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15 Best Video Landing Page Examples That Convert (2024)

Laura Chaves
February 2, 2024

The State of Video in 2024

Attention spans are shorter than ever, and competition for online engagement is fierce, so the concept of a video landing page has gained significant prominence.

Video landing pages are a powerful tool for businesses and individuals to draw attention, convey their message effectively, and drive desired actions such as conversions, sign-ups, or sales.

In this article, we will explore various video landing page examples to showcase how different industries and individuals leverage this dynamic approach to engage and convert their target audience.


    Top 15 Video Landing Page Options You Need To Watch

    1. Droppoint by Vidico

    Average Pricing: Starts at $5000

    Quick Description: In around 60 seconds, the video landing page from Vidico stands out for its animated background, high-quality production, value proposition, and straightforward call to action.

    Droppoint’s video landing page features an animated explainer video designed to effectively communicate their SaaS product’s core message and value proposition.

    Vidico [1] did an excellent job in Droppoint product tour landing pages, effectively engaging viewers and capturing leads.

    The landing page video seamlessly integrates Droppoint’s brand design guidelines, prominently featuring their animated logo.

    Why It Works: 

    • Easily understandable for a broad audience
    • The landing page video drives potential customers to take the desired action and inquire about the product’s features
    • The highlighted drawbacks resonate with viewers who have experienced similar challenges

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    2. Adidas

    Quick Description: This dynamic background video landing page introduces the latest Adidas 4DFWD running shoes in a captivating manner.

    These visual elements instantly convert visitors, appealing to their desire for comfort and performance. The energetic landing page video background can instantly convince visitors’ attention and pique their interest in the product.

    Why It Works: 

    • The landing page taps into the emotional aspect of buying athletic shoes.
    • It effectively communicates the product’s features and benefits without relying on extensive text.
    • The video length and detailed video content highlight the key features for potential buyers.

    3. Rolex

    Quick Description: Rolex boasts an impressive hero video landing page that leaves a lasting impression. The page features a refined product demonstration, offering 360-degree and close-up views of their timepieces, effectively serving as visual cues and ‘hooks’ to engage and educate visitors.

    Positioned prominently above the fold, it’s the first thing visitors encounter, captivating them instantly.

    Why It Works: 

    • Simple visuals place focus on the product and don’t overwhelm the viewer
    • Set the tone of the rest of the page.
    • Video content stays true to the brand’s reputation, championing elegance and sophistication.

    4. Slack

    Quick Description: Slack, a potent team communication tool, demonstrates the effective use of video on its landing page. The standout feature is a short animated video that succinctly illustrates how Slack functions and its benefits for teams.

    The landing page leverages social proof through customer testimonials, enhancing trust and credibility. Slack’s landing page is a great example of utilizing video to showcase a product and engage potential customers.

    Why It Works: 

    • It is visually appealing and draws visitors in with its engaging storytelling.
    • The lighthearted and fun approach makes the learning process enjoyable.
    • Customer testimonials add credibility and build trust.

    5. Imperative

    Quick Description: Imperative’s video landing page sets an exemplary standard for effective landing pages. It immediately catches the eye with its clean and professional design, featuring a minimalist layout that is visually pleasing.

    The landing page video takes center stage, with a clear call to action encouraging visitors to sign up for a free trial. The video’s production quality is top-notch, boasting high-quality visuals and excellent sound.

    Why It Works: 

    6. Impact+ Inbound Marketing

    Quick Description: The landing page video can be a potent tool, with its effectiveness hinging on viewers grasping the video’s purpose and context.

    Successful video landing pages are tailored to complement specific goals. A great example is Impact+, an online learning platform focused on streamlining inbound marketing processes. Impact+ features a captivating video on its landing page, showcasing its expert-led sessions.

    Why It Works: 

    • The landing page video is designed and optimized specifically for landing pages.
    • It fosters a connection with viewers and enhances reliability.
    • The landing page video builds trust in the platform’s ability to deliver valuable insights and knowledge.

    7. Rebump

    Quick Description: Rebump’s video landing page is one of the most confidently designed on this list.

    In just one minute, the video succinctly conveys all the product’s benefits, making it easily memorable for viewers and guiding them toward the next steps.

    Rebump’s landing page video serves as an exemplary illustration of how a video should be effectively integrated into a landing page.

    Why It Works: 

    • It immediately captures the viewer’s attention and aligns with their needs.
    • The landing page video seamlessly guides viewers toward the next steps.
    • The video landing page exudes confidence in its messaging, making it compelling and trustworthy for potential customers.


    Quick Description: Odoo, the enterprise resource management tool, has crafted an effective video landing page tailored for lead conversion. Odoo’s landing page layout follows a left-to-right design, similar to Outbrain’s approach.

    Notably, the play button is strategically placed atop a software mockup, immediately conveying to visitors that the landing page video offers a demo of the software’s capabilities.

    This strategic design makes Odoo’s landing page a valuable lead-generation supporting asset for the company.

    Why It Works: 

    • Odoo’s landing page video quickly informs visitors about the platform’s problem-solving capabilities.
    • Odoo’s landing page is well-optimized for lead conversion rates.
    • The design is user-centric, focusing on providing immediate value to visitors.

    9. Samsung Galaxy

    Quick Description: The Galaxy Z Flip3 5G landing page mirrors the multifaceted nature of the product itself. It features striking images of the phone and offers comprehensive written descriptions.

    However, the standout elements are the five supporting videos that provide visitors with valuable additional information, aiding them in making an informed purchasing decision.

    Why It Works: 

    • The video landing page provides in-depth insights that help potential buyers better understand the features and benefits of the product.
    • The landing page empowers visitors to make informed decisions, increasing the likelihood of conversion.
    • The landing page effectively highlights the Galaxy Z Flip3 5 G’s features and strengths, emphasizing its value to potential customers.

    10. Asana

    Quick Description: Asana’s homepage perfectly reflects the essence of a project management tool: clean, organized, and interactive. Visitors can watch a popup landing page video to understand the software better.

    The video landing page is engaging and intelligent, illustrating the evolution of the work environment and seamlessly positioning Asana as an ideal solution for modern work dynamics.

    Why It Works: 

    • The landing page video effectively communicates information about Asana’s value proposition.
    • The homepage’s layout and interactive elements help capture leads.
    • The landing page video is a persuasive tool for potential customers, aiding sales and conversion efforts.

    11. Hermès

    Quick Description: Hermès, the renowned French luxury goods company specializing in fashion and jewelry, showcases an intriguing and captivating landing page video.

    The landing page video exudes an air of mystery and wonder as it features models standing outdoors surrounded by drifting clouds of bubbles.

    This unique and enigmatic landing page video effectively seizes user’s attention at first glance, momentarily captivating them.

    Why It Works: 

    • The video succeeds in momentarily halting visitors, effectively engaging them and extending their stay on the landing page.
    • The landing page video leaves room for interpretation and curiosity.
    • Unlike other rich media, it evokes emotions, engages visitors, and maintains a sense of mystique and allure.

    12. Screaming Frog

    Quick Description: Screaming Frog’s video landing page is a stellar example of how to craft a compelling video landing page that boasts an appealing design and excels at converting visitors into customers.

    The first attention-grabbing element is the prominently displayed landing page video, occupying most of the screen and immediately seizing the viewer’s focus.

    Why It Works: 

    • The landing page video effectively communicates the product benefits in an informative and engaging manner.
    • A clear and professional voiceover enhances the overall quality of the landing page video.
    • It effectively conveys a product’s value and drives conversions.


    Quick Description: Panorama9, an IT monitoring system for IT monitoring systems, takes a seemingly mundane subject and transforms it into an extraordinary and engaging experience through its landing page video.

    The testimonial video stands out as the primary focus of this entry. By injecting humor into the IT landscape, Panorama9’s landing page video captivates viewers, aligning with the sales maxim, “If you can make them laugh, you can make them buy.”

    Why It Works: 

    • The landing page video instantly grabs viewers’ attention and makes the subject more engaging.
    • Unlike other video landing page templates, the video explains the service and emotionally connects with the viewer.
    • The humor and relatable storyline ensure viewers remain engaged with the content.

    14. Shopify Plus

    Quick Description: Shopify Plus, an eCommerce platform tailored for enterprise businesses, features an energetic hero video landing page that spotlights some prominent customers, such as Kylie Cosmetics and Bombas Socks.

    In less than a minute, this video landing page example inspires viewers and instills a sense of readiness to embark on their eCommerce journey with Shopify.

    Why It Works: 

    • The hero landing page video exudes energy, setting an enthusiastic tone and immediately capturing the viewer’s attention.
    • In a short time, the explainer video effectively conveys the message of empowerment and readiness.

    15. Wistia

    Quick Description: Wistia’s video landing page is a remarkable source of inspiration for crafting an effective landing page. It masterfully highlights its content and encourages visitor interaction through various features.

    The landing page video impressively balances informativeness with brevity, effectively showcasing the unique selling points and pain points of Wistia’s video hosting service.

    Why It Works: 

    • The prominent landing page video immediately captures visitor attention with high-quality production.
    • A prominently displayed CTA [2] button simplifies the process of taking action.
    • The landing page video builds trust and credibility.

    Types of Video Landing Pages


    Supporting video landing pages incorporate videos to complement and enhance the content on the page. These online videos typically provide additional information or explanations about the offered product or service.

    They can be used to showcase product features, landing page video testimonials, or detailed tutorials.


    Lightbox video landing pages use a popup or overlay window to display content triggered by a user action, a viewer clicks a button (click play), or static images.

    Like other video landing page templates, a lightbox popup is often employed for promotional videos, product demonstrations, or interactive content.


    Background video landing pages utilize videos as a dynamic backdrop to the page’s main content. These explainer videos are typically set to autoplay silently, creating an immersive ambiance and adding visual appeal to the website.

    Background videos aim to captivate and engage visitors by creating a visually compelling environment.


    Hero landing pages place the video content front and center, occupying a prominent position at the top. These landing page videos are designed to be attention-grabbing and often serve as the primary focal point of the page.

    Landing page videos are typically short, impactful, and concise, making them ideal for introducing products, telling brand stories, or delivering a compelling call to action.

    Benefits of A Video Landing Page

    • Increased viewer engagement
    • Enhanced communication
    • Improved conversion rates
    • Higher retention of information
    • Emotional connection using social proof
    • Better SEO performance
    • Mobile Optimization
    • Comprehensive analytics
    • Versatile content
    • Competitive advantage
    • Global reach
    • Social sharing but don’t play automatically [3]
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    What is a video landing page?

    A video landing page is designed to captivate and engage visitors through video content.

    It is a dynamic platform for conveying information, promoting products or services, and encouraging user interaction, making it an essential tool in digital marketing strategies.

    How long should a video landing page be?

    In general, aiming for a duration between 30 seconds and 2 minutes is advisable. This allows for concise yet impactful messaging that holds viewer interest.

    Determining the optimal length for a video landing page depends on various factors, including the audience’s attention span and the content’s complexity.

    Are videos good for a landing page?

    Videos [4] are highly advantageous for landing pages. They offer a visually compelling way to communicate information, evoke emotions, and tell success stories, making them an effective tool for engaging and converting visitors.

    When strategically integrated into landing page design, product demonstration videos can enhance user experience and drive desired actions, such as sign-ups or purchases.

    Key Takeaways

    The showcased examples of video landing pages demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of video content in engaging and converting website visitors.

    Whether through humor, storytelling, or clear communication of product benefits, these pages exemplify how videos can captivate audiences and drive desired actions.

    By tailoring landing page videos to specific goals and target audiences, businesses can harness the power of video landing pages to enhance user experiences and achieve marketing objectives.

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