The State of Video Marketing 2023


Unpack the insights and trends that will help you stand out with video.

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Video marketing has been all the rage for the past few years.

Grab your popcorn, sit back, and explore the latest in video marketing! Our research uncovers unbiased insights from 200 tech-savvy marketers across different verticals, giving you an up-to-date look at the current and future state of video so that you can boost your marketing mix.

What’s included in the report:

How many marketers rely on video for their work?
What channels deliver the best video marketing results?
Can I leverage video if my company is a startup?
How much do companies spend on video ads per month?
How do companies use video marketing across departments?
What video metrics do you assess your KPIs against?

How do companies use video across departments?

Last year, Content Marketing was the department where video was used the most. This year, the trend has changed, with the Product department being where companies use video the most.

This is unsurprising, given how Product Led Growth has gained popularity since last year. Marketing and Product are now working in synergy versus working in silo as in previous years.

Another surprising contestant for this year is the HR department. Although still at the bottom of the podium regarding video usage, HR and other non-marketing-related departments started leveraging video to amplify their work. HR, for instance, uses video for recruitment, while Sales uses it for interactive and pre-recorded demos.

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