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Vespene Energy

The Vespene Energy team required a captivating 90-second video to showcase their solution and generate leads. We delivered an amazing animation with a polished design, expertly crafted to deliver a clear and concise message that resonates with their target audience.

Aaron Lavee
Working with our case manager was always a pleasure and when we didn't have any ideas creatively, he stepped in and offered some elegant solutions that were added to our end result. We plan on working with them again.
Aaron Lavee
CGO / Co-Founder


Vespene Energy is an energy and natural resources company. Their solution captures methane emissions from landfills to power self-sustaining microgrids.

To give an understandable explanation of their complex technology solution, they sought to create a brief 90-second video, as an introductory guide on their website.

Additionally, the video will be leveraged in email marketing and social media campaigns to generate leads.

Creative Approach

Creative Approach

To accomplish their goal of clarity, the visual aesthetic must be neat and clean.

The video is science-based yet non-political, delivering an optimistic and hopeful message that mirrors the innovation of their product.

Furthermore, it gauges viewer interest, ensuring that it captures their attention from start to finish.



The key to the video’s success lies in the perfect blend of great scriptwriting, UI animation, and powerful storytelling.

The video was shown to prospects either in person or through a livestream. It has significantly enhanced their understanding and resulted in remarkable lead conversions, making it an extremely effective tool in their arsenal.

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