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10 Types of Video Production & Examples (2024)

Laura Chaves
April 8, 2024

If you’ve ever watched a cool ad, a funny YouTube video, or even a touching family montage, you’ve seen the magic of video in action. But did you know there are lots of different ways to make videos?

If you want to show off your new business, share your latest adventure, or capture some precious memories, different types of video production services come in handy!

Today, let’s look at the heart of video production, where every frame tells a story, and every moment is an opportunity to create something extraordinary.


    10 Main Types of Video Production Services

    1. Brand/Company Profile Videos

    Key Features: A brand/company profile video is one of the types of video production that showcases a business’s essence, values, and offerings.

    Company videos typically include interviews with key personnel and footage of the company’s facilities, products, and services. These video clips aim to establish trust, credibility, and brand identity.

    When To Use It: 

    • Introducing your business to potential clients or investors
    • Website’s “About Us” page
    • Presentations at conferences or trade shows
    • Social media profiles
    • Email marketing campaigns

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    2. Explainer/Educational Videos

    Key Features: Explainer videos are short, engaging animations or live-action videos that briefly explain a concept, product, or service.

    Educational videos often utilize clear visuals, simple language, and storytelling techniques to educate viewers and entertainingly provide learning concepts.

    When To Use It: 

    • Introducing new products or services
    • Clarifying complex ideas
    • Websites, landing pages
    • Social media platforms
    • Online courses

    3. Product Demos/ Testimonial Videos

    Key Features: A product video demonstrates how a product works, its features, and its benefits.

    Product videos typically showcase the product, highlighting its functionality and addressing prospective customers’ questions or concerns.

    Testimonial videos are increasingly popular on different platforms, highlighting the real experiences of satisfied clients. They are one excellent example of marketing videos that will help convince potential customers.

    When To Use It: 

    • Showcasing product functionality and benefits
    • Product pages
    • Sales presentations
    • Trade shows or exhibitions
    • Product demonstrations

    4. Corporate Videos

    Key Features: Corporate videos encompass content, including internal communications, training videos, and promotional materials tailored for employees, stakeholders, or the general public.

    Corporate training videos reflect the organization’s culture, values, and objectives.

    When To Use It: 

    • Corporate video communicates with employees
    • Investors’ or shareholders’ updates
    • Training sessions
    • Company website
    • Internal events or conferences

    5. TV Commercial Videos

    Key Features: TV commercial videos are short, attention-grabbing advertisements designed to promote a product, service, or brand to a wide audience.

    Promotional videos often feature catchy slogans, fun stuff, memorable visuals, and a strong call to action that will resonate with a specific audience.

    When To Use It: 

    • Reaching a broad audience through television networks
    • Streaming platforms
    • Video-sharing websites
    • Sponsored content on social media
    • In cinemas or theatres

    6. Social Media Videos

    Key Features: Social media video productions are tailored for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn, where they can quickly capture the attention of users scrolling through their feeds.

    Online video ads are typically short, engaging, and optimized for mobile viewing. Event videos can also be considered social media videos as long as the video promo, post-event highlight, or teaser is posted on social platforms.

    When To Use It: 

    • Increasing brand engagement
    • Generating buzz around product launches or events
    • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn
    • Stories and reels
    • Social media advertising campaigns

    7. Promotional Videos


    Key Features: Promotional videos are designed to promote a specific product, service, event, or offer.

    Promotional videos highlight the key features, benefits, and value propositions in a compelling and persuasive manner to encourage viewers to take action.

    When To Use It: 

    • Generating excitement around product launches
    • Announcing special promotions or discounts
    • Websites
    • Email newsletters
    • Social media platforms

    8. Entertainment Videos

    Key Features: Entertainment videos are designed to entertain and engage viewers, often through storytelling, humor, or visually stunning content.

    Entertainment videos encompass various video genres, including comedy sketches, music videos, and short films.

    When To Use It: 

    • Building brand affinity
    • Providing a break from promotional content
    • YouTube channels
    • Social media platforms
    • Blog posts or articles

    9. Documentary Films

    Key Features: Documentary films, participatory documentaries, and poetic documentaries provide an in-depth exploration of a specific subject, event, or issue.

    Informational videos and educational videos typically feature interviews, archival footage, and narration to educate, inform, and inspire viewers about a particular topic.

    When To Use It: 

    • Showcasing expertise, values, or impact of your organization
    • Raising awareness about social or environmental issues
    • Most documentaries are for film festivals
    • Streaming platforms
    • Educational institutions or workshops

    10. Live Videos

    Key Features: Live videos and news clips allow you to broadcast real-time content to your audience, fostering interaction, engagement, and authenticity.

    Unlike other types of video production, a live video may include product launches, behind-the-scenes tours, Q&A sessions, news events, or live production.

    When To Use It: 

    • Connecting with the audience in real-time
    • Q&A sessions
    • Behind-the-scenes footage
    • Social media platforms (Facebook Live, Instagram Live)
    • Product launches or announcements
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    What is Video Production?

    Video production is the creation of video content, spanning from conception to distribution [1]. It involves stages like planning, filming, editing, and sharing. Professionals collaborate to bring ideas to fruition, utilizing creativity and technical skills.

    From explainer videos and comparison videos to documentaries, different types of video production craft engaging narratives that entertain, inform, or inspire audiences.

    It merges artistic expression with technological innovation to deliver impactful messages effectively.

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    How Does It Work?

    Video production services are invaluable for enhancing brand visibility, engaging with target audiences, and driving sales. The process typically begins with a consultation, during which the business communicates its objectives, target market, and desired message to the crew members.

    Whether it’s a website video, a promotional video shared on social media, a real estate video, or a TV commercial reaching millions of viewers, different types of video production services help many businesses connect with their audience on a deeper level, driving brand awareness, engagement, and ultimately, business growth.

    Once the video is completed, businesses can leverage it across various channels to achieve their objectives.

    How To Choose the Right Video Production Service

    1. Define your goals: Determine the purpose of your video and what you aim to achieve. Clarifying your objectives will guide your selection process, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, driving sales, or educating your audience.
    2. Research: Look for video production companies or freelancers with a portfolio of work that aligns with your vision and goals. Consider factors such as their expertise, experience, style, and reputation in the industry.
    3. Review samples: Request different types of video projects from potential video production services to assess the quality of their work. Pay attention to production value, storytelling ability, and overall creativity.
    4. Consider your budget: Determine your budget for the project and inquire about pricing and package options from different video production services. Remember that higher prices don’t always guarantee better quality, so choose a service that offers value within your budget.
    5. Communication and collaboration: Choose a video production service that communicates effectively and collaborates with you throughout the process. They should listen to your ideas, provide valuable input, and keep you informed every step of the way.
    6. Check references: Ask for references or testimonial videos from past clients to gauge their satisfaction with the video production service. A reputable service should have positive reviews and a track record of delivering excellent results.
    7. Evaluate capabilities: Consider the video production service’s capabilities and resources, including equipment, talent, and production facilities. Ensure they have the expertise and tools to bring your vision to life effectively.
    8. Review contracts and agreements: Before committing to a video production service, review contracts or agreements carefully to understand the terms, deliverables, timelines, and any additional costs involved.

    Video Production vs Film Production

    Video production involves creating video content for various purposes using digital cameras and editing software, typically for commercials, educational videos, informational videos, event videos, product demonstration videos, animated explainer videos, Facebook videos, product review videos, TED videos, corporate videos, and social media content.

    On the contrary, film production encompasses the creation of motion pictures using traditional cameras and techniques. It requires larger budgets, specialized equipment, and a team of professionals.

    It is commonly associated with cinema and theatrical releases, television shows, wedding videos, destination videos, travel videos, music videos, documentaries, and independent films.

    Video Production vs Videography

    Video production refers to the entire process of creating video content, which includes planning, shooting, and editing, often for commercial or professional purposes.

    It involves multiple stages and professionals, such as directors, producers, editors, and scriptwriters, and can encompass different types of video production services, from commercials to documentaries.

    On the other hand, videography typically refers to capturing video footage using a camera, often in a more straightforward and documentary-style approach. While videographers may also handle editing, they focus primarily on capturing raw footage rather than managing the entire production.

    Why Work With Vidico

    Trust & Confidence

    At Vidico, honesty and transparency are core values that underpin every client interaction. Vidico fosters trust and confidence with its clients by prioritizing clear communication and integrity [2].

    This trust makes clients feel confident in their decision to work with Vidico, knowing their video production needs are in capable hands.

    Talented Team

    Vidico prides itself on having a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals who are passionate about creating compelling marketing video content. Our team brings a unique blend of creativity, expertise, and technical proficiency from content creation to post-production.

    This collective talent allows us to deliver different video types that meet and exceed clients’ expectations. Clients benefit from working with a team dedicated to bringing their vision to life and delivering results that resonate with their target audience.

    Exceptional Video Content

    With a focus on quality and creativity, Vidico consistently produces exceptional videos that captivate audiences and drive results [3]. Whether it’s a promotional video, explainer animation, educational video, or an interesting video for your website, Vidico approaches every video type with a commitment to excellence and innovation.

    From concept development and video lessons to final delivery, we ensure that every aspect of the video meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Clients can trust Vidico to deliver videos that effectively communicate their message, elevate their brand, and leave a lasting impression on viewers.

    Seamless Experience

    Vidico is dedicated to providing clients with a seamless and stress-free experience from start to finish. From the initial consultation to the final delivery of the video, we handle every aspect of the production process with professionalism and attention to detail.

    With Vidico, clients can enjoy a hassle-free experience and complete peace of mind knowing that their video project is in good hands.

    Transparent Pricing

    Vidico distinguishes itself by offering transparent pricing for different video production services. The transparency builds trust and confidence in our services, fostering a positive working relationship between the company and its clients.

    Using our VidiFit Quiz, we ensure clients can budget effectively and make informed decisions about their video projects, ultimately leading to greater satisfaction and peace of mind throughout production.


    What is the most popular type of video?

    Explainers, educational, and how-to videos are some of the most popular types of video due to their knack for providing clear, concise explanations or valuable insights on various topics.

    Whether breaking down complex concepts, offering tutorials, or sharing informative content, an explainer or educational video can satisfy viewers’ desire for knowledge and understanding, making it a go-to choice for many.

    Which type of vlog is most popular?

    Personal vlogs hold a special appeal as they offer viewers a glimpse into the lives and experiences of the vlogger.

    By sharing personal stories, adventures, or daily routines, vloggers forge a sense of connection and relatability with their audience, fostering a loyal following and driving engagement through shared experiences.

    Is video the best form of content?

    Video content is widely considered one of the best forms of communication due to its dynamic nature. Visual storytelling coupled with audio elements creates a powerful medium for conveying emotions, sparking empathy, and leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

    Additionally, videos can accommodate diverse learning styles, making complex subjects more digestible and engaging for audiences.

    What is the most common online video format?

    MP4 (MPEG-4) is the most common online video format for several reasons. Its widespread compatibility across devices, platforms, and operating systems ensures seamless playback experiences for viewers regardless of their chosen device or software.

    Furthermore, MP4 offers efficient compression without sacrificing quality, making it ideal for streaming, downloading, and sharing videos over the Internet.

    Key Takeaways

    Video production brings many ways to tell stories, promote brands, and connect with people [4]. Whether it’s showing what a company stands for, explaining how something works, or exciting people about a product, different types of video have their special job.

    Businesses and individuals can use videos to share ideas and stories, reach a large audience, and make a big impact. As technology improves, there will be more ways to make awesome videos that everyone can enjoy.

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