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Easy Agile

We produced a series of upbeat, catchy, and educational animations that helped Easy Agile strike the right balance of detail and key information without overwhelming their audience. The hero video won a Gold Muse Award in 2022 for the Motion Graphics category and reached 4x the industry-average CTR🏆

Alice-Ginevra Micheli
The team at Easy Agile wanted a video that would be engaging, and evocative, while also not relying on sound or character. This creative brief allowed us to flex our production muscles, and create a new kind of illustrative animation that would wow audiences, while also providing all the context they could ever need.
Alice-Ginevra Micheli
Creative Video Strategist


Easy Agile, a company near Sydney, creates tools for agile software development teams so that they can make their customers successful.

They were looking for animated, professional-looking explainer videos to showcase their suite of products and each of their individual products as the videos produced in-house weren’t at a level that represented the brand.

Easy Agile video marketing goals:

  • Explain products and value propositions clearly and authentically.
  • Communicate and simplify the agile practices they help support in a succinct way
  • Strike the right balance of detail and key information without overwhelming the audience
  • Have a shelf life that withstands more than one release – i.e. promote evergreen concepts and value proposition

The videos would promote Easy Agile as a superior solution to help teams on Jira to be agile and
encourage potential customers to take the next step towards purchase.

Creative approach.

Creative approach.

Our video production Australia team needed to hit the right notes on style; to not be cheesy or over-the-top, to authentically represent the product, to be able to communicate key messaging with or without sound and follow strict branding guidelines.

The vision for this project was versatile – to not only be used as an important website and social asset, but also for events. It needed to communicate messaging clearly without any SFX in the environment of a conference floor full of other visuals.

Our focus was to create an upbeat and catchy animation video that would grab audiences attention while also sleekly explaining how the product practically works.

Using abstracted metaphors to depict their messaging, this project pushed our creative thinking, while also creating tight constraints with their limited branding colour palette and four core brand shapes.




A visually engaging, fun, and educational 90-second promotional video that helped Easy Agile strike the right balance of detail and key information.

The video is used as their hero marketing asset on their website, social and conferences, and branched into smaller cutdowns for different purposes.

The video also won a Gold award at the 2022 Muse Awards under the Motion Graphics category! 👏

The video got amazing results across channels: it has the CTR is 4 times higher than the average in the industry!

Head to Easy Agile’s website and social channels to find out how they use video to engage potential customers.

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