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We partnered with Kyocera to create a series of compelling case-study videos. They showcase Kyocera's leadership in transforming document control and making businesses more agile. By letting Kyocera's clients share their stories, we highlighted the efficacy of Kyocera's product. The result: a powerful voice for their brand.

David Foot
From start to finish they were incredibly supportive of not only our needs, but also ensuring that the needs of our video subjects were met. We now see video creation as a key part of our ongoing content creation.
David Foot
Senior Manager - Marketing Communications
Who is Kyocera?

Who is Kyocera?

Kyocera is a Japanese multinational electronics and ceramics manufacturer. They’ve trusted us with their video strategy for the past two years. In our latest project, we captured the seamless efficiency and impressive impact of their printing device, combined with an inspiring art project.

Why case study videos?

Why case study videos?

Kyocera’s marketing team sought to build trust with potential clients by sharing their success stories. The best way to achieve this? Let the customers testify themselves. Case studies proved to be the most effective method for reaching this goal.

These success stories cover a range of industries and business stakeholders. We conducted interviews in a comfortable setting and ensured that Kyocera’s interviewees, regardless of their familiarity with the camera, delivered their best.

This case study video captures both the splendorous art installation on a grand scale being over 20m long as well as the individual details of 3000 plus A4 pages.

Giving personality to the brand.

Giving personality to the brand.

Videos add personality to a story by giving a voice behind the words.

This collaboration resulted in a polished and relatable series of videos that showcased the best of what Kyocera has to offer.

The team at Kyocera received fantastic feedback internally and from customers.

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