Insights from over 300 leading tech marketers using video to grow

The State of Video for Tech 2024

Unlock the power of video in tech marketing! Dive into strategies, budgeting, and overcoming production challenges. Explore effective distribution, measure success, and anticipate AI's role. Elevate your campaigns with expert tips and best practices to transform your approach.

What’s included in the report:

How do companies measure video success?
What types of videos do brands produce the most?
How many videos do businesses typically make per month?
What are the marketing goals for using video?
Will AI replace video experts?
How much do companies spend on video?

What marketing challenges are solved with video?

In 2023, tech marketers primarily used videos to explain their complex products, closely followed by building brand awareness.

This shows that businesses are seeking more connection with their audience by simplifying their messaging and taking care of their brand image.

B2B companies are expanding their use of video marketing. Videos enhance the marketing funnel and directly address challenges like SEO rankings.

So, how do you get on with your video strategy?

Your audience should be your number-one focus.

  • What are the most common pain points?
  • Do they struggle with one specific feature, or do they not know about your product yet?

A compelling video focusing on these two aspects will be the most powerful asset of your campaign.

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