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We're working with podcast platform Acast on making their product easier to navigate for first-time users. Vidico always produces video content with a growth strategy in mind. For walkthrough content, the strategies are engagement and retention. 📖

Evan Pirone
The amount of assets we were able to create from a single 60-second video was pretty mind-blowing. We had a strong feeling at the storyboarding stage that this project was going to have a really unique style — this is an illustrative style that now belongs to Acast.
Evan Pirone
Creative Director
Simplify and abstract.

Simplify and abstract.

Acast is a global podcast hosting, distribution, and monetisation platform. With Acast, you get access to the easiest content management system, the most advanced analytics, and the largest international podcast marketplace in the world. This was actually Vidico’s second project for Acast! You can view our first project (an explainer video), here.

Our walkthrough video utilised a mix of product screenshots, motion graphics, and animation, where we used the following principles when developing the video:

1) 150 words of narrated content per 60-seconds.

We just keep coming back to this ratio as the go-to that dictates our pacing for these kinds of videos.

2) Simplify and abstract the UI in areas with lots of dialogue.

The viewer can only focus on so much. We’ve found that even with really well designed software products, its important to strip back some of the on-screen elements when they’re in motion. Viewers simply don’t have the time to take in every single detail of your app.

Production insights.

Production insights.

Whilst this approach was excellent for a software overview, it’s also useful to keep in mind that software walkthroughs can also consist of a screen recording of your exact product accompanied by voiceover. This approach is more scalable as your product grows, and is something Vidico offers as a product.

There’s an argument that could be made for this video also being used as a customer acquisition tool. With the right tone, voiceover and pace, we’d agree with this. Whilst you could imagine this particular video as a tool for inbound conversion, it’s our observation that software walkthroughs don’t work particularly well as ads — this is because they are meant to be specific and product focused, which works better in bottom-of-funnel strategies or placements.

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