Video Testimonial Checklist

A proven testimonial video checklist to boost your bottom line.

Create powerful testimonial videos by using a process that has been tried and tested over hundred of successful video projects.

Over 700+ projects produced for companies you know.

Customer testimonial video checklist that covers:

  • All the involved steps to create customer testimonial videos effectively with an easy-to-replicate structure.
  • Skill-set you need to produce a successful video testimonial
  • Questionnaire to use for your interview
  • Advice on how to maximise your resources.

Discover the value of a quality testimonial video.

Your video’s success is largely determined by your ability to perfect the pre-production and production stages.

This checklist includes what you absolutely must have to create a robust customer testimonial videos, and the process we’ve used in projects for Local Measure, Neustar, and SPS Commerce.

It will give you:

> Clarity to plan all the resources you need to get started.

> Confidence to produce a video that will convince and convert.

Need some guidance?

If the checklist feels like too much and you need help with your testimonial video, we’re happy to help!

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Not ready for video yet?

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