Video Marketing

How’s Video Marketing changed?

Michael Pirone
May 29, 2019

— and how that impacts your 2019 strategy?

Video marketing always has been a powerful way to capture attention. Reason why marketers only used to see it as a form of increasing mass reach, brand awareness and consideration.

However on 2019, video marketing strategies are being expanded towards the bottom of the funnel and across the entire customer journey which means video is becoming also an effective way to inspire action.

Keep reading on to know what’s behind that shift and how you could adapt your marketing plans for the next quarter of this year.

Why did video advertising change in 2018?

UX research carried out at YouTube in 2018 revealed that, contrary to popular belief, consumers are not always looking for a passive viewing experience. They are changing their consumer behaviour from searching to browsing craving something more interactive and action-oriented that solves exactly what they need.

This change wouldn’t have been possible if at the same time platforms hadn’t evolved in response to this new consumer behaviour. For example, new video ad formats like TrueView for action on YouTube allows marketers to customise a call-to-action to drive the outcome that’s most important to their business, like leads or referrals. Before, the only action someone could take on a video was simply to watch it.

How can brands adapt their video strategies in 2019?

1. Get an audience insight and you will drive action.

Sounds cliché, but having a consumer insight it’s the right start for turning a campaign effective and profitable. It’s not a secret that brands need to cut through the noise to make sure their video ads stand out.

For example, if you know your customers are impulse buyers who value exclusivity. Then you can create a video ad that plays to those tendencies. Get inspired with one of the world’s largest online luxury outlets, Yoox Net-A-Porter and learn how they achieved it. Everstring is also an excellent example.

2. Make your content relevant for the right audience.

Reaching people who had already clicked on one of your services/products or have showed an interest related to the content you’re advertising will definitely drive the direct response goals you’re after.

Better data and technological advances led to more personalised video experiences. So add in personalisation and customisation, and you’ve got a message that resonates more strongly.

Our audience for Suubee for example was a financial, stock-trader market profile who was time-poor, and really just needed the key points from the product. We decided that text was the best way to fix this issue, and incorporated typography into our overall creative direction. We used the same strategy for Square also.

3. Higher frequency leads to conversion.

Repeating your message across formats, throughout the customer journey is an effective way to move an audience from awareness to action quickly.

A full-funnel video marketing campaign can help to achieve conversion goals when you incorporated a message across multiple formats to reach users at different touchpoints.

For example, produce a video that starts a conversation about your product reaching a broad audience, then targets those users who see the ad and visit your site telling them a bit more about your product with a shorter video. Finally, you could run search ads or email campaigns for those users who turn to search to learn more about your product.

Now that video advertising can work harder for your brand than ever before, make it a goal to leverage its full value this 2019.

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