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Work with us on a per-project basis or partner basis. It all comes down to how much content you need to produce. For plans, unused budget will simply rollover, so no dollar is ever wasted.

For companies needing a video partner

Single Bespoke Project

For single projects, we’ll provide you with a one-off estimate

By Quotation
Each quotation includes...
  • Recommended Approach
  • Scope of Work & Budget
  • Timeline & Turnaround Time
  • Style & Creative Suggestions
  • Competitor/Industry Research
  • Fast Turnarounds (12-24hrs)

Short Form Video Content

4x short videos for social, ads and internal content, every month

$3999 per month
Great for marketing teams who need video production fully managed
  • 4x 15sec Videos Monthly
  • Duration Can Be Combined
  • Dedicated Editing Team
  • Editing & Post-Production
  • Monthly Video Strategy Meet
  • Dedicated Slack Channel
  • Fast Turnarounds (12-24hrs)

Premium Video Production

Everything in the short form video plan, and access to bespoke content categories

$5999 per month
Ad creative at scale, for performance marketing and growth teams
  • Everything In Short Form
  • Bespoke Content Options
  • Dedicated Video Producer
  • Talented Video Strategist
  • Unlimited Video Strategy Meets
  • Dedicated Slack Channel
  • $2,000 For Bespoke Content p/mo (unused credit rolls over)

For video, design and illustrations

End-to-End Creative Most popular

Powerful asset creation for a wide range of marketing and creative needs

$7999 per month
Powerful asset creation for a widerange of marketing and creative needs
  • 10% Savings on All Content
  • Video Production
    • Short-Form Video
    • Bespoke Video Production
    • Motion Design and Toolkits
    • 2D/3D Animation
  • Design
    • Static Web and Social Assets
    • Presentation Design
    • eBook & Digital Report Design
    • GIF Creation
  • Illustration
  • Campaign & Creative Concepting
  • Brand & Content Consulting
  • Unused credits roll over eachmonth


How do I know which plan is right for us?

If you require video to be produced on a quarterly basis, or have some kind of GTM strategy that requires multiple video deliverables, a plan will give you the best possible efficiency and pricing. Short form plans are generally chosen by clients that are running paid ads. Premium video production is for clients that require higher quality content (as opposed to quantity), and end-to-end creative is for clients looking for a full-stack creative agency.

What is the minimum commitment if my company goes on a plan?

We currently have a minimum service period of three months. Our team goes deep on setup, research and understanding your brand — if we’re going to make that time investment, we want to see it put to good use. 3-months is also perfect for you assessing the results of our content. Results that we’re happy to be held to as a benchmark for standards.

Do you provide custom plans?

Yes we do offer custom plans. We suggest booking a time with our team, and having your marketing or content plan ready to share with us.

What billing options do you offer?

We offer monthly billing, or upfront billing. Upfront billing is eligible for a pricing reduction.

I have a single project brief. How long do you take to provide a quote?

It depends on the complexity of your brief, but the general turnaround on quotation ranges from a day (simple qoute) to a week (complex proposal). If we think you’re a good fit for us, we’ll do more work in the proposal stage as we’re pretty upfront who we can provide value to.

On my plan, do I work with the same dedicated team?

On a plan, your dedicated team typically consists of an account manager, producer and editor/creator. The team will typically remain consistent. The main reason for working with a new team member is if you have been producing short-form video, and then you move budget towards a live-action production. Different kinds of videos may require different experts from the Vidico team. Your account manager however, should remain fairly consistent.

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