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9 Powerful Customer Testimonial Videos Done Right

Laura Chaves
November 5, 2021

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Most people rate services and products based on what existing customers say about them. This indicates why we all look up reviews before buying or subscribing to a service or product. The more impactful the review, the more credibility we grant the company and the more likely we are to do business with them. That’s where customer testimonial videos come in. 

Customer testimonial videos are the most powerful way businesses can collect and share reviews. Companies can get their customers to share their experience with their prospects with a far reliable appeal. These videos help companies build trust, credibility and quickly turn viewers into buyers. 

Here is a guide to get you started with customer testimonial videos. You will know everything it takes to collect and create robust customer testimonial videos by the end of this article. 


    What is a Customer Testimonial Video?

    A customer testimonial video is simply a happy user of a product or service sharing their experience with a brand through a video.

    Why Do You Need Customer Testimonial Videos?

    Customer testimonial videos are a surefire way to sell and win new customers. They get your existing customers to praise your brand and reach a more profound level of trust with viewers. Here are the three main reasons you need a customer testimonial video. 

    Testimonial videos build trust and credibility

    It is no secret that when it comes to buying, we are all influenced by the opinions of others. People trust people. Nielsen reports that 92% of consumers trust a brand that someone has recommended to them, even when it is a stranger.

    And testimonial videos amplify that. This is simply because these types of videos act as social proof that reinforce people’s beliefs on a brand. 

    The critical aspect to note is that customers agree to show their face in the video–which helps your brand better convince potential customers and get them to buy. 

    Testimonial videos perform better than text-based testimonials

    People trust video testimonials more than traditional text-based testimonials, and that’s true. 

    Granted, text-based testimonials and reviews still work, and they’re even much easier to collect and post, but video testimonials hold a certain attribute that makes them better testimonials.

    Let’s put it simply. Video testimonials are more powerful, nearly impossible to fake, and give a sense of authenticity that text reviews and testimonials do not. They add an extra layer of persuasiveness and personality, making them more trustworthy and authentic.

    The power of video content

    Customer testimonial videos will also help your business beyond assisting you in gaining the trust of your prospects. In fact, this is about the undeniable qualities of using videos in marketing and on your website.

    For example, using video for customer testimonials allows you to create a more human feel to your business. The thing is, as people see and hear from other people, it gives your strategy a more profound human touch. This can sometimes be the key element in driving engagement. 

    On top of that, videos will help improve your SEO strategies. It’s more about how Google qualifies and ranks content on the web. Google understands that videos explain things better. For this fact, websites with video content have better ranking potential than a website without video. Couple that potential with proper website security and watch your results get better and better.

    3 Steps to Create Powerful Customer Testimonial Videos

    Creating a customer testimonial video shouldn’t be complicated. You just need a well-thought-out plan and strategy to get started. Here are a few steps you can follow to gather and create compelling videos

    Ask The Right Questions

    Your customers are not using your product for the reasons you think they are. So, in order to create a testimonial video that resonates with your audience’s needs, you need to ask the right questions. 

    In fact, your customer testimonial video is only as good as it relates to your target viewership. That’s why you need to ask specific questions to paint a perfect experience that viewers can identify with. Here are a few questions that’ll help you put up a solid experience customers can tell about.

    • What problem were you trying to solve before XYZ?
    • Which alternative to XYZ did you try before? What were the results?
    • Why were you seeking XYZ in the first place?
    • How did you hear about XYZ?
    • What is your experience with XYZ?
    • How did XYZ make your life easy?
    • Did you achieve any tangible results? 
    • In your opinion, what is the most impressive thing about XYZ?

    This will help you put up a compelling script to help your customers tell the best of stories. Check the customer success story template here.

    Opt For An Empowered Script

    Your goal here is to build up a storyline that portrays the pain points of your ideal customer in a way they can relate to. 

    Here is what you need to do to drive this home very well. 

    • Introduction

    This is the start. The customer only needs to introduce themselves and talk about issues and pain points they wanted to solve. 

    • The hero

    This is where you ask your customer to bring in the story. Here the customer needs to talk about your solution as the hero in their narrative. The perfect solution to the problems they were having. They can even go into details and mention how they came across your business and how it helped them. 

    • Happy ending

    Now, this is the outcome. What did the customer get after using your solutions? How has it impacted their life? Simply put, you need to get the customer to describe how they could sleep at night after using your solution. 

    • The next step

    You need to cap it all off by pointing viewers to the next precise move you want them to take so you can bring them into your pipeline. That is, a clear call-to-action (CTA). 

    Ensure A Convenient Viewing Experience

    Now it’s time to think about the customer testimonial video. You need to ensure the video and audio quality of your video are top-notch. Remember, your customers are not video marketing experts. You have to walk them through the process. So you need to brief your customer about your plans for the video and how you plan to shoot it. 

    For example, you can help them choose what to wear, where to look, and how to speak to create a memorable viewing experience. Here are the things you need to ensure to create a stellar customer testimonial video.

    • Include B-Roll of customer environment. These are shots you include specifically to give your audience a better sense of the setting, mood, etc. It’s how you add depth and emotion to a project.
    • Crisp and clear visuals.
    • Raw, quick, and genuine images.
    • Audible sound.
    • A minimal to zero background noise.
    • Use very minimal animated graphics and/or metrics.

    9 Powerful Customer Testimonial Video Examples (Plus Best Practices)

    There is no one-size-fits-it-all strategy when it comes to customer testimonial videos. You need to learn the practices and use tips to nail your videos to perfection. Here are the best testimonial video examples, the most effective tips and practices you can emulate to create compelling customer testimonial videos. 

    #1 Leveraging Storytelling

    Your greatest asset as a brand is storytelling. This is because storytelling is the most effective way to get your happy customer to share their experience in a way viewers can relate to. 

    It helps businesses create a situation where the prospect or the viewer can easily envision how the product or service will work for them. And this helps them rapidly make their minds up. Here is a perfect example from Local Measure.

    #2 Including Multiple Customers

    Inviting many customers to your customer testimonial video is not mandatory. But it can be what makes the difference between a good customer testimonial video and a powerful one. 

    Inviting multiple customers will help you diversify the faces in the video. Also, you can get each customer to talk about one unique feature or offering of your business and their experience with it. 

    Best of all, this adds an extra layer of credibility to your brand, and viewers get many stories from different perspectives. Here is an excellent example from Summer.

    #3 Bringing Out Facts And Measurable Data

    This is simple. Chances are your customers will include data and figures they got from using your product or service. 

    However, the real question remains: Can the viewers make sense of the data your video feeds them as they watch it? You need to ensure the facts and data you include are relatable and easily digestible as people watch your video. Check out how Monday does it perfectly. 

    #4 Having An Emotional Appeal

    You will also need to appeal to viewers’ emotions to drive results with your testimonial video. This is especially effective because emotions empower people to take action. 

    You can easily convince your viewers or potential clients to purchase from you or get them to follow through with whatever call to action if your client testimonial video connects with them at an emotional level. Here is an example from Google. 

    #5 Focusing on Customers’ Unique Journey 

    Your goal with the customer testimonial video is to boost your brand credibility and authenticity to win more customers. An excellent way to ensure you achieve this is to focus on the customer’s journey with your company. Here the video goes out to tell viewers everything between you and the happy customer from top to bottom. 

    You will need to cover specific points like their problems, how they came across you, what you did for them, how it worked for them, and their perspective about it. This helps paint a more vivid storyline, and viewers can easily see how using your product or service will play out for them. Check out how SPS Commerce does this very well.

    #6 Making it Q&A

    Another strategy to ensure a good testimonial video is to list questions or problems your potential clients may be having. Then, get your happy customers to answer how you helped them solve those problems. 

    This simplifies the video creation strategy and enables you to focus on burning issues to win the trust of your target audience. Plus, the Q&A schema allows the viewer to get the most out of the video without too much effort. Here is a suitable example from Illumina. 

    #7 Making it visually appealing

    While your primary focus should be creating a transparent and authentic client testimonial video, you also need to keep an open mind for creating a visually appealing video. 

    You can use specific animations and displays to make the video beautiful as the customer narrates their story. This will also help with the viewing experience and make the whole video more impactful. 

    You can also leverage the power of creative video creation techniques to recreate your customers’ experience in viewers’ eyes. You can easily grab their attention, reel them into the video, boost their interest, and ultimately inspire them to take your hoped-for action. Here is an example from Neustar’s .CO

    #8 Using a single case study

    Case studies are another way to share with people how you transformed and assisted your customers to achieve business success. This is important because it can help viewers better understand your brand and see how it can help them succeed. 

    You’ll be able to show how your business works, why it’s relevant to the viewers’ business, and why you’re the perfect fit for them. Here is how Cascade does this. 

    #9 Adding a personal touch

    This approach is to help make the customer testimonial video genuine and feel human. Allow your customers to communicate their personality, express emotion, and establish a connection with the audience. 

    This adds to the sense of authenticity and legitimacy of your video. It’s your humanity that makes you successful in business, and it’s what people connect with. Check out this example from Nike.

    Boost Your Bottom Line With Powerful Testimonial Videos

    Customer testimonial videos are real engagement and conversion drivers. Any business can say or write excellent reviews about their products or services; that’s what makes customer testimonials so powerful. These factors, combined with the power of video content, make them unbeatable. 

    When customers (real people with everyday problems as the viewers) hop behind cameras to share their fantastic experience with your brand, that’s a vote of confidence that really matters in the eyes of your audience. They will trust you more, they’ll do more business with you, and you will be able to grow your portfolio of happy customers. 

    Want to create powerful testimonials videos but don’t know where to start? Download our customer testimonial video checklist.

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