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Juni is the world first digital bank made for media buying and online advertising. They teamed up with us to produce a series of educational and promotional videos for their product launch.

Mathias Eriksson
Vidico delivered above & beyond expectations. We had the opportunity to give feedback in each step of the production process and Vidico went the extra mile to make sure they understood what we wanted at all times. We are overall super happy with the experience.
Mathias Eriksson
Brand and Marketing Director
The future of financial products.

The future of financial products.

Juni is a fintech company based in Sweden that develops a banking app and platform for e-commerce and online marketing entrepreneurs. Their platform empowers digital entrepreneurs to make better decisions, enables them to scale up their operation, and unleash the full potential of digital commerce in their favour.

They had just finished their first seed round successfully and prior to their official launch wanted to produce a series of videos to use on their landing page and across social with the aim of boosting sign-ups.

Dynamic animation approach.

Dynamic animation approach.

We created a visually stunning and educational App Video for their business that could serve both as an explainer and a high-performance Youtube/Facebook ad.

The defining factor about an App Video is the dynamic animation of a specific user interface. Instead of characters, environments or narratives. Our App videos focus heavily on product, benefits and features.

Slick abstract UI shots, on-screen text, and a great voiceover choice was our focus to provide an overview of the platform and build excitement. Along with a very easy creation process that facilitated feedback loops to make sure Juni‘s demands and wishes were incorporated at every step of the way — into script, production and animation.

Above and beyond expectations.

Above and beyond expectations.

The team at Juni immediately received tons of new business thanks to people viewing their videos on social media and Youtube. The video ad outperformed their old ads by 75% and has also been a great tool to send to potential clients to give them an easily digestible way of understanding Juni‘s services.

Juni also left us a 5-star review on Clutch!

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