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15 Best Storytelling Videos of All Time (2024)

Laura Chaves
April 27, 2024

The State of Video in 2024

The best videos grab the audience’s attention and keep them glued to the screen, eager to see what happens next.

But, without good video storytelling, your videos will feel a bit blah, lost in other videos online. People might click away, missing out on your awesome message.

Read on as we give you the best storytelling videos that nail it so you can make yours stand out, captivate audiences, and spread messages effectively.


    Top 15 Compelling Storytelling Video Examples

    1. Vidico x Bookwish

    Average Pricing: Roughly $5000

    Quick Description: Bookwish presents a captivating launch video introducing their innovative service, akin to Tinder but for books. Through enchanting storytelling and meticulous details, the video unveils the magic behind Bookwish, a monthly book subscription service tailored to individual preferences.

    Customers have whisked away on a whimsical journey guided by the “fairy bookmother,” illustrating how Bookwish grants the wish for perfect book matches with each subscription.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Engaging storytelling
    • Emotional resonance in the story
    • Visual creativity

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    2. A Little Kindness – Starbucks

    Quick Description: In this heartwarming video, Starbucks showcases the power of everyday kindness witnessed through their store windows.

    By highlighting simple acts of goodwill from strangers, the video challenges the notion of a divided world and emphasizes the importance of recognizing and celebrating kindness in all its forms.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    3. The Long Time – Yeti

    Quick Description: Yeti’s brand film “The Long Time” is a captivating documentary-style story that transcends typical advertising.

    Focusing on Jack Sanders, an architect who fosters community through baseball in rural Alabama, the film unfolds as a poignant human interest story devoid of explicit product mentions.

    Yeti’s commitment to authentic storytelling shines through the high production value, compelling character development, and dynamic storytelling, offering audiences an immersive experience that resonates deeply.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Subtle branding approach with emotional impact
    • Cinematic production quality
    • Real-life characters are an inspiration

    4. Reclaim Your Water – Sperry

    Quick Description: The story centers on Tankproof’s mission to provide swimming lessons and food security to underserved youth, particularly in Black communities around the world.

    Through their personal stories and mission-driven work, the video highlights the importance of water in Black communities and the transformative power of mentorship.

    There is no direct advertising for Sperry products, but it highlights the effectiveness of storytelling in engaging viewers and indirectly sparking interest in the brand.

    By weaving a compelling narrative around Tankproof’s mission, the video demonstrates how storytelling can be a powerful tool for brand promotion.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Engaging storytelling
    • Inclusive of thought-provoking statistics
    • Authenticity and vulnerability in sharing personal challenges

    5. First Sale Story – Shopify

    Quick Description: Rather than delving into the technical aspects of eCommerce, this video captures the emotional journey of starting a business on Shopify through the story of Jess.

    The video celebrates the exhilarating feeling of entrepreneurial success, from discovering a passion for crochet to making her first sale and eventually leaving her 9-5 job to focus on her business.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Focuses on the emotional aspect of entrepreneurship
    • Incorporates real statistics about Shopify’s impact
    • Creating a relatable character for viewers

    6. This Girl Can – Sport England

    Quick Description: Sport England’s “This Girl Can” campaign uses storytelling to inspire women from diverse backgrounds to embrace physical activity.

    Unlike traditional fitness ads featuring models or athletes, this video storytelling series highlights ordinary women facing everyday challenges yet finding ways to stay active.

    By portraying relatable scenarios like working or caring for a baby, the campaign makes exercise accessible to all, regardless of income or free time.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Focus everyday situations
    • Inspires action by showcasing diverse stories of women
    • Evoke positive emotions

    7. Believe – Nike x Ted Lasso

    Quick Description: Nike’s collaboration with the popular TV series “Ted Lasso” exemplifies the power of incorporating current trends and pop culture references into video storytelling.

    By leveraging the show’s widespread popularity, Nike creates meaningful video content that resonates with fans. This video strategy enhances viewer engagement and strengthens the connection between the brand and its audience.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Focuses on staying culturally relevant
    • Capitalizes on the popularity of the TV series “Ted Lasso” to capture the attention of target audience
    • Illustrates effective repurposing

    8. The Gift – McDonald’s

    Quick Description: McDonald’s Saver Menu, renowned for its affordability, takes an unexpected route in its advertisement.

    Rather than emphasizing the economic aspect, the ad presents a heartwarming tale centered around a mother and son, showcasing the emotional bond fostered over a meal.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Engages viewers through relatable storytelling
    • Balances promotion with an authentic story
    • Leaves a great impression beyond price points

    9. A Slimy Situation – Lego

    Quick Description: LEGO exemplifies the seamless integration of its brand into video storytelling through various mediums, such as feature-length films like “The Lego Movie” and interactive games that blend virtual and physical worlds.

    One perfect example is the short film “A Slimy Situation,” set in LEGO City. In it, viewers engage by choosing how to rescue the city from a menacing slime threat.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Integrates brand seamlessly into storytelling.
    • Engages viewers through interactive elements.
    • Demonstrates versatility in storytelling across different platforms.

    10. Ev-il – General Motors

    Quick Description: General Motors refreshingly tackles the serious topic of climate change by using humor and a well-known comedy character, Dr. Evil.

    The video content aims to announce the company’s commitment to going all-electric by 2030 while injecting light-heartedness into the conversation about environmental sustainability.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • A refreshing take on a serious topic like climate change
    • Utilizes humor to engage viewers
    • It incorporates a well-known comedy character, Dr. Evil, for familiarity and entertainment value

    11. Will Finds A Way – Under Armour

    Quick Description: Under Armour’s “Will Finds A Way” series of short videos, released in 2018, features athletes and celebrities like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

    Celebrating hard work and determination, these brand storytelling videos showcase individuals striving to achieve their goals, conveying a motivational message applicable to everyone, not just athletes.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Conveys a motivational message
    • Focuses on brand storytelling instead of product promotion
    • Celebrates hard work and determination

    12. The Term Paper – Grammarly

    Quick Description: Grammarly employs relatable situations to tell the brand’s story. The video resonates with its target audience by showcasing scenarios like scrambling for video project ideas or struggling to write a school paper, encouraging them to take action and download the app.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Utilizes relatable situations to foster a connection with the audience
    • Promotes the app’s services indirectly through storytelling
    • Capitalizes on humor and empathy

    13. To The Travelers – Etsy

    Quick Description: Etsy leverages the power of video storytelling to evoke emotion and connect with its audience during sentimental times like holidays.

    The promotional video spreads positivity and features a wholesome message by sharing meaningful stories of people giving gifts to their loved ones.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Harnesses the emotional impact of video storytelling
    • Showcases heartfelt stories of gift-giving
    • Aligns with the brand’s values

    14. Buy A Thing, Sell A Thing – eBay

    Quick Description: This mini-musical showcases the journey of products as they circulate from person to person through eBay.

    The video captures the essence of the eBay experience through engaging visuals and bespoke sound effects, highlighting the joy of buying and selling on the platform.

    It effectively communicates the eBay experience without dialogue, relying solely on visual storytelling to convey the message.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Unique selling proposition
    • Heartwarming conclusion
    • Visual storytelling fosters emotional connections

    15. Paper- Honda

    Quick Description: Honda’s mesmerizing stop-motion animation video traces the brand’s history using thousands of original drawings, creating artistry and innovation behind the company without any dialogue.

    This captivating visual journey unfolds the evolution of the company’s iconic products and milestones, immersing viewers in a seamless narrative experience highlighting the brand’s legacy and dedication to innovation.

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    • Painstaking craftsmanship
    • Silent storytelling
    • Mesmerizing artistry

    What’s Video Storytelling?

    Video storytelling is a visual narrative that conveys a message or idea through a sequential series of images or footage. It often incorporates visual elements such as characters, plot, conflict, and resolution to engage and captivate the audience [1].

    These videos can vary widely in style and digital formats, from animated shorts to live-action dramas, but they all share stories.

    Key elements include a compelling storyline, well-defined characters, a clear beginning, middle, and end, thematic depth, and the ability to evoke emotions and connect with a broad audience.

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    How Does It Work?

    Storytelling videos present a narrative in a visual format, typically through images, footage, audio, and sometimes text [2]. They engage viewers emotionally and intellectually, drawing them into the good story.

    By structuring the narrative with a beginning, middle, and end, storytelling videos create a sense of progression and resolution that resonates with the audience. Through characters, plot development, and crucial elements, these videos convey messages, evoke emotions, and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

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    Benefits of Brand Storytelling

    • Engages the audience emotionally and intellectually
    • Creates memorable experiences
    • Builds connections and fosters empathy
    • It makes complex ideas easier to understand
    • Increase viewer engagement and conversion rates
    • Enhances retention of information about the brands
    • Inspires action and drives behavior change
    • Fosters a sense of community and belonging
    • Captures attention and maintains interest

    Why Work With Vidico

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    What is the most popular element of storytelling?

    The most popular and crucial element of storytelling is often the emotional connection it fosters with the audience.

    Through relatable characters, narratives, and evocative themes, storytelling taps into universal human experiences, creating empathy, intrigue, and resonance.

    Effective storytelling captivates viewers through humor, drama, or suspense, leaving a lasting impression and forging deep connections beyond the narrative.

    How can you be a good storyteller?

    To become a proficient storyteller, one must cultivate several key skills and attributes. Authenticity is a critical role, as genuine stories resonate more deeply with customers. Additionally, mastering pacing and timing helps maintain engagement and build suspense.

    Active listening enables storytellers to understand their audience’s interests and tailor their narratives accordingly. Finally, practicing storytelling techniques, such as vivid imagery and effective use of language, hones one’s ability to craft tales.

    How do you begin a story?

    One common approach to beginning a story is to start with a captivating hook—an intriguing question, a startling statement, or a vivid description—that piques curiosity and draws listeners in.

    Another video strategy is to start with a relatable main character or an unusual setting. This can immediately immerse the audience in the story’s world, sparking their interest and enticing them to continue listening.

    How long should storytelling videos be?

    The ideal video length for storytelling videos should be around 60 seconds.

    Shorter videos get the highest engagement [4], but it can depend on your video strategy, the story you want to tell on the platform, and your target audience.

    The commercials created for Coca-Cola, the Olympic Games, and the bikers’ journey in San Francisco are all less than two minutes long.

    Let’s Get Started

    The importance of having a great storytelling video cannot be overstated. Such videos can captivate customers, evoke emotions, and convey messages in a memorable and impactful way.

    Whether used for marketing, education, entertainment, or advocacy, storytelling videos can connect with viewers on a deeper level, driving engagement, fostering empathy, and inspiring action.

    Businesses, organizations, and individuals can create compelling narratives that leave a lasting impression and drive meaningful outcomes by harnessing storytelling elements.

    Transform your message into an unforgettable story! Use our VidiFit Quiz to receive a free estimate for your storytelling video.


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