We’re still (safely) producing video as usual during COVID‑19.
Evan Pirone
Square has always been one of the more forward-thinking companies when it comes to video. A quick glance of their Youtube channel is illustrative of this. What we were most impressed by, was their willingness to break out of previous creative directions and continue to push the envelope. They've pushed the mixed-media direction further than anyone we can think of...
Evan Pirone, Creative Director of Vidico

Story structure.

The challenge for this project was to provide insight into the online store product, but not in a way that would resemble a typical UI-walkthrough…

We maintained that an upbeat approach combined with an insight into different market verticals would be the right way forward.

The framework was then organised as follows:

1) Select core product benefits, and represent as UI (both in-device, and as animation)

2) Select two core market profiles to drive the majority of the narrative (in this case it was apparel and hospitality).

3) Show all functionality from the perspective of the user (so the video is also informative).

4) End with a montage of other verticals that could benefit from the product (so we don’t miss out on anyone, but remain focused for the majority of the video.)

Once the framework was in place, we layered and script and storyboard that utilised a fresh multi-media approach.

Story structure.

Mixed media rules.

If there’s any video-trend that’s continued strongly from the tail of last year, it’s mixed-media. Whilst we admit that a strong-tech focus, and continually working with UI might contribute to this view on our part, we’ve seen it feature again and again over the past six months.

This project was no exception.

We combined the online elements of UI, app and delivery and represented this using animation, simplified layout design, and in-app video.

We also went in the opposite direction, teaming up with Everyday Clay on the set design front. The studio provided us with their contemporary and colourful ceramics that felt right at home alongside the Square hardware.

Mixed media rules.

Square ❤️'s Vidico

Square is out to provide small businesses with the tools they need to grow, both online and offline — we are beyond keen in helping them continue to achieve this.

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