The video also highlights the importance of integrating sound design in instructional content. The combination of visual elements with auditory cues creates a more dynamic and memorable learning experience. This synergy keeps the viewer engaged and aids in better retention of the information. IKEA’s approach to instructional video design serves as a valuable example for anyone looking to create content that is both informative and appealing.


    These examples demonstrate the power of animation to simplify and enhance instructional content. From tying a tie to mastering astrophysics, navigating complex software, or perfecting a rice dish, animation makes learning engaging, accessible, and enjoyable. The use of visuals not only aids comprehension but also increases retention of the material, making it a highly effective tool for instruction.

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