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Build a Solid Video Marketing Strategy That Boosts Your ROI

Video Marketing Strategy We all agree that video marketing is effective. It’s simple to consume, it facilitates customer engagement, and it promotes sales and increases a business’ revenue. But we also have to agree that most marketers lack a solid…

Build a Solid Video Marketing Strategy That Boosts Your ROI

Video Marketing Strategy

We all agree that video marketing is effective. It’s simple to consume, it facilitates customer engagement, and it promotes sales and increases a business’ revenue. But we also have to agree that most marketers lack a solid video marketing strategy.

That’s because video marketing is important: 90 percent of customers say videos help them make buying decisions.

But how do you create a roadmap that will guide you to achieve your marketing goals? In other words, how do you build a solid video marketing strategy for your brand?

Let’s jump right in to answer this question.

What type of videos do you want to create?

Part of building a solid video marketing strategy is to know, exactly, the type of videos you want to create.

Why? Because there are many types of videos:

And many more…You need to strategize: Decide what type of videos will best suit your brand; align with your marketing goals.

As you probably know, video marketing is not only about creating videos just for the sake of it. You need to know where your audiences are in their buying journey and walk them through up to the buying process. For example, assuming you’re in a SaaS industry selling a software product.

You’ve discovered that your prospects have little or no knowledge about how to integrate their brand with your software. In that case, a demo video will better explain how your product works in real life than, say, a case study video.

In addition, you need to spend time to decide what stories to tell in the demo video. And even go into the details as to how long the stories should be.

What’s the focus and length of your video?

What’s your brand story?

Finding an answer to this question is important if you want your video marketing strategy to yield better results. Figure out what sets you apart from your competitors and tell those stories in a unique fashion.

In fact, it’s important to decide what specific stories to tell before you kick-start your video marketing campaign so that you can focus the message of each video.

You also need to consider the length of your videos. In the overcrowded World Wide Web where people’s attention span is at an all-time low, it makes sense to keep your videos short and sweet. 

Also, a study by Wistia shows that videos less than 30 seconds perform the best when your ads are being used in performance or social channels.

The takeaway? Get straight to the point.

What’s your video marketing goal?

No video marketing strategy can be complete without a clear marketing goal.

You need to figure out, from the outset, what your marketing goals are. Do you want to promote your personal brand? Do you want to increase your sales? Or do you want get more product demos through your landing pages?

In other to achieve a specific video marketing vision, you need to define your specific marketing goals.

  • Write a vision statements.
  • Identify 3-7 goals that will help you achieve that vision — no more than a sentence each.
  • And then devise a simple, clear plan to do the work needed to achieve that vision.

Of course, it will take time to get to where you want to be. But planning early is the key to success.

Talking about planning…

How do you plan to achieve your marketing goals?

Back in 2014, my uncle was excited about his new parenting blog…

A committed father of six, my uncle told me, “I want to help parents reclaim their responsibilities.” To market his parenting blog, he thought to invest in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Later, he launched a video marketing campaign, posting informative video content on his blog and social media accounts.

But all his efforts went down the drain. My uncle didn’t have a clear marketing goal. “I thought all parents are my audience,” he lamented. “You know, I didn’t have a clear marketing plan.”

But planning should be at the center stage of a marketer’s strategy. For example, beyond communicating your Unique Selling Point (UPS), you have to figure out the right video marketing campaign that will work for your brand. While posting videos on LinkedIn is a good idea, you have to adopt other video marketing best practices, such as YouTube remarketing.

Remarketing works across brands. As a SaaS business owner, for instance, you can use video remarketing to reach audiences who test your software but haven’t yet viewed your promo ad—promoting the premium version of the software on YouTube.

Of course, the ultimate goal is to know exactly how to produce video content that aligns with your values and appeal to your buyers.


No doubt, a video marketing strategy can sound intimidating. Not only that it takes time to create, but it’s also expensive to produce. Yet, your brand needs a solid video marketing to succeed.

So if you prefer to outsource this service we recommend you looking for Top Video Marketing Companies.

Otherwise, there are easier ways to build simpler but effective video marketing strategy that will help you grow. What are these easier ways? Start by:

  • Identifying your audience — B2B audiences can be obtained through video on Linkedin, and Youtube Remarketing. B2C has a wider net, where you can obtain customers through Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.
  • Deciding the type of videos to create — start short, and try and remain under 30-seconds.
  • Determining your video marketing goal — awareness, meetings, or conversions?
  • Devising a proper plan for achieving your marketing goals.

In the end, your video marketing strategy should be focused on helping your audience. Though its end result is to sell a product, your video marketing strategy should never be based primarily on “selling your SaaS software.”

So, be obsessed with quality, not quantity, as Sophie Elizabeth Smith, a content marketing author at Digital Marketing Institute, puts it: “…This is the content that gets shared and remembered.”

It might sound easy in theory but in practice could take quite a bit of time. This video from Neil Patel also contains some good insights into video marketing campaigns for awareness in particular:

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