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Domotz is a 360-degree software for network monitoring and security designed for IT departments and service providers. They approached us to produce an animation brand video that could represent their product, and explain it to their audience.

Simone Buda
Vidico has a very structured and well-established working process, which was the key to reaching great results. On top of that, the animation team is very talented and creative and they really helped us focus on the key elements to better define our product and brand, and delivered a beautiful video.
Simone Buda
Marketing Director
The mission.

The mission.

Domotz needed a video that explained ‘Who is Domotz’, what’s their solution and how they can help. They wanted the video to represent and communicate Domotz’s brand and product perfectly whilst speaking in an engaging way to their audience of Manage Service Providers and IT professionals.

It was their first animated video and they needed something versatile to use at different points of their customer journey:

🎯 To turn signup prospects into active users.

🎯 To educate their audience about the main capabilities of their software.

🎯 To raise awareness on Youtube and other social channels

“I finally selected Vidico, after having the first calls with them, for their professionalism, their clear structure of the workflow to follow for the video production, and their collaborative and helpful approach.” — Simone Buda, Marketing Director.

The creative approach.

The creative approach.

After developing the script, we embarked on the creation of a visual style that had a strongly branded composition with 2D designs that immediately evoke Domotz’s’ visual identity.

To elevate Domotz product we applied some 3D effects to high-quality 2D illustrations. Besides, we animated Domotz’ robot character and make it the hero of the video to remain warm and engaging with viewers.

With an appropriately paced narrative, we ensured the main value propositions weren’t lost within the video’s exposition.

“The process was very smooth, very transparent and it has been managed with the right tools at each stage. After the initial sharing with us, there would rounds of feedbacks in order to fine-tune the work and achieve what we had in mind.” — Simone Buda, Marketing Director at Domotz.

The results.

The results.

Domotz is using the video as a branding tool but also as a way to communicate their value proposition and engage with their target audience.

The video it’s being showcased on the homepage of their website and it already achieved over 500,000 views as a result of several organic and paid advertising initiatives they’re running across multiple platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

“I really appreciated working with a very collaborative, patient and creative team. I liked the fact of having a very clear and structured workflow which allowed us to closely follow how the project was unfolding at each stage. We were able to provide our feedback and comments at every stage of the process, which turned out to be really important to achieve the result we had in mind.”

— Simone Buda, Marketing Director at Domotz.

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