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Before Vidico: Videos that don’t perform. Conventional ideas. Endless revisions. Your time, and your effort.

After Vidico: Work with a world-class team. Everything is calm, inside a neat video production process. Trusted by hundreds of companies you know and love.



1.4 billion

Video views

Trusted by hundreds of the top companies
Clear, powerful video creation.

One platform for all your video production.
We’ve helped small early-stage startups to Fortune 500 companies produce videos that are clear, creative,
and convincing.

Tackle your company’s video needs, from every angle.

We’ve received 1.4 billion views across 1200+ videos.
You probably didn’t know it at the time, but odds are you’ve watched a video produced by Vidico.

Project Summary

Vidico’s Involvement
How can Vidico help?
Video for customer acquisition, engagement and retention. Get an evolving, 360° view on what kind of video content is right for your video strategy. Need a brand video, product video or social media videos? Vidico is the video production company built to handle it all.
Acquisition Engagement Retention
Animation Case Study
Explainer Videos →
Cut out complexity and increase conversions, with engaging animation.
Acquisition Engagement
App Videos →
Use smooth motion graphics to communicate your product essentials.
Acquisition Engagement
Walkthrough Videos →
Ensure retention and engagement through clear and concise training videos.
Live-action Case Study
Brand Videos →
Get a bespoke, branded video or tv commercial at the heart of your next campaign.
Acquisition Engagement
Social Content →
Win more mind-share with monthly video content for social media.
Product Overview Videos →
Create product videos, that give a crystal-clear overview.
Careers Videos →
Exhibit why your company is one of the best places to work.
Acquisition Engagement
Case Study Videos →
Show how your customers are winning with your product.
Crowdfunding Videos →
Launch with the production company that’s raised $15m+ for founders.
Acquisition Engagement

Video marketing that grows with you.

The old way: traditional agencies hire a specialist video production company like Vidico. They take most of your budget for concept. They have minimal involvement in the actual video production.

The new way: Vidico is the creative agency and the video production company. There’s less moving parts. That makes it up to 20-30% more affordable than a traditional agency. The whole process is managed from concept through to post production.

  • Flexible: Vidico’s plans are built to allow video at scale, both for startups and enterprise.
  • Strategic: From TV commercials, corporate video, to training videos. Get an evolving, 360-degree view on what kind of video content is right for your product and marketing strategy.

Trusted by global brands,
and products you use everyday.

Adam Harder

Senior Video Operations Manager

The ROI we were getting, the cost per acquisition and the ARPU just for the views have really been effective. The cost has been low per customer when they’re transitioning from our youtube to our website and purchasing our platform via that video.

+ Over 3.7 million views on Youtube.
+ Lowered CPA.

Karim Zuhri

Chief Operating Officer

With Vidico, every single detail matters. They make sure everything looks clean, beautiful and very professional. Really caring about the outcome and following up, again and again, to make sure you're happy with the results. A real customer-focused team.

+ Avg. view duration 56s (93% view rate).
+ Over 1.4 million views on Youtube.

Jane Zhang

Product Marketing Manager

The Vidico team is a joy to work with -- talented copywriters and animators, seamless communication, and timely delivery despite our 14-hour time difference. Our product video came out beautifully, and we'd gladly work with Evan, Michael, and the team again.

+ 3x commercials produced and localised for USA.

5 stars
I recommend them without reservation
5 stars
experts in the video production field
5 stars
over the moon is an understatement
See real results, created by the video production company consistently rated five-stars.

Getting started is easy.

  1. We chat, to better understand your product.

    We learn about your team, existing skills, and your ongoing video production needs.

  2. Have videos produced on an ongoing plan, or on a single project.

    Our plans are designed to help you scale up or down based on your quarterly projects and video campaigns. If you're new to video production, you can work with us on a single video project first.

  3. We assemble a specialist, dedicated video team.

    A team of top producers and project managers based on your content categories of choice.

  4. We then kick-off with an onboarding session.

    We’ll follow with adjustments as needed, plus advice on how to efficiently and cost-effectively scale your video production.

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