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50 YouTube Marketing Statistics & Data To Know (2024)

Laura Chaves
June 25, 2024

YouTube remains a pivotal platform for marketers aiming to capture attention and drive engagement. Without the right insights, campaigns can fall flat, and ordinary campaigns lack the data-driven strategies needed to truly stand out.

We’ve compiled the ultimate list of YouTube marketing statistics, offering invaluable insights that can transform your approach.

Dive into these statistics to empower your decision-making, enhance the effectiveness of your video content, and better align with viewer expectations.

With these insights, you’ll be equipped to boost your campaigns and more efficiently achieve your business objectives.

Quick Overview

  • YouTube has a massive 2.49 billion people using it every month for marketing.
  • On average, people spent nearly 49 minutes a day watching YouTube videos in 2024, a big increase in their enjoyment of the site.
  • Every day, viewers spend 1 billion hours watching YouTube videos on their TVs, proving how much they love digital entertainment.
  • People spend over 28 hours each month on the YouTube app for Android, making it one of the most used apps.
  • More than 500 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded every minute, constantly flooding the platform with new content.
  • About 54.4% of YouTube users are men, and 45.6% are women, showing a big difference in who uses the platform.
  • India has the most YouTube users, 462 million, making it the leader in YouTube viewership globally.
  • The United States accounts for almost 22% of all YouTube traffic worldwide, which shows how much Americans love watching videos online, especially how-to videos.
  • YouTube made a staggering $31 billion from ads alone in 2023, proving its massive role in online advertising.
  • MrBeast earned an incredible $82 million last year from YouTube, setting a new standard for how much creators can make on the platform.

Top 50 YouTube Marketing Data & Statistics for 2024

General YouTube Statistics

1. Monthly Active Users: YouTube has 2.49 billion monthly active users

Monthly Active Users YouTube has 2.49 billion monthly active users

With 2.49 billion people using YouTube monthly, it’s a giant platform for video marketing [1]. This huge number of monthly active users shows how popular and powerful YouTube is for connecting with a wide audience.

2. Daily Time Spent: Users spend an average of 48.7 minutes per day on YouTube

The platform has seen increased engagement, with users spending an average of 48.7 minutes daily on YouTube in 2024. [2] This extended viewing time suggests that people are not just visiting YouTube but are actively engaging with the content for longer periods.

3. Content Watched on TV: Users watch 1 billion hours of YouTube videos daily on their TVs

In a recent communication to the YouTube community, CEO Neal Mohan highlighted that YouTube viewers are now watching an average of one billion hours of YouTube content on TV screens each day [3].

YouTube’s strategic efforts to expand into living room entertainment show significant results.

4. YouTube Mobile App Usage: The average YouTube user spends over 28 hours monthly on the YouTube app

Based on YouTube usage statistics, the Android app is a major player in mobile app usage, with users spending an average of 28 hours and 5 minutes per month. YouTube ranks second among streaming apps regarding time spent per YouTube user [4].

5. Video Upload Rate: Over 500 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded every minute

As of June 2022, YouTube’s content library continues to expand rapidly, with over 500 hours of YouTube videos uploaded every minute [5]. This rate translates to approximately 30,000 hours of new content uploaded every hour, showcasing the platform’s massive and growing scale.

YouTube Demographics & Audience Statistics

6. Gender Distribution: 54.4% of YouTube users are male, 45.6% are female

Gender Distribution 54.4 are female

Based on recent data from Statista, the gender distribution on YouTube shows that 54.4% of its users are male, while 45.6% are female [6].

7. Age Group: The largestThe largest age group is 25-34 (21.3%)

The largest age group among YouTube users is the 25-34-year-olds, accounting for 21.3% of the platform’s audience.

Targeting YouTube content to this age group can be highly effective. They are typically tech-savvy and consume digital content regularly, making them a key audience for brands looking to engage users with purchasing power on YouTube.

8. Top Country: India has the largest YouTube audience, with 462 million users

As of April 2024, India has the largest YouTube audience globally, boasting around 476 million users. Following India, the United States also has a significant YouTube presence, with approximately 238 million viewers. Brazil ranks third, with 147 million YouTube users [7].

9. Traffic Source: The US drives the most YouTube traffic (21.93%)

The United States is YouTube’s top traffic source, accounting for 21.93% of the platform’s overall traffic. Understanding and leveraging the preferences and behaviors of this YouTube audience can greatly enhance the effectiveness of YouTube video marketing campaigns.

YouTube Advertising Statistics

10. Ad Revenue: YouTube’s ad revenue was $31 billion in 2023

Ad Revenue YouTube's ad revenue was $31 billion in 2023

In 2023, YouTube’s advertising revenue reached a substantial $31.5 billion, showcasing its strong position in the digital advertising market [8].

The growth in ad revenue in YouTube watching, from a much smaller base in 2010 to billions in 2023, illustrates the platform’s expansion and the growing effectiveness of video content as an advertising tool.

11. Ad Relevance: 59% of consumers find YouTube ads more relevant than TV ads

According to consumer feedback, 59% find ads more relevant than TV ads. This precision is largely due to YouTube’s ability to utilize vast amounts of user data, including viewing habits, search histories, and YouTube demographics statistics, to tailor ads to individual preferences.

12. Vertical Video Performance: Vertical videos yield 10-20% more conversions per dollar

Studies, including YouTube research, reveal that vertical videos deliver 10-20% higher conversions per dollar compared to horizontal sponsored videos [9].

This improvement is even more pronounced in YouTube Video Action Campaigns, where vertical formats, particularly YouTube Shorts, outperform campaigns using only landscape assets by the same margin.

13. Skippable Ads: 29% of marketers find pre-roll skippable ads most effective

According to survey results, 29% of marketers find skippable ads to be the most effective format on YouTube. These ads appear before the desired YouTube video content, allowing viewers to skip the ad after a few seconds [10].

14. YouTube Shorts: Gaining popularity as a top platform for short-form video ads

Based on YouTube Shorts statistics, it is emerging as a prominent platform for short-form video ads, leveraging its rapid growth and popularity among users.

As the demand for concise and engaging content increases, advertisers increasingly turn to YouTube Shorts to deliver impactful messages in a format that resonates with the target audience.

Video & Marketing Statistics

15. Increased Usage: 66% of marketers plan to increase their use of YouTube videos

Increased Usage 66% of marketers plan to increase their use of YouTube videos

A significant 66% of marketers intend to ramp up their utilization of YouTube videos as consumer preferences increasingly lean towards video for information and entertainment.

16. B2C Content Marketing: YouTube is the second most effective platform for B2C content marketing

YouTube is highly effective for B2C online video content marketing due to its unparalleled reach, engaging video format, extensive search engine visibility, and robust analytics capabilities.

With over 2 billion monthly logged-in users and a platform that supports diverse content types, brands can create compelling narratives, optimize for search visibility, and engage directly with their audience through comments and shares.

17. Live Content: 52% of social video viewers use YouTube to watch live content

YouTube is a top choice for live content consumption, with 52% of social video viewers preferring to use it due to its extensive global reach, user-friendly interface, and diverse content offering [11].

18. YouTube Shorts Views: Averages 70 billion views per day

YouTube Shorts garners an impressive average of 70 billion views daily, highlighting its rapid adoption and popularity among users seeking short-form video content.

As YouTube continues to enhance its Shorts platform and promote short-form videos, it becomes a pivotal channel for brands and creators looking to capture attention and drive engagement in the competitive digital landscape.

19. Product Discovery: YouTube Shorts is the #1 social media platform for discovering new products and brands

YouTube Shorts has emerged as the leading social media platform for discovering new products and brands. It offers a dynamic environment where users can engage with short videos that showcase various products and brands.

YouTube Influencer Statistics

20. Top YouTube Channel: T-Series has 261 million subscribers

Top YouTube Channel T-Series has 261 million subscribers

Leading with 261 million subscribers, T-Series is known for its extensive catalog of Bollywood music videos and films, making it one of the most popular YouTube channels globally.

21. MrBeast: Second with 244 million subscribers

With 244 million subscribers, MrBeast is the second most popular YouTube influencer. It is renowned for its entertaining and often philanthropic content, featuring elaborate challenges, giveaways, and viral stunts.

22. CoCoMelon: 173 million subscribers

CoCoMelon YouTube channel features nursery rhymes and children’s songs, boasting 173 million YouTube subscribers, making it highly popular among young audiences and parents.

Popular YouTube videos like Wheels on the Bus and ABC Song gathered more than 200 million views and counting.

23. SET India: 169 million subscribers

With 169 million subscribers, SET India offers a variety of entertainment content, including TV shows, dramas, and serials, catering primarily to Indian viewers.

24. Kids Diana Show: 120 million subscribers

Known for its family-friendly content featuring Diana and her adventures, this YouTube channel has amassed 120 million subscribers. It focuses on children’s entertainment and educational videos.

Additional Key Statistics

25. Market Share: YouTube captures 10.25% of Google’s global revenues

Market Share YouTube captures 10.25% of Google's global revenues

YouTube contributes significantly to Google’s overall revenue, with over 10.25%, reflecting its substantial role within Google’s ecosystem and its revenue diversification strategy.

26. Most Viewed Video: “Baby Shark Dance” with almost 14 billion views

The viral success of “Baby Shark Dance,” garnering nearly 14 billion views, exemplifies YouTube’s unparalleled reach and ability to propel content to global fame.

The popular YouTube video highlights its influence on modern digital culture and entertainment.

27. Consumer Preferences: 43% of ad buyers use YouTube Shorts for advertising

43% of ad buyers prefer YouTube Shorts, which indicates its growing popularity and effectiveness as a platform for short-form video advertising. This aligns with evolving consumer behavior toward engaging, concise content formats.

28. Video Consumption: 80% of users use YouTube to find new content

80% of users go to YouTube to discover new videos, showing its role as a major platform for finding fresh content.

29. Ad Recall: 62% of viewers recall a YouTube ad they saw in the past month

62% of viewers remember seeing a YouTube ad recently, highlighting how well ads stick in people’s minds.

30. Conversion Rate: YouTube ads have a 14.6% conversion rate

YouTube ads lead to actions 14.6% of the time, proving their effectiveness in getting people to do something after seeing an ad.

31. High-Resolution Video Demand: There is an increase in demand for high-res videos for TV viewing

High-Resolution Video Demand There is an increase in demand for high-res videos for TV viewing

More people want to watch YouTube videos on TVs for better video experiences.

32. Influencer Marketing: 60% of consumers trust YouTube influencers

60% of consumers trust YouTube influencers, underscoring the platform’s role as a trusted space for influencer video marketing, where creators can significantly impact consumer purchasing decisions and brand perceptions.

33. Educational Content: 70% of users use YouTube for educational purposes

With 70% of users turning to YouTube for educational content, the video platform is a valuable resource for learning and skill development, catering to a broad audience seeking informative and instructional videos.

34. Brand Engagement: YouTube increases brand engagement by 41%

YouTube’s ability to % boost brand engagement by 41% highlights its effectiveness in fostering meaningful interactions between brands and consumers, enhancing brand loyalty and customer relationships.

35. Return on Investment: 88% of marketers find a positive ROI on YouTube ads

The high rate of 88% of marketers achieving positive returns on investment from YouTube advertisements indicates the platform’s strong potential for delivering measurable business outcomes and driving revenue growth for advertisers.

36. YouTube Premium: 27.9 million paying subscribers as of 2024

YouTube Premium 27.9 million paying subscribers as of 2024

As of 2024, YouTube Premium has garnered 27.9 million paying subscribers, reflecting a significant growth in YouTube’s user base willing to pay for an ad-free and enhanced viewing experience on the platform.

37. Revenue Growth: YouTube generated $29.2 billion in revenue last year

YouTube’s revenue of $29.2 billion in the previous year underscores its robust financial performance and sustained growth as a leading platform in digital video advertising.

38. Daily Active Users: YouTube sees approximately 122 million daily active users

With approximately 122 million users accessing YouTube daily, the platform maintains high engagement levels and serves as a vital source of entertainment, information, and social interaction for its global audience.

39. US Audience: 62% of internet users in the US access YouTube daily

The fact that 62% of US internet users visit YouTube daily highlights its pervasive presence and popularity among American audiences, positioning it as a dominant force in online video consumption.

40. US Children: Spend an average of 77 minutes per day on YouTube

According to YouTube demographic statistics, American children spend an average of 77 minutes daily on YouTube, which underscores its appeal and suitability for younger demographics, shaping their media consumption habits from an early age.

41. Mobile Watch Time: 40.9% of watch time happens on mobile devices

Mobile Watch Time 40.9% of watch time happens on mobile devices

With 40.9% of YouTube watch time occurring on mobile devices, the platform’s accessibility and user-friendly interface are crucial in facilitating convenient and widespread video consumption.

42. YouTube Shorts Users: 1.5 billion monthly active users for YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts’ monthly active user base of 1.5 billion highlights its rapid adoption and popularity as a platform for short-form video content. It reflects a growing trend towards quick, engaging video formats.

43. Search Engine: YouTube is the second largest search engine

As the world’s second-most used search engine, YouTube is a pivotal platform for mobile users seeking video content, emphasizing its role in information discovery and digital media consumption.

44. Marketers Usage: 54% of marketers use YouTube

The fact that 54% of marketers utilize YouTube for advertising and promotional campaigns underscores its effectiveness as a preferred platform for reaching target audiences and achieving marketing objectives.

45. Ideal Video Length: The ideal length for a YouTube video is 7-15 minutes

Videos ranging from 7 to 15 minutes in length perform optimally on YouTube channels, including brand partners channels, aligning with viewer preferences for content that balances depth of information with viewer engagement and retention.

46. Beginner Content: Content for “beginners” increased in popularity by 50% during the pandemic

Beginner Content Content for beginners increased in popularity by 50% during the pandemic

The 50% surge in popularity for beginner-oriented content during the pandemic highlights YouTube’s role as a go-to platform for learning and skill development, catering to diverse educational needs and interests.

47. Top Earner: MrBeast made around $82 million last year

MrBeast’s YouTube channel earned approximately $82 million in the previous year, making him the top earner on the platform. His channel showcases YouTube’s potential for creators to achieve substantial financial success through content creation and monetization on the platform.

48. Intent-Based Ads: Ads targeted by intent have a 100% higher lift in purchase intent

Ads on YouTube that align with viewer intent achieve a 100% increase in purchase intent, demonstrating the platform’s effectiveness in delivering targeted advertising messages that resonate with consumer needs and preferences.

49. Pre-Roll Ads: 29% of respondents feel pre-roll skippable ads are the most effective

According to YouTube statistics, 29% of respondents prefer pre-roll skippable ads, which underscores their perceived effectiveness in capturing viewer attention while allowing for user control. Thus, they are a favored ad format on YouTube.

50. Top Advertiser: Tenlira is YouTube’s biggest advertiser, spending $29.4 million in 2023

Tenlira’s investment of $29.4 million in YouTube advertising in 2023 highlights its status as one of the platform’s largest advertisers. It leverages YouTube’s extensive reach and targeting capabilities to enhance brand visibility and engagement.


What percentage of the market does YouTube have?

With a market share of 22%, YouTube stands as one of the most significant players in the global streaming landscape, second only to Netflix, which holds a slightly larger share at 31%.

This substantial market presence underscores YouTube’s widespread popularity and influence as a worldwide platform for video content consumption.

How effective is YouTube marketing?

YouTube marketing is highly effective due to its broad reach, diverse YouTube audience demographics, and robust engagement metrics.

With billions of users globally spending significant time on the platform daily, YouTube offers unparalleled opportunities for brands to reach their target audiences through various ad formats like skippable ads, pre-roll ads, and YouTube Shorts.

What is the marketing demographic of YouTube?

YouTube’s marketing demographic is diverse and spans various age groups and interests. It attracts many younger audiences, with a strong presence among millennials and Generation Z.

However, YouTube’s user base also includes a substantial portion of older adults, making it a versatile platform for reaching a wide range of demographics. Geographically, YouTube has a global reach, with notable audiences in countries like the United States, India, Brazil, and many European nations.

Regarding interests, YouTube caters to a broad spectrum of content preferences, from entertainment and music to education, lifestyle, and beyond.

Key Takeaways

YouTube marketing statistics demonstrate its strong influence and effectiveness in digital advertising. With billions of users spending a lot of time on the platform daily, YouTube provides excellent opportunities for brands to connect with diverse audiences through different ads.

These key YouTube statistics help viewers remember brands, achieve high conversion rates and offer detailed YouTube data analytics, showing how valuable it is for marketing efforts.

As YouTube grows and reaches more people, understanding and using YouTube statistics will be essential for marketers to create successful strategies that effectively reach and engage their target audiences.


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