Brand Animation


Linode is a cloud hosting company offering customers access to Linux virtual servers on high speed internet connections. We were tasked with producing Linode’s first brand animation to accompany their new and exciting website relaunch. 🚀

Evan Pirone
The amount of leverage we’ve been able to create from this design and animation style is immense; Using it as a stand-alone brand animation, HTML animations for their interactive server-speed-test, as well as individual web illustrations.
Evan Pirone
Production Director
Empowered narrative.

Empowered narrative.

Linode has been serving developers and creators around the world for nearly two decades. Offering the best price-performance cloud-compute solution in the industry.

Our mission was to create a piece that not only elevated Linode’s brand image, but one that communicated its core philosophy of empowering developers of all around the world.

It’s this intense focus on people over product that drove the narrative we created. The idea that no matter your demographic — what nation you belong to; Linode is the foundation for those who want to build in the digital world. 

Leveraged Content & Efficiency.

Leveraged Content & Efficiency.

The result was 24-frames of illustrated collateral and animated HTML5 content that Linode now uses on its homepage for its server speed-test interface.

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