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Use stellar healthcare videos to train your staff and inform your patients. Our medical and healthcare video production services will help explain the most complex subjects easily!
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Vidico is a full-service video production agency that creates high-quality healthcare and medical videos to help educate and engage the public, train staff, and promote patient engagement.

Our team of experienced professionals has the expertise to handle any medical video project, from concept to completion, ensuring your video reaches its intended audience effectively and engagingly.

We have extensive experience in video production for healthcare services, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, editing, and post-production for live-action and animated videos. Our unique workflow ensures fast turnaround times at competitive prices.

High-quality medical video production.

Happy patients

Educate and engage patients about their care and treatment options using video clips. Our healthcare video production services will help you convey complex medical concepts in a way that the viewer easily understands.
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Trained staff

Effectively train healthcare professionals on the job and its healthcare organization to use new technologies. Medical and health videos are often more effective at conveying important details in staff training than simply reading instructions from a book.
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Overall satisfaction

Create content that will satisfy their customers' expectations and increase client satisfaction. A health and medical animation video enhances customer experience and improves loyalty and retention of medical professionals over time.

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Watch our premium medical and health videos.

Watch some of our educational videos for an overview of how to get video production for medical services right. Build trust with our top-notch healthcare video production agency and help users in the healthcare industry understand your purpose!

Project Summary

Vidico’s Involvement

Creative Video Marketing for the Healthcare Industry

Teach patients by creating animation video clips that interpret complex health procedures in easy-to-understand language and visuals. It may include anatomy and physiology illustrations, devices, or animated explanations of health terms.

Be inspired.

Adam Harder

Senior Video Operations Manager

The ROI we were getting, the cost per acquisition and the ARPU just for the views have really been effective. The cost has been low per customer when they’re transitioning from our youtube to our website and purchasing our platform via that video.

+ Over 3.7 million views on Youtube.
+ Lowered CPA.

Anola Balthazar

Marketing Manager

Collaborating with Vidico was an enjoyable and smooth experience – the work produced for the Loc8 account was executed to perfection. Any upcoming projects will assuredly be entrusted to Vidico.

Ron Schniedermann


We partnered with Vidico to create two animated explainer videos and couldn't be happier with the price, story, animation, process, team, and, most importantly, the educational explainer video.

Medical video production FAQs:

Why should the healthcare industry invest in video productions?

Video productions can be an incredibly powerful tool for helping healthcare providers increase client engagement and simplify complex medical information.

For instance, it can help draw in new patients, build trust, and demonstrate healthcare expertise, professional training, and knowledge.

Healthcare companies can use this to improve complicated communication between the provider and patient.

What types of healthcare organizations make video content?

Medical organizations across the globe are increasingly recognizing the value of producing engaging video content as a healthcare marketing strategy to reach their target audience.

From organizations and medical facilities to smaller clinics and even individual specialist physicians, making video content has become a popular healthcare marketing tactic for boosting visibility and engagement.

Businesses can showcase new facilities, advertise special offers, life stories, regulations, and staff training, or provide patient education for more informed decisions.

What makes a great medical video?

A great medical video begins with a clear and concise presentation of information. It should be easy to understand and contain accurate and up-to-date facts.

A well-crafted animated video also incorporates audio elements such as music, sound effects, patient stories, patient testimonials, or doctor interviews.

Regarding medical and corporate videos, it is essential to ensure that credible sources, including current research and data, support all content.

The message and visual storytelling should be clear and intellectual while providing educational value.

What types of videos are included in video production?

Medical videos are divided into several categories: patient education, physician, product, surgical procedure, and medical animation.

  • A healthcare video provides general awareness using visuals that may be difficult for patients to comprehend.
  • Physician clips showcase the expertise of individual doctors or practices to help potential patients better understand the medical world.
  • Product animation clips are used to show the features and benefits of a specific drug or product with an emphasis on safety and effectiveness.
  • Surgical procedure clips are geared toward patients considering having surgery by providing detailed visual demonstrations of how it’s performed.

How much does healthcare video production cost?

The cost of video productions can vary depending on various factors. Our healthcare video production company considers the length of the video, its complexity, the type of media being used (such as animation or live footage), sound, and many more.

Additionally, the time needed to produce a live-action or animated video depends on how many edits or revisions clients request, which can drive up costs.

If you want an accurate project estimate, it is best to use our VidiFit quiz.

What is the turnaround time for video?

Generally, a great video can take anywhere from three weeks to three months, depending on the parameters.

Each project takes time to plan, shoot, edit, and finalize to meet the client’s needs. Some key factors that will determine this timeline include the size and complexity of the videos, production quality, and approval from clients or healthcare facilities.

How are healthcare videos made accessible?

Healthcare videos are accessible for those with disabilities through closed captions, audio descriptions, and transcripts. 

These marketing videos ensure inclusivity, fostering a culture of accessibility in healthcare communication. 

Where can I get healthcare production services?

Healthcare video production services are available from various providers, including Vidico, a reputable company specializing in healthcare video production.

Vidico offers expertise in creating engaging visuals and informative patient education videos, promotional videos, testimonial videos, and other explainer videos tailored to your needs. You can use our VidiFit Quiz for a free estimate to get started.

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