We’re still (safely) producing video as usual during COVID‑19.
Shonal Narayan
The Vidico team exceeded our expectations. They were excellent listeners - not only did they hone in on our creative needs, they really took time to understand our business in order to deliver an amazing explainer video. I definitely recommend Vidico.
Shonal Narayan, Marketing Manager of Everstring

Boost engagement.

We created a front-and-centre explainer animation for Everstring, to humanise their incredible technology and develop their first video marketing campaign. With ideation and creative production, all managed end-to-end.

Boost engagement.

The results

1.8 Million On-Site views.

Average time spent on site before video placement: 0:35 seconds

Average time spent on site post campaign placement: 2:11 minutes

Bounce Rate Reduction by 11%

Av. Viewer retention rate across campaign: 82%

The results

Increase convertion

Customer Sign-Up Post Campaign Go-Live: Increase of 27%

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