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Sail Internet

Sail Internet provides affordable, contract-free, fast and reliable internet connection. What started as a one-time project to replace their outdated explainer video quickly became a long-term partnership to develop a holistic video strategy with multiple cutdowns and bespoke illustrations that have been used across their website, collateral, marketing, paid social and OOT to tackle different goals across their marketing funnel.

Bobette Wolf
Vidico is a trusted and important vendor that helps present our brand in amazing and uniquely creative ways.
Bobette Wolf
Creative Director
12-month video strategy.

12-month video strategy.

When Sail Internet approached Vidico for the first time, they were in need of a simple, sleek animation that took their outdated explainer video and notoriously upgraded its quality to make it more creative and impactful so it could capture attention and convince more potential customers.

After having a lot of success with this brand animation and its multiple cutdowns, Vidico basically became an extra arm of their business.

We teamed up to develop a 12-month video marketing strategy split by quarters with 3 objectives in mind:

  • Address their customers’ main paint points, doubts, and objections through compelling videos.
  • Communicate their offers in a clear and pitch-perfect way.
  • Test as many creatives as possible across paid media.
Creative direction.

Creative direction.

We strived to treat each video as a product in a way that they all could serve a specific purpose, solve a specific problem and take in customer feedback.

  • 1x  brand animation + 2 illustrations to introduce Sail Internet’s brand and value props.
  • 1x 90s animated explainer video + 60s, 30s, 15s, and 6s cutdowns to engage and inform  customers about the three steps installation process.
  • 1x 60s animated explainer video + 30s cutdown to solve Sail Internet customers’ main FAQ.
  • 3x 15-second promo videos with 6s cutdowns to communicate special offers.
Style Approach

Style Approach

The style focused on evoking freedom, flying, movement along with elements like:

  • Upbeat tone (strong, playful, happy and informative) and use of bright colours to communicate Sail Internet message.
  • Simplicity and flatness of dimension to make it more easily palatable to the eye.
  • Shapes throughout the video to evoke a sense of brand using Sail Internet logo’s elements.
  • Effective use of clear and evocative typography to accentuate key messages and keep them front of mind for the viewer.


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