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Loopit is the world's most advanced car subscription software. They needed to introduce their brand in a sleek way at the Australian Automotive Dealer Association conference. We produced a 60-second explainer animation that's become a key learning and engagement tool for Loopit.

George Skentzos
Working with Vidico was perhaps the most efficient and productive experience I have ever undertaken with a vendor."
George Skentzos
Head of Marketing


Loopit powers car subscription, rideshare and modern fleet rental management solutions for brands. They provide mobility software solutions for automakers, dealerships and new mobility providers.

Loopit’s audience isn’t technical by nature. They needed to communicate in a clear, simple and engaging way the value of its platform through a storytelling approach.

“At Loopit, we are not only building a new business — we are building a new industry. Car subscription is an entirely new concept in the automotive space and it was equally important to succinctly explain the opportunity along with the product itself. The video has become a key learning and engagement tool for Loopit to help explain the value of car subscription to our audience, and the benefits of our platform.” — George Skentzos, Head of Marketing at Loopit from Sydney.

Creative approach.

Creative approach.

We envisioned an advanced animated explainer with an early focus approach on the pain point and the value of the solution. The main goal was to create something uniquely Loopit. Nothing “off the shelf”.

The narrative conveys the story of car subscription and why people need to adopt it. It sets the pain point and then takes the audience through it in a way that is easy to understand.

The creative approach on this campaign was centred around three main components:

  • – Strongly branded composition, that calls to mind Loopit’s visual identity in a sleek and innovative way.
  • – Quality design and illustration, with simplified, abstracted UI that best communicates Loopit’s features and benefits.
  • – Engaging messaging that speaks to the viewer, while effectively informing them of Loopit’s platform and services


Loopit understands the value of a 360 video strategy and used some shorter videos from the 60-second video as social media ads plus a package of static assets to create cohesive go-to-market and a consistent look and feel.

Working with Vidico was perhaps the most efficient and productive experience I have ever undertaken with a vendor.” — George Skentzos, Head of Marketing and Customer Experience of Loopit.

Loopit created a killer landing page with the video as the hero asset to explain the car subscription services and increase customer acquisition.

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