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20 Best Customer Onboarding Videos & Examples (2024)

Laura Chaves
February 29, 2024

The State of Video in 2024

Customers tend to drift apart if they struggle to figure things out, so companies now use videos to help people get started smoothly.

Customer onboarding videos are like handy helpers that make learning fun and easy, from showing us how to use apps to teaching about new products.

We’ll look at some of the best customer onboarding videos that professional companies use to make things easier for their customers.


    Top 20 Onboarding Videos For Customers

    1. Outbrain

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    Quick Description: The video onboarding created in collaboration of Vidico [1] with Outbrain introduces viewers to the platform’s recommendation services, emphasizing its ability to promote businesses across top media sites.

    Through native ads and contextual data, Outbrain helps users grow lead generation, online sales, app installs, and more. The video onboarding highlights Outbrain’s extensive reach, with algorithms that optimize conversion and enable access to over 1 billion consumers.

    “The Vidico team is a joy to work with — talented copywriters and animators, seamless communication, and timely delivery despite our 14-hour time difference. “  -Jane Zhang, Product Marketing Manager at Shift

    With a user-friendly interface, businesses can easily set campaign targets and launch their promotions, making Outbrain a valuable tool for brands, agencies, affiliate marketers, and anyone looking to scale their business online.

    Vidico’s expertise spans across creating both animated and live-action videos, covering a wide array of formats, including explainer videos, product demonstrations, commercials, product walkthroughs, and application videos.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Engaging visuals and animations
    • Concise and informative content
    • Emphasis on benefits
    • Broad audience appeal
    • Clear call to action for viewers

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    2. Hybr1d

    Quick Description: The explainer video onboarding for Hybr1d, a Software as a Service (SaaS) company, offers a compelling overview of its innovative platform to revolutionize HR and IT management.

    Through engaging animation and informative narration, the video content features Hybr1d’s ability to streamline the entire process for businesses of all sizes, from startups to SMEs.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Engaging animation style
    • Clear explanation
    • Emphasizes automation and efficiency
    • Targets a wide audience

    3. Asana

    Quick Description: The customer onboarding video provides a well-explained tutorial on using Asana, efficiently demonstrating how to navigate the platform’s UI to manage tasks and update statuses

    Unlike other onboarding videos, the Asana onboarding video highlights the progress tab as a direct and easy method to update task statuses.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Brand consistency
    • Clear demonstration
    • Efficient communication
    • A compelling call to action

    4. Band

    Quick Description: The onboarding video for the Band app is akin to a captivating mini-movie, starting with overhead shots of tiny people forming groups.

    It then follows one group’s activities, showcasing how they use the app for improved communication, sharing, event planning, and restaurant selection.

    By showcasing customer life-cycle and real-life scenarios of using the app for communication, sharing, and planning, the onboarding video shows its practical value to viewers.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Engaging narrative
    • Well-demonstrated benefits
    • Cinematic approach
    • Emotional appeal

    5. TechBridges

    Quick Description: This customer onboarding video example takes a unique approach by focusing on the in-software help section, providing new users with guidance on accessing essential information within the software. It serves a dual purpose: onboarding users while promoting self-sufficiency from the outset.

    Unlike traditional introductions, the video zeroes in on the in-software help section, addressing a critical aspect of user experience. Dynamic animations throughout the video content capture the viewer’s attention, enhancing comprehension and retention of information.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Strategic focus and dual functionality
    • Engaging animations
    • Practical Guide
    • Customer support team relief

    6. Britbox

    Quick Description: This animated onboarding video example was created for BritBox to assist users who received a gift subscription, serving as both a welcome video for newcomers and a refresher for existing customers.

    Designed with a slower pace to accommodate an older and less tech-savvy audience, the video focuses on comprehensively guiding users through the sign-up process rather than aiming for flashy visuals.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Inclusive approach
    • User-focused design
    • Emphasis on onboarding processes
    • Customer-centric strategy

    7. Trello

    Quick Description: This onboarding video begins with an enticing sequence featuring animated characters, showcasing the brand, and celebrating the SaaS platform’s interface.

    Accompanied by uplifting music, a soothing voiceover introduces the video tutorials, explaining how to navigate the project management dashboard, lists, cards, and project members and optimize workflows.

    The video onboarding provides comprehensive guidance on using Trello’s basic functionalities and concludes with a captivating logo animation.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Engaging visuals
    • Optimistic atmosphere
    • Clear instructional onboarding video type
    • Comprehensive coverage

    8. Uber

    Quick Description: Uber’s effective onboarding video example inspires and informs new employees about the stress-free process of taking their first trip (employee onboarding video).

    Utilizing animations in employee onboarding in an easy-to-understand manner aids new hires in absorbing information and understanding the onboarding process at their own pace.

    It clearly explains pay, scheduling, and the driving experience, promoting preparedness and confidence. Additionally, the video employs humor and wit to enhance engagement and memorability.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Remarkable voiceover
    • Interactive elements
    • Humorous approach
    • Engrossing animations

    9. Squarespace

    Quick Description: Squarespace sets the bar high with its customer onboarding video, offering a modern webinar-style guide to web design that surpasses typical tutorials.

    It serves as users’ first interaction with website design best practices, blending speakers, sleek transitions, and screen recordings for an engaging experience.

    The video’s attractive editing, user-friendly explanations, and background music elevate the customer onboarding process, fostering customer loyalty from the outset.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Attractive editing
    • User-friendly explanation with screen recordings
    • Engaging background music
    • Modern Webinar Approach

    10. Grubhub

    Quick Description: In this live-action video, a GrubHub driver shares the onboarding process while on a delivery run, offering cool tips and tricks to viewers.

    From picking up orders at restaurants to delivering to customers’ doors, the driver narrates his experience, highlighting potential pitfalls like driving on an empty stomach.

    Catchy on-screen visuals accompany the tips, making the video engaging even without sound.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Showcases real-life experience
    • Relatable and engaging narration
    • Catchy on-screen visuals
    • Immersive experience

    11. NexaLog

    Quick Description: This onboarding video example offers a step-by-step guide to NexaLog’s claims and refund process, serving as part of a series of animated onboarding videos to train customers for common scenarios.

    While not traditional onboarding, the company anticipates customer needs and reduces the workload of customer support teams by providing clear instructions and helpful onboarding video examples.

    The video focuses solely on the claims and refunds process, ensuring all the information is clear from the content.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Anticipation of customer needs
    • Minimal design
    • Clear instructions
    • Showcases practical examples

    12. Acme

    Quick Description: In this video, Acme Auto outlines the process of planning a loop design for their onboarding workflow.

    The onboarding video content details the four tasks involved in their onboarding process for new hires and explores two design ideas proposed by the Appian development team to introduce automation.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Detailed explanation
    • Well-explained practical examples
    • Impressive onboarding process
    • Decision-making process

    13. Sphere

    Quick Description: The onboarding video example for the Sphere app offers users a real-time experience from signing up for the social networking app.

    While running on the longer side at five minutes, the video provides a comprehensive overview of the app’s features, which would have been tedious to convey through written content.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Particular onboarding video
    • Prioritize user-engagement
    • Comprehensive overview
    • Effectively simplify complex concepts

    14. Microsoft

    Quick Description: This Microsoft Teams onboarding video example showcases how to easily create a team, offering a straightforward and pleasant viewing experience.

    With a great script, synchronized text and visuals, and user-friendly presentation, it is one of the most effective customer onboarding videos that new users genuinely appreciate.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Great script
    • The narration syncs with the visuals
    • User-friendly presentation
    • Highlights key benefits

    15. Grammarly

    Quick Description: The Grammarly onboarding video begins with a focus on the brand’s logo and branding for increased recall value, followed by a relatable scene of a woman using Grammarly.

    It highlights the platform’s features, such as full-sentence rewriting, instant suggestions, and multiple correction options, demonstrating how Grammarly Premium’s tone suggestion feature enhances user experience.

    The onboarding video example achieves a harmonious blend of background music, voiceover, real-life footage, and UI animations, facilitating seamless product adoption for new users.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Relatable scene
    • Feature showcase
    • Balanced presentation
    • Easy to follow and educate users

    16. Revolut

    Quick Description: Revolut’s onboarding video takes viewers on a captivating journey with a globe-trotting millennial, showcasing the app’s features in action.

    From exchanging money worldwide with no hidden fees to other key functionalities, the video seamlessly integrates screenshots of the app to highlight its capabilities. Packed with “a-ha” moments, this one-minute video exemplifies successful onboarding.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Captivated narration and storytelling
    • Seamless integration
    • Concise tutorial video
    • Showcases features

    17. Basecamp

    Quick Description: Basecamp’s onboarding process features a bold welcome screen modal that gives users a quick introduction to the tool and lists its main functionalities. The onboarding experience is further humanized with a video featuring a person, enhancing user engagement.

    The onboarding video example of Basecamp highlights the user interface and explains how it facilitates team collaboration.

    The consistent use of the UI maintains branding clarity throughout the video. Lastly, the video concludes by listing platforms where users can seek further assistance with the SaaS.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Humanized onboarding
    • Comprehensive tool showcase
    • Clear branding
    • Bold welcome screen modal

    18. Twitter

    Quick Description: The Twitter Safety & Abuse Video offers educational content, clear instructions, and engaging visuals and emphasizes user safety, promoting a positive experience on the platform.

    This beautifully animated onboarding video aims to make users feel more comfortable and confident on Twitter, particularly in addressing harassment.

    The concise two-minute duration makes it easy for new users to grasp without feeling overwhelmed, emphasizing Twitter’s commitment to user safety.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Engaging animation
    • Soft music and calm voiceover
    • Clear instructions
    • Concise duration

    19. Synthesia

    Quick Description: In-app customer onboarding videos serve as short guides integrated into the app’s help center, offering tutorials to train users on interacting with UI features.

    These customer onboarding videos can be accessed on-demand from the integrated resource center, providing users with immediate assistance and guidance. A prime example is Userpilot’s feature customer onboarding video demonstrating how to use the Synthesia integration.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • On-demand access
    • Tutorial Functionality
    • In-App Integration
    • Easy embedding

    20. Jotform

    Quick Description: The video features upbeat music and a man explaining how to create a form on JotForm seamlessly seamlessly. It is part of JotForm’s quick tips series aimed at user onboarding.

    The detailed walkthrough includes signing in, navigating the ‘My Forms’ dashboard, and using templates, themes, customer support, costs, and features.

    With the creation process depicted on the UI, the video leaves little room for doubt. It concludes with a callout for viewers to try JotForm’s free starter plan.

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    • Upbeat Music
    • Detailed Walkthrough
    • UI Depiction
    • Clear call-to-action

    What’s A Customer Onboarding Video?

    A customer onboarding video is a visual tool designed to facilitate the introduction and familiarization of new customers with a product, service, or platform.

    Training videos serve as an instructional guide, providing step-by-step demonstrations, explanations, and tutorials to help users understand how to navigate and utilize the key points and functionalities effectively.

    Customer onboarding videos aim to streamline the user adoption process, minimize confusion, and enhance the user experience by offering a visually engaging and easily accessible resource for learning and getting started with the product or service [2].

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    Benefits of Having One

    • Improved User Engagement: Customer onboarding videos are highly engaging and can captivate users’ attention more effectively than text or static images, leading to increased engagement with your product or service.
    • Enhanced User Understanding: Visual demonstrations and instructional onboarding videos help users better understand how to use your product or service, reducing confusion and frustration.
    • Faster User Adoption: By providing clear instructions and guidance, customer onboarding videos can expedite the process of users learning how to use your product or service, leading to faster adoption rates.
    • Reduced Support Burden: Well-designed and relevant onboarding videos can help answer common user questions and address potential issues, reducing the need for customer support and saving time and resources.
    • Increased Customer Satisfaction: SaaS onboarding videos deliver a smooth and informative onboarding experience that can leave a positive impression on users, leading to higher satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Better Product Understanding: Product onboarding videos can highlight key features and functionalities of your product or service, helping users realize their full potential and encouraging them to explore further.
    • Brand Building: Professional and engaging videos reflect positively on your brand, showcasing your commitment to providing a positive user experience and enhancing your brand reputation [3].

    Where To Use Customer Onboarding Videos

    1. Onboarding Emails: Create videos to welcome new customers, providing them with a quick and engaging introduction to your product or service using emails.
    2. Website Landing Pages: Embed customer onboarding videos on your website’s landing pages to educate visitors about your product or service and encourage them to explore further.
    3. In-App Tutorials: Integrate customer onboarding videos into your product or app interface to guide users through features and functionalities as they navigate the platform.
    4. Help Centers and Knowledge Bases: Include customer onboarding videos in your help center or knowledge base to provide users with self-service resources for troubleshooting and learning.
    5. Social Media Platforms: Share customer onboarding videos and instructional videos on social media platforms to reach a wider audience and generate interest in your product or service.
    6. Customer Support Interactions: Use interactive videos during customer support interactions to visually demonstrate solutions to common issues or answer user questions.
    7. Sales Presentations: Incorporate onboarding videos into sales presentations to showcase the value proposition of your product or service and help prospects understand its benefits.
    8. Onboarding Workshops or Webinars: Host live or recorded onboarding workshops or webinars featuring onboarding videos to provide in-depth training and support to new customers.

    Why Work With Vidico


    Vidico prides itself on its team of seasoned professionals, each possessing a wealth of experience in creating the best customer onboarding videos.

    From skilled scriptwriters to proficient filmmakers, editors, and animators, Vidico’s team members bring diverse talents to the table.

    Creative Approach

    At Vidico, creativity lies at the heart of every project. The team adopts a dynamic and imaginative approach to video production, ensuring that the user onboarding videos are visually stunning and tailored to meet the unique needs and objectives of the client.

    Quality Production

    Equipped with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment, Vidico is committed to delivering nothing short of excellence in every aspect of the production process.

    From the initial concept to the final product, every detail of the onboarding videos is meticulously crafted to perfection.

    Proven Track Record

    With a robust portfolio of successful projects and a long list of satisfied clients, Vidico has earned a reputation for delivering outstanding results repeatedly.

    Our great customer onboarding videos have played a pivotal role in helping businesses across various industries increase brand awareness, engage their target audience, and drive meaningful conversions.

    Transparent Pricing

    We believe in transparency and honesty when it comes to pricing. We provide clients with clear and detailed quotes upfront, outlining all costs and potential fees associated with their video production services.

    Use our VidiFit Quiz for a free estimate in less than 90 seconds.


    What should be in an onboarding video?

    An onboarding video should encompass clear and concise instructions demonstrating the features and functionalities of the product or service.

    Tutorial videos should offer interactive walkthroughs [4], highlighting their benefits and addressing common user queries or concerns.

    How do you successfully onboard customers?

    Successful customer onboarding involves personalized communication, directing customers through the initial setup process, and providing relevant resources and support.

    It’s essential to understand the customer’s needs and tailor the onboarding experience accordingly, ensuring a seamless transition into using the product or service.

    What is the purpose of customer onboarding?

    The purpose of customer onboarding is to orient new users to the product or service, helping them understand its value proposition and how to use it effectively.

    Additionally, the best customer onboarding videos aim to establish a positive relationship with customers from the outset, fostering loyalty and increasing the likelihood of long-term engagement and customer retention.

    Final Thoughts

    Customer onboarding videos offer a personalized and engaging experience, guiding users through key features, functionalities, and best practices.

    By leveraging the power of visual storytelling, customer onboarding videos not only facilitate a smooth transition for users but also contribute to building brand trust, loyalty, and long-term client satisfaction.

    As businesses continue to prioritize user experience and customer retention, investing in high-quality onboarding videos remains a valuable strategy for driving growth and achieving sustainable success in today’s competitive market landscape.

    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your customer onboarding! Take the VidiFit Quiz now for a free upfront estimate.


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