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Vidico teamed up with NAB to produce a long-form explainer video as a walkthrough to its Term Deposit products. 💳

Evan Pirone
Working with Emma and the NAB team was excellent. Besides providing us with one of the best draft scripts we've ever received, they had a great sensibility for visual storytelling, which made them a dream client to work with. ⭐
Evan Pirone
Executive Producer
Long-form explainer.

Long-form explainer.

3-minutes is a long time for the modern day explainer, though our Adelaide team worked closely with NAB on five rounds of scripting that would ensure a consistent pace throughout the video.

As the video was intended for internal training purposes, the pace of the video was such that we had to allow for a fair amount of time on each sequence. It had to move more in the way of e-learning content than a promotional video.

NAB took the initial pass of the script (and actually timed it surprisingly well), with Vidico then making edits to phrases and wording. NAB then added content as needed once we had a script that flowed nicely.

Video FAQ

Video FAQ

The script itself didn’t follow our typical structure. Instead of contrasting a problem and solution at the beginning of the video, we used a chapter structure based on FAQs. This allowed the video to act as a reference for product FAQs going forward, which made sense from the perspective of training content.

Here’s an example:

“Okay, what are Term Deposits? And how can they help my customer?

NAB Term Deposits are a fixed interest, fixed term product.

They’re a simple way for your customer to lock away their money for a time that suits them, with the security of a guaranteed rate of return. There are no fees, and customers can invest anything from $5000 upwards; at terms from 30 days to 5 years.”

“But what if a customer needs to access their money early?

Well, things come up in life, and that’s ok. Your customer might need to access some or all of their Term Deposit before maturity.

They will need to give us 31 days’ notice, before the funds can be accessed early.

Even with this notice, they’ll also be required to pay a prepayment cost. This cost will be a reduction in the total amount of interest that we finally pay to the customer.”

The entire video uses the above structure. We learned that if you have text to seperate each chapter, the flow and continuity can start and re-start without any loss in engagement.


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