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20 Best Motion Graphic Companies & Studios (2024 Updated)

Laura Chaves
October 30, 2023

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Motion graphics have become increasingly popular over the years as they offer a unique blend of storytelling, creativity, and engagement. With businesses and brands of all kinds incorporating them into their marketing strategies. And while there are many companies out there that offer motion graphic services, not all of them are created equal.

As a marketing leader, it can be challenging to determine which company to work with – which is why we’ve compiled a list of the best motion graphic companies out there.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into what makes each company unique, the type of services they offer, and what sets them apart from the competition.

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    Top 20 Motion Graphic Companies in 2023

    1. Vidico

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5,000

    Target Industries: SaaS, Financial Services, Startups, Retail, E-commerce, Non-Profit, Established Enterprise

    Top Clients: Airtable, Freshbooks, Nutrislice, Spotify, Toggl Track, Pleo, Gauge, Digital Ocean, Square

    Who We Are: When it comes to simplifying product messaging for tech companies and startups with motion graphics, look no further than Vidico. As a motion graphics video production company, we’ve assisted numerous businesses in delivering their messages in engaging and effective ways. [1].

    Our track record of delivering impressive results for clients has positioned us as a respected motion graphics agency. We focus on creating visuals and narratives that transcend traditional explainer videos.

    Consider the case of Honeybook, where our motion graphic content contributed to a notable 9% increase in signups for their platform.

    Ready to bring your vision to life with captivating motion graphics? Try our Vidifit quiz today, and work with the top motion graphics studios of Vidico.


    • Proven track record in boosting conversion rates
    • High-quality animation expertise
    • End-to-end video production services


    • Pricing varies

    2. Duck Design

    Target Industries: Agencies, E-commerce, Retail, Established Enterprises, Startups

    Top Clients: HSBC, P&G, Samsung, Burger King

    Who They Are: Duck Design’s motion graphics studio excels in producing a wide array of well-researched graphics, including explainer videos, GIFs [2], 2D & 3D movies, promotional videos, and animated logos.

    Their exceptional team of motion graphics creators is dedicated to enhancing your company’s digital presence and social media following by creating engaging animated content.


    • Diverse range of motion graphic services
    • High-quality cinematic effects
    • Tailored graphics for startups and enterprises


    • Limited availability for individual clients

    3. Kasra Design

    Target Industries: Electronics, Finance, Established Enterprise, E-commerce

    Top Clients: Panasonic, Intel, Visa, Grab, League of Legends Wild Rift, Maybank

    Who They Are: Kasra Design is a versatile motion graphics video production company known for its tailor-made visual storytelling.

    The motion graphics company is known to make captivating motion graphics pieces and specializes in delivering high-quality, custom-tailored visual stories that precisely align with your unique needs.

    Notably, Kasra Design takes pride in nurturing enduring relationships. You can gain access to their creative professionals, who will guide you through every step of promotional video production.


    • An accomplished team of creative professionals
    • A collaborative approach that values client input
    • Multilingual video production services


    • Premium quality may come at a higher price

    4. Odd Fellows

    Target Industries: Established Enterprise, Virtual Industry, E-commerce, Tech, Lifestyle

    Top Clients: Google, Spotify, Airbnb, Cartoon Network, Adobe

    Who They Are: Odd Fellows is a leading motion graphics studio that excels in infusing life and engagement into ordinary company videos across various platforms and search engines [3], employing various animated formats and visual effects to create unforgettable customer experiences.

    Unlike other motion graphics companies, their meticulous, thoughtful, and organized approach simplifies complex animation production and equips them to solve even the most challenging company problems.


    • Impressive and diversified portfolio
    • Hands-on team members
    • Deep understanding of the power of emotions in branding


    • Specifics about pricing structure not mentioned

    5. Ninja Promo

    Target Industries: Social Media, 2B, Fintech, Software, Startup, Crypto, Small Business, Esports

    Top Clients: MechMaster, The GGM’s Geese, Diversify, MS Token, Fantom, BitForex

    Who They Are: Ninja Promo is a prominent motion graphics company renowned for its 2D & 3D movie-making services expertise.

    They specialize in simplifying complex company messages with a unique blend of creativity, visual effects, and state-of-the-art technology using animated videos.

    Unlike other motion graphics companies, their passionate team is driven by a love for marketing and a deep commitment to seeing their clients succeed.


    • End-to-end video production support
    • Content is easily shareable across platforms
    • Versatility in 2D & 3D animation


    • Limited transparency on project timelines

    6. Giant Ant

    Target Industries: E-commerce, Food, Lifestyle, Retail, Established Enterprise

    Top Clients: Coca-Cola, Slack, Nike, Shopify

    Who They Are: Giant Ant is a trailblazing agency in motion graphics, design, and art direction, boasting a remarkable 13-year legacy of excellence.

    They have carved out a prominent niche within the graphic design industry, offering various movie-making layout options, mostly in minimalist style.


    • Proven track record
    • Strong commitment
    • Well-established presence in the motion graphics industry


    • Limited modes of communication
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    7. Clim Studio

    Target Industries: Tech, Finance, E-commerce, Retail, Established Enterprise

    Top Clients: Samsung, Helia, Amazon, Ford

    Who They Are: Clim Studio has made a prominent mark in motion graphics, primarily renowned for its exceptional 2D & 3D animation work.

    While the animation studio may not be the most widely recognized name, it undoubtedly deserves a spot on your shortlist of motion graphics companies to explore.


    • Work with a passionate and dedicated team
    • Proven track record in kinetic animation
    • Unique and creative motion graphics work


    • Availability and project capacity may vary.

    8. Superside

    Target Industries: E-commerce, Social Media, Digital Marketing

    Top Clients:, Reddit, Figma, Webflow, Google, Shopify

    Who They Are: Superside is one of the best motion graphics studios that redefines how design is approached and swiftly navigates top-tier talent.

    Their video solution is meticulously crafted for ambitious marketing and teams, streamlining processes while eliminating the complexities of dealing with multiple sluggish and costly agencies.

    Superside is a motion design studio offering is characterized by ultra-fast turnaround times and the ability to scale infinitely, potentially achieving up to a 600% increase in output.


    • Impressive video solution
    • Accelerated delivery speed
    • Demonstrated impact on animation performance


    • Focuses more on different design services

    9. Pixel Bakery

    Target Industries: Corporate, Startup, Agency, Non-profit, Education

    Top Clients: Amigos, Hamburger Creative, Nebraska Department of Transportation

    Who They Are: Pixel Bakery stands out as a top-tier motion graphics design studio featuring a distinctive team of experts.

    They specialize in providing various forms of movie design solutions, injecting a lively and engaging touch into your videos for heightened audience engagement.

    Notably, Pixel Bakery is a dedicated motion design studio that utilizes high-end tools and techniques to capture your audience’s attention within the critical first 9 seconds of interaction with your company video.


    • Impressive multidisciplinary production studio
    • Expertise in motion design and video production
    • Strategy focused


    • Lack of pricing information

    10. Le Cube

    Target Industries: Ecommerce, Digital Marketing, Established Enterprise

    Top Clients: Magnum, Marriott Bonvoy, Duolingo, Spotify

    Who They Are: Le Cube is an exceptionally reliable motion graphics company renowned for its unwavering commitment to excellence.

    They possess the expertise and capabilities to guide you through the production process seamlessly, ensuring your unique needs are not just met but executed with precision and creativity.

    They excel in creating, executing, and delivering award-winning content, with accolades from renowned festivals, including Cannes Lions, Ciclope, NY Festivals, LIA, Clio, Promax, and BassAwards.


    • Reliable global production partner
    • Extensive portfolio of award-winning content
    • Presence in global hubs


    • May not focus exclusively on motion graphics

    11. Device

    Target Industries: Sales, E-commerce, Retail Establishments

    Top Clients: Rimowa, HelloWork,

    Who They Are: Established in 2011, Device is a prominent and versatile motion graphics studio. They are celebrated for their exceptional storytelling prowess.

    This motion graphics company specializes in crafting various short videos, spanning commercials, infographics, openings, social promotion campaigns, testimonials, and television branding.

    Device is one of the best motion graphics companies dedicated to weaving unique narratives and videos for marketing.


    • Extensive storytelling skills
    • Customizable motion visuals
    • Established presence for more than a decade


    • Lack of transparency regarding pricing

    12. Epipheo

    Target Industries: B2B Video, Healthcare & Pharma, B2C Video, NFP Video, Big Data, SaaS, Financial Services

    Top Clients: P&G, Epson, Google, Microsoft

    Who They Are: Founded in 2009, Epipheo is a seasoned motion graphics video production expert.

    They have a remarkable track record of creating compelling and easy-to-understand explainer movies designed to simplify product understanding for their clients’ target audiences.


    • Diverse portfolio serving various industries
    • Strong commitment to the medium’s potential
    • Established presence since 2009


    • Specific video details may require direct inquiry

    13. Thinkmojo

    Target Industries: Startups and Big Brands

    Top Clients: LinkedIn, Slack, Twitter, MongoDB, Google

    Who They Are: Thinkmojo is a comprehensive video company providing support at every stage of client interaction, from initially attracting attention to fostering brand advocacy.

    It is one of the great motion graphics studios with the remarkable ability to transform intangible concepts into tangible and engaging visual narratives. Their work enables people not only to understand but also to feel inspired by these ideas.


    • Ability to create content that inspires and resonates
    • Proven creative process
    • Ability to convey product value effectively


    • Clarity on capacity and availability may vary

    14. Blu Blu Studios

    Target Industries: Tech, Established Enterprise, Startups, SaaS

    Top Clients: IKEA, Panasonic, Chupa Chups, Uber, Nestle

    Who They Are: Blu Blu Motion Design Studios has an excellent reputation for making bold promises regarding achieving clients’ marketing goals – promises they consistently fulfill.

    Clients laud this motion graphic agency for their exceptional level of engagement with their client’s businesses, professional vision, and unique video styles.

    Founded in 2014 and headquartered in London, Blu Blu Studios has collaborated with a diverse range of brands to bring their creative visions to life.


    • Professional vision and creative style
    • Strong commitment to achieving client objectives
    • Positive client testimonials and feedback


    • It may require direct inquiry for specific videos

    15. Black Madre

    Target Industries: Food, Finance, E-commerce, Established Brands

    Top Clients: KFC, Nubank, Campari, Diageo

    Who They Are: Black Madre is a distinguished motion graphics studio in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

    They are highly regarded for their exceptional work as a motion graphics company, showcasing their remarkable talent in design and execution when creating videos.


    • Visually striking and elegant designs
    • Expertise in motion graphics
    • Aesthetic appeal is evident in their work


    • Presence in Sao Paulo, Brazil

    16. BuzzFlick

    Target Industries: Healthcare, Education, Business, Tech

    Top Clients: Earthlink, Findify, Avia, Acorn International

    Who They Are: BuzzFlick stands out as one of the best motion graphics companies, with a presence in three major cities – New York City, Houston, and Dover.

    Unlike other studios, their core mission is to craft illustrative and advertising motion graphics [4] videos that enhance your company’s awareness and boost conversions.


    • Diverse range of video creation services
    • Transparent pricing based on client needs
    • Commitment to enhancing brand awareness


    • Potential for longer delivery times of videos

    17. Faze Design Studio

    Target Industries: Food, Retail, Established Enterprise

    Top Clients: Nescafe, AlphaTV, Bruties, Heritage, Skinos

    Who They Are: Faze is a highly acclaimed motion design studio in Athens, Greece.

    They specialize in providing visual communication services and have earned numerous awards for their outstanding work in the field.

    Faze is a motion graphics company passionate about what they do and takes pride in delivering top-notch visual communication services to their clients.


    • Produces original and inspiring videos
    • Impressive portfolio of animated and live-action compositions
    • Highly creative and innovative approach


    • Clarity on pricing may be needed

    18. Laundry

    Target Industries: Advertising, Gaming, Branding & Systems

    Top Clients: Coca-Cola, Adidas, Adobe, Kona Brewing Co.

    Who They Are: Laundry positions itself as an industry leader in California, with offices in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco.

    Their scope of services extends beyond motion video creation and includes concept development and strategic planning.

    Laundry’s core expertise lies in storytelling, and they are dedicated to crafting explainer videos that provoke thought, evoke emotions, and drive action.


    • Comprehensive range of services
    • Expertise in motion video creation
    • Focus on driving audience reactions


    • No pricing transparency

    19. Bigstar

    Target Industries: Media, E-commerce, Established Enterprise, Advertisements

    Top Clients: Netflix, AMC, HBO

    Who They Are: Bigstar is a renowned motion graphics company specializing in creating and delivering company stories through creative designs and animation. They are dedicated to transforming concepts into compelling visual narratives.

    Bigstar boasts an expert team comprising moving image artists, video makers, and content illustrators. This team is committed to providing tailored solutions for various content needs.


    • Tailored approach to movies and series
    • Commitment to storytelling through motion
    • Potential for high-quality visual content


    • Availability and project capacity vary

    20. Breadnbeyond

    Target Industries: Finance, E-commerce, Advertising, Healthcare, Education

    Top Clients: Paypal, World Bank Group, Shell, Accenture

    Who They Are: Breadnbeyond is an incredibly versatile and wide-ranging motion graphics company with a stellar reputation.

    Breadnbeyond follows a philosophy centered around the “Three C’s” when working with clients worldwide. They believe in Crystal Clear Communications.

    They are known for their impressive body of work, comprehensive range of services, and flexible payment structures, making them a compelling choice for clients.

    With well over a decade of experience and a portfolio to showcase their expertise, Breadnbeyond is a noteworthy player in the industry.


    • Wide range of services is offered
    • Flexible payment structures available
    • Strong reputation in the industry


    • Pricing undisclosed

    Why Work With Vidico For Your Motion Graphics Needs

    Transparent Price Structure

    Vidico stands out with its transparent pricing, ensuring you understand costs comprehensively. This transparency empowers you to plan your project budget confidently without unwelcome surprises.

    You can try our Vidifit quiz for a transparent pricing and video marketing type that suits your business.

    Exceptional Video Content

    Vidico consistently delivers exceptional video content that can reach the target audience.

    Our portfolio showcases a mastery of creative storytelling, visual effects, and technical expertise, resulting in videos that leave a lasting impact on the target audience.

    Quality Assurance

    Quality is the cornerstone of Vidico’s work. We employ a meticulous quality assurance process to guarantee that every aspect of your explainer videos and animated ads meets the highest standards.

    Endorsed by International Brands

    Vidico’s reputation is endorsed by international brands that trust our expertise.

    Collaborating with Vidico means aligning your project with a company that international giants have chosen for its reliability and ability to deliver results consistently.

    Expert Team at Your Service

    Vidico’s expert team is your trusted partner in bringing your vision to life. With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of moving pictures, we are dedicated to turning your ideas into impactful visual narratives.


    Why should you use motion graphics for your business?

    Motion graphics benefit businesses by engaging audiences with captivating visuals, simplifying complex information, and enhancing storytelling.

    They boost brand recognition, increase conversion rates, and are versatile across platforms.

    Their modern appeal and shareability make them effective in conveying messages and driving success while remaining cost-effective compared to live-action videos.

    How much do motion graphics services cost?

    Simple animations or graphics can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars.

    If you are looking for a motion graphic services and animation studio for your video marketing, use our Vidifit quiz to get accurate quotes tailored to your specific needs and budget.

    What does a motion graphics producer do?

    A motion graphics producer oversees the entire content creation process in the video studios.

    Their responsibilities include project planning, budgeting, team coordination, client communication, and realizing the project’s creative vision.

    They work closely with motion graphics creators, animators, and other professionals in motion graphics companies to deliver high-quality visual content that meets the client’s objectives and deadlines.

    What industries use motion graphics?

    Motion graphics find applications in marketing, entertainment, education, healthcare, technology, finance, corporate communication, non-profits, gaming, architecture, government, retail, and e-commerce [5].

    The best motion graphic companies use these animated presentations to engage any target audience and reliable partners, simplifying complex concepts and enhancing visual communication across platforms. Check out these motion graphic examples.

    In Summary

    Motion graphics enhance communication, simplify complex information, and engage audiences effectively, and a great motion graphics company can significantly benefit your business [6].

    These top motion graphics companies can convey your brand’s message, promote products or services, and drive engagement.

    With the right motion graphics company, you can elevate your visual content and leave a lasting impression on your audience, ultimately contributing to the success and growth of your business.

    Try our Vidifit quiz and discover how our expert team can transform your ideas into captivating motion graphics that engage your audience and drive results.


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