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How To Make Your Product Videos Highly Effective

Michael Pirone
February 16, 2020

Are you looking for ways to ensure that your product videos are primed for high performance? 

Sometimes, a product video is just what it takes to bring your business to success — we’ve seen it time and time again with successful campaigns like our product videos for Koala. Product videos have become effective marketing tools as they deliver the message about your brand and what it does in a much more engaging and compelling way.

Product videos in particular have been seen to drastically increase the chance conversion rate of sales and brand awareness. This means that product videos have a place at the top and bottom of your marketing funnel — in fact, you’ll find that you can actually deliver on both strategies within a single video project if you’re clever.

Of course, creating a product video is not enough. You also need to make sure that your video will be effective in getting your message across to your viewers and target clients — this task has different levels of difficultly depending on the uniqueness and complexity of your product.

If you want to create product videos that will stand out, reach out, and communicate effectively with your visitors, we’ve developed a check list that will help you achieve this.

The Anatomy of a Great Product Video

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty details of creating product videos, we first have to learn how to identify a great product video looks like. Below are some of the characteristics that make up a winning product video:

  • Engaging script
  • Proper length
  • Relatability
  • Informative and valuable content
  • Focused on the problem and the solution, not the product
  • Clear call-to-action
  • An interesting and unique approach
  • A compelling story

By understanding the characteristics that make up a good product video, you can quickly identify whether or not your product video is effective.

Tips on How to Make Product Videos Effective (with Examples!)

Words are not enough to describe what a good product video is.

That’s why we have decided to show you a few examples of amazing product videos along with some tips and explanations on what makes them effective.

#1 Interesting and unique approach: Koala

How do you show how durable and effective a new mattress is? Usually, you just feature people sleeping, having nice dreams, and the like, right?

In 2019, the company Koala (teaming up with Vidico) discovered a fun, unique, and exciting way to show people how useful their mattresses are. Their journey included a lot of weird things — from a sad mattress salesman to testing and experiments that validated the efficacy of their materials.

They went viral as they sought recommendations from their viewers with regards to how educational and simultaneously hilarious the approach was.

Another amazing feature that this video has is its ability to be turned into a series! The company was able to use this concept in a lot of their videos. Their “They Hate Us” series were some of the most-watched videos in Australia at the time

#2 Provide information and value: Etsy

This Vidico product video for Etsy is probably one of the most informative and valuable videos that you can ever find on the market. It contains all the information you need to know about the marketplace — who it is for, how it can help its target market, and how it can be used and operated.

The most amazing thing in this video is that it was able to provide the information that the viewers need in a fun, playful, and interesting way. Without going into too much explanation, the video provides viewers a clear understanding that Etsy is for everyone, everywhere.

#3 Relatability / Focused on the problem and the solution, not the product: Dollar Shave Club

Here’s one product video that has made a mark in the hearts of a lot of men. Well, that’s too cheesy, but they have indeed caught the attention of a lot of men because they targeted one important problem that almost all men deal with—expensive blades and razors.

The video starts with how affordable and easy to use their products are, which is the solution to the razor problems men are suffering from. They also follow it up with questions that highlight the pain points that men can relate to!

You might be surprised at the company’s use of four letter words. But this is simply a strategy to make a conversation with their target market—young professional men.

#4 Engaging script: Koala (2.0)

Mattress product videos tend to be quite boring. Well, our video production company found a way to create a fun and interesting product video for Koala.

The video features a narrator with an attention-catching playful voice that tells how the company started, why they do what they do, and some of the struggles that they tried to overcome to provide the best mattress for their clients.

As if that’s not enough, the company was also able to create an interesting, almost comedic, and genuinely engaging script and visuals for the video.

The result? The compelling story of the company is etched in the minds and hearts of the viewers. And despite being much longer than the typical recommended length for a video, Koala enjoyed much success from this promotion.

#5 Tells a story: Google

The product video of Koala shows how powerful telling a story is. If you are still not a believer in it, then the video of Google, Evolved, will certainly nail the point.

Google has become a household name (hey, it’s even a verb!). People are already so familiar with what they do that it seems impossible for them to come up with a new and refreshing way to introduce their new logo and parent company.

For the company, these two things are one of their most significant milestones, and that’s why they believed that the best way to introduce these to their supporters is by taking a walk down memory lane first.

The company’s video focuses on how Google evolved—from its first interface, to the growth and development of its products, and on to the rise of its company as a household name.

Creating Effective Product Videos for Your Business

Making great product videos is not easy. It involves time, commitment, and a whole lot of creativity. We hope that you were able to get the inspiration you need from the tips and examples that we have provided you. And if you are in need of a professional team to create your next product video, reach out to Vidico today.

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