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Bailey Nelson

We teamed up with Aussie-eyewear brand Bailey Nelson to develop their first defining brand statement using a delightfully colourful video. The brand campaign obtained 40% increase in branded search with Youtube describing the result as ‘best-in-class’.

The video also won Best YouTube Campaign of 2022 at B&T Awards 🏆. Keep scrolling to find out more!

Michael Beveridge
This was Bailey Nelson’s first defining brand statement using video, and we simply couldn’t be more stoked with what it’s done for us.
Michael Beveridge
Content Director
Brand personality is key.

Brand personality is key.

Bailey Nelson is on a mission to bring joy to eye care by keeping quality high and prices low so their customers can turn a prescription into a celebration.

They wanted to get on Australian people’s radar and really had recall — playing safe wasn’t an option. The competition is strong and is hard to differentiate so the real opportunity laid in creating a really strong brand story that showed Bailey Nelson’s unique personality.

Our social media video production team developed a straightforward concept with a mix of elements: a nice tension point to kick-off and capture attention, funny examples of the BN product in use to show their place in the customer’s life and a good way to sledge competitors.

Killer product shots and collateral.

Killer product shots and collateral.

A presenter format led the story to walk viewers through the so-wrong-but-common journey of buying glasses.

Our Australia video production team used transitions, shape cut-outs and masks to engage viewers and emphasise key unique selling points.

Getting product shots right was the best way to get very intimate with the product and ensure they the collateral looked killer for Bailey Nelson to use outside of the video.

Pivoting effectively.

Pivoting effectively.

Two whole days of shooting were already planned in our Sydney office and on the beaches of Bondi for our first brand story — but 4 days prior to shoot, our video production in Sydney entered again in lockdown and our team had to re-write, re-cast and try and find another location.

Deadlines were pressuring and it was an impossible mission with everyone’s borders shut so instead we thought it made sense to just dodgy green screen it and mention the elephant in the room.

No doubt this project came with a lot of lockdown challenges and it’s worth mentioning the ability of both teams to adapt and the creativity that sparks when you have limited options.

Outstanding brand recall.

Outstanding brand recall.

Creative without measurable results is just fruitless. Bailey Nelson ran a brand uplift test through YouTube and the results were about as good as have been seen by the team over at Google HQ.

  • +97% Brand Awareness Lift (best in class)
  • +3,617% Google Search Lift (best in class)

Thanks to the privilege to shoot long-form, the campaign included five consideration and conversion cutdowns plus the suite of statics for display ensuring the full funnel was kept a priority.

We’re super proud and absolutely honoured to have won Best YouTube Campaign of the Year at the B&T Awards 2022! 🏆

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