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How To Repurpose Video Content To Maximize Media Strategy

Laura Chaves
February 28, 2024

The State of Video in 2024

Are you maximizing the potential of your video content?

Making new videos takes a lot of time and money, so why not take your existing videos to reach more people and achieve different goals?

Video repurposing can unlock a world of potential for your brand. Read on to learn the smartest ways to repurpose video content.


    Top 25 Unique Ways To Repurpose Your Video Content

    1. Turn Explainer Videos Into Video Commercials

    Making a commercial video

    Turning explainer videos into video commercials is smart to grab attention and drive sales. Focus on highlighting the key features that set your offering apart and include a strong call-to-action to encourage viewers to take the next step, such as visiting your website or purchasing.

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    2. Turn Testimonials Into Facebook Cover Video

    Transforming testimonials into Facebook cover videos is a brilliant way to build trust and credibility when visitors visit your page.

    By showcasing real-life experiences and positive feedback from satisfied customers, these videos instantly connect with viewers and encourage them to explore further.

    A short-form video with glowing testimonials and visuals can represent your brand’s values and offerings on your Facebook page.

    3. Turn Customer Testimonials Into Video Ads

    Turning customer testimonials into video ads is a powerful strategy to persuade prospects and drive conversions.

    By showcasing authentic experiences or a positive customer testimonial, a single video ad can build credibility and trust with potential buyers.

    Include visuals on your new video ad that resonate with your target audience and a clear call-to-action to encourage viewers to take the next step, such as purchasing or visiting your website.

    4. Post It On Social Media Platforms

    Posting your video content on a social media channel is an effective way to increase visibility and engagement. Share your videos across platforms like Facebook, Instagram Stories, Twitter, YouTube Shorts, and LinkedIn to reach social media users.

    Tailor your social media posts to each platform’s audience and format, using hashtags, relevant keywords, captions, and engaging visuals to capture attention on other social media channels.

    5. Use Video Content To Make Infographics

    Utilizing videos to create infographics offers a visually appealing and concise way to convey complex information. Extract key insights and statistics from your videos, then transform them into visually engaging graphics.

    These infographics are highly shareable on any social media platform and websites, allowing you to reach a broader audience.

    6. Add the Video To Your Landing Page

    Landing page videos attract visitor attention and encourage further exploration. Repurpose your video to showcase your product or service, highlighting its benefits and features on landing pages. This engages visitors on a deeper level, increasing the likelihood of conversions.

    7. Make Teaser Videos

    Video creation for teasers brings anticipation and excitement for upcoming product launches, events, or announcements.

    Transform video content and offer a sneak peek of what’s to come. Use captivating visuals, enticing music, and compelling narration to pique viewers’ curiosity and leave them wanting more.

    8. Repurpose Video Content Into Podcasts


    Repurposing videos into podcasts offers a convenient way to reach podcast listeners who prefer audio content. Consume content and convert it into podcast episodes. This allows listeners to consume your content on the go or during their daily commute.

    Ensure your episodes are engaging and informative, providing value to your audience. Share it on multiple platforms like Spotify and Apple Podcasts to expand your reach and attract new listeners.

    9. Transform Videos Into A Monthly Recap

    Transforming videos into a monthly recap offers subscribers a convenient overview of key highlights and updates. Compile video-rich snippets into a single recap episode, summarizing important information from the past month.

    This keeps your audience informed and engaged without overwhelming them with too much content. Share the monthly recap via email, social media, or on your landing page to keep website visitors and subscribers up-to-date and foster continued engagement with your brand.

    10. Use It In A Blog Post

    Using your videos for a blog post enriches the reader experience and enhances engagement. Embed it within your blog content to provide visual demonstrations, expert interviews, or supplementary information.

    Engaging videos can support your blog posts, whether tutorials, product reviews, educational videos, or behind-the-scenes footage.

    11. Create GIFs & Animated Graphics

    Create GIFs and animated graphics from your video content to make it more engaging and shareable. Extract short, memorable moments from your videos and convert them into GIFs using online tools or graphic design software.

    These visual assets are perfect for sharing on social media platforms, email newsletters, or your website.

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    12. Include Video In the “About Page”

    Enhance your brand’s “About Page” by incorporating repurposed videos that showcase your story, team, and values. Create short-form videos that give visitors a glimpse into your company’s history, mission, and culture.

    Including a short clip from your YouTube video on your About Page creates a more engaging and memorable experience for visitors, helping them connect with your brand on a deeper level.

    13. Send It As A One-off Email

    Boost your email marketing efforts by sending a repurposed video directly to subscribers’ inboxes [1]. Your videos can deliver valuable messages, promotions, or updates tailored to your audience’s interests.

    Repurpose videos can add a personal touch and increase engagement as they are more attention-grabbing than plain text.

    14. Edit It For Events

    Repurpose your existing video content for events by editing it to align with the theme and objectives of the occasion. Highlight key messages, product features, or success stories relevant to the event’s audience.

    Video content repurposing for events, you maximize their value and ensure they effectively engage attendees while aligning with your overall marketing strategy.

    15. Use It For SlideShares

    Turn your entire video into SlideShares, providing another way for people to get useful information. Make the slides short and clear, with the main points from your videos.

    Share video-rich snippets on sites like LinkedIn or to reach more people. This helps your content reach audiences and keeps them interested in your words.

    16. Turn It Into A Webinar

    Repurpose your videos into webinars, offering an interactive format to share valuable content. Compile key insights and information from your videos into a structured webinar format.

    Promote the webinar to your audience through email, social media, and multiple channels to maximize attendance and engagement.

    17. Use As an Instruction Manual

    Utilize your videos as instructional manuals to provide clear guidance to your audience. Break down complex processes or explain product usage step-by-step in easy-to-follow video tutorials.

    Embed these instructional videos on your website or share them through email to assist customers in using your products or services effectively.

    18. Use As Logo Intros & Outros

    Incorporate your videos as logo intros and outros to add a professional touch to your content. Begin your videos with a branded intro featuring your logo, setting the tone for your brand’s identity.

    End your videos with a polished outro that reinforces your brand message and encourages viewers to take action.

    19. Create An Interactive Video

    Making Video

    Using your original video, develop interactive videos to engage your audience in a dynamic and immersive experience. Incorporate clickable elements, quizzes, or decision points that allow viewers to participate and shape their viewing journey actively.

    Encourage audience interaction by prompting them to explore different options and uncover additional content based on their preferences.

    20. Use For TLDW

    Repurpose long-form content into summaries for viewers who prefer shorter content. Use key points and highlights into easily digestible video snippets, making the full video convenient for audiences with limited time.

    Provide concise summaries alongside full-length YouTube videos to accommodate diverse preferences. This ensures accessibility to the main takeaways for all viewers, regardless of their time constraints from long videos.

    21. Shorten It Into Pre-Rolls

    Shortening videos into pre-roll ads boosts engagement by captivating viewers’ attention before other online videos. By repurposing content into brief, impactful clips, you effectively communicate your message in a limited timeframe, increasing the likelihood of viewer retention.

    To achieve this, highlight key points and visuals from old videos that quickly convey your brand message and entice viewers to learn more.

    22. Use It As An Instagram Reel

    Instagram Reels offer a powerful way to engage with your audience on a platform known for its visual appeal and trend-driven content [2].

    Repurpose existing video content into attention-grabbing and short clips that align with the style and trends of the platform. Incorporate catchy background music, creative effects, and visuals on your Instagram stories to captivate viewers as they scroll through their feeds.

    By leveraging Instagram Reels, you can effectively showcase your brand personality, connect with your audience, and increase your visibility on the platform.

    23. Create Memes

    Memes provide a unique opportunity to connect with audiences through humor and relatability. You can leverage popular trends and cultural references to capture attention and spark engagement on social media platforms by repurposing long video content into memes.

    Additionally, they offer a lighthearted and entertaining way to communicate messages, making your content more relatable and shareable among diverse audiences.

    24. Use It For Crowdfunding

    Repurpose existing video content to create compelling narratives highlighting your crowdfunding campaign’s value proposition. Showcase the problem your project aims to solve, the solution it offers, and the benefits backers will receive.

    25. Make A Graphic Carousel

    Create a graphic carousel by repurposing your videos into visually appealing slideshows. Extract key moments and information from your videos and present them in engaging graphics.

    Content repurposing will provide a dynamic and visually stimulating way to convey information and engage your audience.

    What is Repurposed Video Content?

    Repurposed video content involves modifying existing video materials to serve new objectives or audiences.

    This process includes extracting essential components from the original videos, like core messages, visuals, or insights, and adjusting them to fit multiple platforms, channels, or contexts.

    By repurposing videos, businesses can extend the lifespan of their content, reaching broader audiences, reinforcing key messages, and optimizing marketing strategies across social channels and formats.

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    Why Do You Need To Repurpose Existing Video?

    • Reach wider audiences by adapting videos to different platforms and formats.
    • Increase engagement by tailoring messages to specific audience segments.
    • Extend the content lifespan and save time and resources.
    • Reinforce brand messaging and enhance brand recognition.
    • Leverage existing video assets to create new, valuable content.
    • Stay relevant by repurposing video content to align with current trends and topics.
    • Enhance content accessibility by catering to different learning styles and preferences.

    Why Work With Vidico

    Expertise in Repurposing Video Content

    Vidico’s team comprises seasoned professionals with extensive experience in repurposing video content.

    Our [3] skilled experts understand the nuances of different platforms and audiences, enabling them to tailor video content effectively to maximize engagement and impact across various channels.

    Results-Driven Approach

    Our primary focus is on delivering tangible results that drive meaningful outcomes for your business. Whether it’s increasing engagement, driving conversions, or boosting brand awareness, we are committed to effectively helping you achieve your video marketing goals.

    Transparent Pricing

    At Vidico, we believe in transparency and simplicity regarding pricing. That’s why we offer upfront pricing and free estimates for our repurposing services.

    With our VidiFit Quiz, you can easily obtain a free estimate for your repurposed video in less than 2 minutes.


    What is an example of a repurposed video?

    An example of a repurposed video could be taking a longer-form product demonstration video and extracting shorter clips to create social media ads or teasers.

    By repurposing the original video content into these shorter formats, you can reach a wider audience and generate interest in your product or service.

    Is it okay to repurpose content?

    Yes, repurposing content is a common and effective strategy businesses and content creators use. It allows you to maximize the value of your existing content by adapting it to different formats, platforms, and audiences.

    Repurposing content can help you save time and resources while reaching new audiences and reinforcing key messages. As long as the repurposed content remains relevant and valuable to your audience, it is generally considered a beneficial practice [4].

    Key Takeaways

    Repurposing video content can extend its lifespan, reach new audiences, and reinforce key messages across various platforms and channels. This approach saves time and resources and maximizes the value of your video content, driving engagement, conversions, and brand awareness.

    We understand the importance of repurposing video effectively. With our expertise and transparent pricing model, we offer repurposing services at a reasonable cost.

    Don’t let your videos gather dust. Repurpose them with Vidico’s professional services and make a lasting impact! Take the first step by using our VidiFit Quiz and discover how repurposing video content can elevate your marketing efforts and help you achieve your business goals.


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    Find the right type of video to meet your marketing goals and get an instant estimation on how much it would cost to produce it.
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