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IBM and MettleCI

We produced an explainer video for MettleCI, a technology designed by DataStage experts — offered in partnership with IBM. 📦

Evan Pirone
This was a complex technology that needed to be simplified. We spent the most time in the script and storyboarding stages of the project, which allowed illustration and motion to come together quickly once the story structure was solid.
Evan Pirone
Executive Producer
Video structure.

Video structure.

We integrated MettleCI’s unique benefits and solutions into our tried and tested scripts structure. The framework we use to explain complex technologies is as follows:

– Introduce the technology
– Validate its potential
– Establish the need
– Breakdown the problem
– Enter the solution
– Explore the benefits
– Convey the future vision

We outlined the current problems/pain-points of data migration, and established the requirement for Mettle CI in a way that even non-technical audiences will understand. The second half of the script — the ‘how”, has been treated with more technical vocabulary in order to show the complexity behind MettleCI, speaking on behalf of its competence as an enterprise solution. 

Story flow.

Story flow.

The final script shows the framework detailed above in its final form:

“Need to upgrade your DataStage platform?

You need MettleCI.

Technology designed by DataStage experts — offered in partnership with IBM.

For organisations of any size – whether you’re a team of two or two hundred – when it’s time to upgrade the data platform that your customers rely on every day — it has to be done right.

But where are you going to start?

How much is it going to cost?

…and how long will it take?

MettleCI was engineered to give you answers – and deliver visible results – fast.

No matter the size of the upgrade, MettleCI’s rapid project analysis gives you a detailed task backlog so you know exactly where to start, and how much work is ahead.

So, how do you know when your new platform is regression free, and ready to go live?

MettleCI’s automatically generated unit test suite uses your existing data from its fabrication engine, or a mix of the two.

With the deployment, conversion, and testing of your existing solution automated,
you can focus your attention on the details so you can go live with confidence.

Your projects don’t need to stop for upgrades. MettleCI synchronises ongoing changes with your target platform.

With downtime and code freeze periods eliminated, you can go live incrementally as projects are ready to deploy.

Your accelerated journey is guided by experienced IBM consultants
who are there for as long (or as little) as you need.

What took months… now takes weeks…

Bringing you certainty every step of the way.

This is MettleCI.

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