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10 Best App Demo Videos in 2024

Laura Chaves
June 22, 2023

The State of Video in 2024

Step into the world of app demo videos, where creativity meets mobile app promotion. In 2023, we’ve witnessed exceptional examples of visual storytelling that captivate audiences.

This article unveils the top 10 mobile app explainer videos, chosen for their ability to inform, engage, and leave a lasting impression.

From stunning animations to compelling narratives, these videos set a new standard for innovative app explainer content. Get inspired and discover the power of storytelling in application promotion.


    10 Best App Demo Videos

    1. Hibob: Mobile App

    Hibob takes center stage after they partnered with Vidico to create an exceptional app explainer video, showcasing a seamless HR experience tailored for remote and distributed teams.

    The mobile app brings convenience and connectivity to users on the go, offering functions such as company insights, timesheet management, and seamless coworker interactions, all within a single platform.

    The mobile app demo stands out with our captivating 2D animation, meticulously created using Illustrator and Adobe AfterEffects. Also, the hand-drawn storyboards add an artistic touch to the overall production of their product demo video.

    Inspiring Takeaways from Hibob’s App Explainer Video

    • The use of 2D animation created with Illustrator and Adobe AfterEffects showcases the power of visual storytelling and can inspire you to explore different animation techniques.
    • The hand-drawn storyboards in the demo demonstrate the impact of storytelling in capturing viewers’ attention.

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    2. Shopboxo: App Animation

    The Shopboxo App Animation video is a visual masterpiece in partnership with Vidico and their app demo video brings the function and benefits of the application to life.

    Through engaging visuals and dynamic storytelling, the animated video by us showcases the seamless process of setting up a mobile website in just 30 seconds using the Shopboxo app.

    The animated app demo video highlights the app’s user interface, which gives a brief demonstration on how entrepreneurs, businesses, and sellers can easily navigate and utilize its new features.

    The animation effectively captures the essence of Shopboxo, emphasizing its commitment to empowering users with stunning website templates and essential tools for efficient business management.

    Inspiring Takeaways from Shopboxo’s App Animation

    • The app demo video effectively demonstrates the main features and benefits of the Shopboxo application, highlighting how the mobile app operates and the app overview.
    • The Shopboxo demo promotes the app’s free offering, showcasing the value proposition and enticing potential users. Gain inspiration from this demo to develop effective promotional strategies that highlight the benefits and advantages of your own offerings, such as free trials or exclusive discounts, to attract and engage your target audience and increase conversion rate.

    3. Vidi: Intro Video

    Vidi’s Intro Video is one of the marketing videos made by Vidico that aims to demonstrate the capabilities and impact of their all-in-one video maker application for e-commerce. The demo showcases the app’s user-friendly interface, intuitive editing, and seamless integration of various multimedia elements.

    Through dynamic visuals and engaging storytelling, the entire video highlights how Vidi’s app empowers e-commerce businesses to make professional-quality app demo videos effortlessly. We the app’s ability to enhance product showcases, promotional campaigns, and social media content to educate existing users and potential users.

    Inspiring Takeaways from Vidi App Video

    • The demo video’s combination of motion graphics with live-action elements showcases a creative and effective style solution for app videos.
    • The demo video effectively demonstrates and explains the benefits of the Vidi app at the same time. This inspires you to find innovative ways to showcase your app’s landing pages and benefits in action, allowing viewers to understand the value proposition while visually experiencing its functionality.

    4. Payright

    Payright, the Australian payment plan provider founded by the Redward brothers, sought to demonstrate the simplicity of signing up for their plans using mobile devices. They partnered with us for an app demo video that captures attention with its upbeat and fast-paced style, making it ideal for promotion on social media platforms.

    The visually captivating app demo showcases the user-friendly interface and streamlined process of Payright’s mobile app.

    Inspiring Takeaways from Payright Video

    • The video’s upbeat and fast-paced style sets an energetic tone encourages and maintain viewer engagement from start to finish.
    • The video effectively conveys its message without the need for voiceover, relying on concise messaging and visual cues.

    5. FreshBooks: Mobile App

    FreshBooks, a leading web-based accounting software, partnered with Vidico to produce a collection of 15 app showcase videos that prioritize the user interface (UI). These visually captivating videos highlight the key functions and benefits of FreshBooks’ accounting tools in a concise and engaging manner.

    Vidico’s UI-focused approach for the FreshBooks app showcase videos includes abstracted and simplified product screens, emphasizing the app’s user-friendly design. Through these thoughtfully crafted app demo videos, FreshBooks effectively communicates how their app streamlines the accounting process, providing comprehensive support for businesses.

    Vidico’s collaboration with FreshBooks showcases the app’s user-centric design and intuitive functionality, empowering self-employed professionals and their teams to optimize their accounting tasks seamlessly.

    Inspiring Takeaways from FreshBooks’ App Video

    • The UI-focused approach of the FreshBooks app showcase videos can inspire you to explore innovative UI design techniques for your own app or software products.
    • The use of typography to highlight key messages in the videos can inspire you to leverage typography as a handy tool in your own video content.
    • The inclusion of photo icons in the videos adds a human touch to the product, making it relatable and approachable.

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    6. Pleo

    Pleo partnered with Vidico to create an impactful app video highlighting the power of their Capture Cards and Receipts functionality. The app video showcases Pleo’s commitment to simplifying expense management through intuitive functions.

    With a focus on clarity and efficiency, Vidico’s collaboration with Pleo resulted in a visually engaging app demo video that demonstrates the seamless use of Pleo’s Capture Cards for controlled business purchases and the convenient receipts for capturing and tracking expenses.

    The video effectively communicates how Pleo’s app revolutionizes expense management, eliminating manual paperwork and saving valuable time for businesses.

    Inspiring Takeaways from Pleo’s App Video

    • The Pleo app video showcases creative visual storytelling techniques that can inspire you to think outside the box and explore innovative ways to tell your app’s story through visually captivating narratives in your own video content.
    • The video highlights how Pleo simplifies complex expense management processes, showcasing a streamlined approach to capturing receipts and tracking expenses. This inspires you to consider how you can showcase the efficiency and time-saving benefits of your own app’s features in your videos.

    7. Shift Go

    The Shift Go app video captivates viewers with its visually stunning content, showcasing the app’s power to revolutionize workforce management. We created captivating visuals and a compelling storytelling approach with clear call to action on how Shift Go empowers businesses to streamline their workforce operations.

    The app video focuses on highlighting the user-friendly interface and functions of Shift Go, captivating viewers and showcasing the app’s ability to simplify and optimize workforce management processes.

    Inspiring Takeaways from Shift Go’s App Video

    • The Shift Go app video showcases dynamic visual storytelling techniques that can inspire you to think creatively and explore innovative ways to tell your app’s story through captivating visuals in your own promotional videos.
    • The video effectively demonstrates the user-centric interface of the Shift Go app, inspiring you to prioritize intuitive design and seamless user experiences in your own app videos. It encourages you to showcase the app’s ease of use, accessibility of features, and the overall value it brings to users, emphasizing the importance of a user-focused approach.

    8. CryptoHopper

    The app video combines visually stunning graphics and a compelling narrative to capture viewers’ attention and highlight CryptoHopper’s innovative approach to trading automation. It demonstrates how the app empowers users to automate their trading strategies, execute trades based on predefined parameters, and utilize powerful market analysis tools.

    Through this blockchain animated video, viewers gain insight into the user-friendly interface and intuitive functionalities of CryptoHopper, making cryptocurrency trading accessible to both novice and experienced traders. The video emphasizes how CryptoHopper saves time, enhances trading decisions, and offers the potential for increased profitability in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.

    Inspiring Takeaways from CryptoHopper’s App Video

    • The CryptoHopper app video showcases engaging visual storytelling techniques that can inspire you in your own video productions. It encourages you to think creatively and explore innovative ways to tell your app’s story through captivating visuals, animations, and motion graphics, creating an immersive and compelling viewing experience.
    • The video demonstrates the effective use of dynamic graphics and animations to communicate complex concepts and features. It inspires you to experiment with visually striking graphics and animations in your own videos, effectively showcasing the key functionalities and benefits of your application or software.
    • The app product video effectively communicates its message through clear and informative narration.

    9. Payk 

    The Payk app video captivates viewers with its visually appealing graphics and relatable storytelling, effectively showcasing the app’s ability to simplify and streamline group payments. The video production demonstrates a high level of creativity and attention to detail, ensuring that the key features and benefits of Payk are effectively communicated.

    The app video has a seamless blend of engaging visuals, informative animations, and a clear narrative, all aimed at showcasing the user-friendly interface and intuitive functionalities of Payk. Our app demo video production services carefully crafted each scene to highlight the app’s ability that will be beneficial for new users and recent app users.

    Inspiring Takeaways from Payk’s App Video

    • An app demo video begins with a cohesive story that resonates with viewers and google play users, inspiring you to craft compelling narratives. It encourages you to develop clear and engaging scripts that take the viewer on a journey, highlighting the function and benefits of your application or software in a captivating and memorable way.
    • The app demo video effectively conveys the benefits and value of Payk, inspiring every viewer to take action. It encourages you to consider and inspire viewers to engage with your business app or software through demo videos.

    10. Momatu

    The Momatu hybrid app demo captivates viewers with its seamless blend of live-action footage, animations, and graphics, effectively showcasing all the benefits of the mobile apps and the emotional connection it fosters among families.

    Our Vidico team displayed creativity and meticulous attention to detail, ensuring a visually compelling and emotionally resonant final product.

    We expertly combine live-action footage of families capturing and sharing special moments with captivating animations and graphics that enhance the storytelling of the app demo video. The careful integration of these elements creates a dynamic and engaging visual experience that captures the user’s view and conveys the essence of Momatu.

    Inspiring Takeaways from Momatu’s App Video

    • The Momatu hybrid app demos effectively use storytelling to evoke emotions and have a connection with viewers.
    • The app demos showcase the seamless integration of live-action footage and animations, demonstrating how these elements can work together harmoniously.
    • The app demo videos highlight the importance of family connections and preserving precious memories, inspiring you to consider the emotional impact and sentimental value of your own product or service.

    Mobile App Demo Video FAQs

    What is an app demo video?

    An app demo video is a short video that showcases the functionality, and user interface of a mobile or web application. It provides a visual demonstration of how the app works and highlights its key capabilities.

    App demos can be a helpful tool for a new user as it shows in the phone screen how the application works. Also, it is the best solution if you want to upload and download the feature improvement and version release of an app landing on social media networks.

    Why is an app demo video important?

    The most important use case for an app demo video is it allows potential users or customers to see the app in action before they download or purchase it.

    Creating demo videos give clear understanding of how the app works, benefits, and user experience, helping users make informed decisions.

    Based on our research, Play Store and Google Play users admit that they base on app demos and product videos instead of reading the text description of most app landing pages when they download app.

    How long should an app demo video be?

    Ideally, app demo videos should be between 1 to 3 minutes in length. It should be concise and engaging. It should be long enough to showcase the app’s main features but short enough to hold the attention of any buyer persona, existing users, and potential customers.

    App demo video examples are onboarding tooltip so you can include images, written text descriptions, common scenarios, user demos, and screen recording in app demo videos.

    Final Thoughts

    Explainer videos showcased in this article exemplify the power of app demos in effectively communicating the uses and benefits of various apps.

    If you’re looking to create an exceptional app demos for your business, we at Vidico, are here to help. With our talented team and expertise in video production, we can bring your application to life through visually stunning graphics, engaging storytelling, and seamless execution.

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    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to leverage the power of application demo and leave a lasting impression on your audience. Reach out to Vidico now, and let’s bring your app to life through the magic of videos.

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