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12 Best Creative Brand Video Examples To Inspire You (2024)

Michael Pirone
January 27, 2024

The State of Video in 2024

Introducing your brand to the world with a well-crafted brand video can feel daunting, especially if you need clarification on what creative approach would best suit your target audience and campaign goals.

To help you get inspired, we’ve rounded up 12 creative brand video examples that demonstrate how companies have successfully used video content to tell their stories, promote products and services, and convert viewers into customers.

From behind-the-scenes peeks at production processes to humorous takes on customer products or services, this collection of branding videos will give you the inspiration you need for your next extensive campaign.


    12 Inspiring Brand Video Examples That Drive Results

    1. Koala

    Target Industry: E-commerce

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    Koala’s brand video is the perfect inspiration for your next campaign. Its unique, highly creative social media marketing strategy and engaging storytelling will make a lasting impression on your target audience.

    The 2:30-minute long-form brand story is full of vivid images and a story sure to catch the attention of even the pickiest consumer.

    Through its dynamic visuals and energetic music, this brand video conveys an emotion of excitement and anticipation that will create a desire in the viewer to learn more about Koala’s product range.

    This high-impact brand video also utilizes YouTube Pre-Roll Ads to reach more people than ever by promoting shortened cutdowns on Facebook and Instagram.

    It is clear why Koala’s brand video has become the gold standard for click-through, view-through, and conversion rates—it successfully conveys the company’s mission of providing quality products with extraordinary customer service.

    Get a high-quality video that resonates with your audience. Get your team supercharged with a constant flow of fresh video concepts that elevate your brand.

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    2. Vervoe

    Target Industry: HR SaaS

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    Vervoe’s official brand video showcases the effects of lengthy and inefficient hiring processes. Produced in collaboration with Vidico, the commercial features a live-action capture blended with 2D animations made in After Effects.

    The effective brand video explains how Vervoe can drastically reduce the time needed to fill a role while ensuring you get the best fit for your team.

    Vervoe’s brand video is a must-watch and can inspire any campaign looking to make complexity disappear through compelling video content. You’ll find our highly-rated corporate video production companies here.

    3. Cascade

    Target Industry: HR SaaS

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    Cascade’s “The First Time” brand video is one of the best brand awareness videos for teams to plan and execute their projects more efficiently.

    The talented team at Vidico created the brand video with tongue-in-cheek humor, aiming to expose real project management problems and make them more accessible.

    It includes concept and script, storyboard creation, commercial production, UI animations, and a dedicated project manager throughout the process.

    This amazing video has been viewed over 70K times just six days after its release on Cascade’s YouTube channel, proving its success and impact on teams who can now use this tool to plan and execute better.

    4. Upfluence

    Target Industry: Marketing Platform

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    Upfluence’s brand video is an excellent source of inspiration for your next video marketing campaign. This captivating video showcases how Upfluence connects brands with influencers worldwide, allowing them to contact and manage them at scale.

    Using animation and live-action, this inspiring video tells a story highlighting the advantages of Upfluence’s platform.

    Its use of multiple characters and set designs demonstrates how this powerful influencer video marketing tool can bring about excellent brand success.

    With its engaging visuals, storyline, and informative content, this good brand video will give you the necessary boost for your next campaign.

    5. Smart Nora

    Target Industry: Tech

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    Smart Nora created a revolutionary snoring solution, allowing couples to get the rest they need. They commissioned Vidico to create a video highlighting their product or service features and benefits to increase brand awareness.

    The storyboard is built upon the idea of two people sharing a bed but unable to sleep because of one person’s snoring problem.

    With this powerful mix of brand storytelling and visuals, Smart Nora’s campaign taught people about their snoring solution and got them to buy it.

    6. Bailey Nelson

    Target Industry: E-commerce

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    Bailey Nelson’s debut brand video was a huge success, racking up an incredible 40x increase in branded search within two weeks! Produced with the help of Vidicstand Out, the explainer video spoke to Bailey Nelson’s ethos and style in a fun and engaging way.

    It presented a bold look at the world of eyewear fashion while seamlessly blending high-quality animation and motion graphics. Not only that, but it won YouTube Campaign of the Year at the B&T Awards 2022!

    This inspiring campaign can be used as a guide for other social media brands looking to create a captivating video presence. With creative storytelling, marketing strategy, quality visuals, and attention-grabbing animations, your next campsite is the crowd.

    7. Parrot Analytics

    Target Industry: Data Analytics SaaS

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    Parrot Analytics is a leading data analytics company that uses its Demand Expression measurement platform to help creative professionals, marketers, and executives make informed decisions on their properties and campaigns.

    The brand video created by Vidico in collaboration with Parrot Analytics will provide insight into the growing global attention economy and how to tap into demand measurements to stay competitive.

    This brand video teaches you about the power of data and serves as a great source of inspiration for your next marketing campaign.

    It offers a detailed breakdown of the types of media people watch and downloads, allowing you to understand better which projects can impact the market. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to achieve more success through improved decision-making.

    8. Sisense

    Target Industry: Analytics SaaS Platform

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    Vidico collaborated on a compelling brand video for Sisense, which conveys the platform’s capabilities through an engaging story. It starts with a powerful introduction highlighting the solution’s advantages and a series of illustrative scenes.

    These show the different features of the platform in an organized way that makes it easy for viewers to connect with and understand. Also, UI animations are used throughout the explainer to grab people’s attention and keep them interested.

    Also, a dedicated project manager ensures that each step of creation is tailored to the client’s needs, resulting in a product that works well and goes above and beyond expectations. This unique video will boost your marketing efforts and help you reach your goals faster.

    9. Bluehost

    Target Industry: SaaS

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    Bluehost is committed to enabling small and medium businesses to leverage the web’s potential. Vidico created this brand video that’ll inspire your next campaign if you aim to showcase your SaaS or tech campaign features through a compelling story.

    The video follows the story of a brilliant entrepreneur from the idea to her business creation—an engaging narrative that will resonate with Bluehost’s target audience.

    The goal was to relate with the audience straightaway, ensuring the skippable ad was captivating enough to retain viewers. In just two weeks, this brand video garnered an astonishing 100k+ views on YouTube!

    10. MobileMuster

    Target Industry: Environmental Services

    What Makes It Stand Out: 

    No matter what your next campaign looks like, MobileMuster can help inspire you with its brand video. It’s a perfect example of the results you can achieve when creating well-targeted video content.

    MobileMuster needed to raise awareness on phone recycling among Gen Z. You’ll see in the video how visuals, tone, and style have been adapted to this specific target audience.

    This video increased by 31% brand recognition among the MobileMuster audience, proving the impact a well-targeted brand video can have.

    Backed by experienced project managers and a skilled creative team, you can be sure that a brand video will help make your next awareness campaign unforgettable.

    11. Qure

    Target Industry: Cosmetics

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    Qure is an innovative social media brand that combines beauty and science to give people the power to take charge of their skin.

    With a high-quality brand video from Vidico, you can inspire your next campaign with a narrative that delves into what makes Qure unique and why it’s better than other skincare products.

    The video avoids overly technical explanations or lengthy customer testimonials in favor of focusing on what is essential: all answers, no smoke, and mirrors.

    It also has UI animations and a dedicated project manager, giving your campaign a professional look and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

    If you need an inspiring video capturing the essence of Qure for your next campaign, you should think about working with Vidico to get good results.

    12. Reckon

    Target Industry: FinTech

    What Makes It Stand Out:

    Reckon is an Australian-owned accounting and payroll software company dedicated to empowering the growth of small businesses. Their brand video serves as an inspiring call for customers to use their platform for time-saving solutions.

    This live-action brand video tells an engaging story of a small bakery owner facing a considerable order and all the accompanying invoices and payroll.

    With a perfect blend of humor and dramatic tone, Reckon’s ‘All for Small’ campaign takes a refreshing stance in the fintech industry. Their brand video keeps the audience engaged throughout with its humorous hook.

    Take inspiration from it and stand out from your competitors by adding a unique tone to your upcoming campaigns!

    What Is A Brand Video?

    A brand video is a short video designed to communicate the branding of a business. Its main goal is to show users the company’s core values, mission, and purpose in an exciting and meaningful way.

    Compelling brand videos establish a unique identity for the business and help promote trust and customer loyalty. They can also inform customers about the value of a product or service and demonstrate its latest innovations.

    Brand videos should be entertaining, informative, and emotionally stimulating – showing off what sets the business apart from its competitors. Event videos can create engaging experiences long after the video ends by providing visuals that resonate with users.

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    What Makes A Successful Brand Video?

    There’s no specific formula for these branded videos because they need to be unique from top-to-bottom. Here’s what you should include in your creation:

    Eye-Catching Images:

    The visuals of your own brand video should be captivating. High-quality visuals can attract and engage viewers.

    This includes colorful backgrounds, animation, and graphics. Text overlays on visuals help clarify the message. Music and sound effects can reflect your brand’s style.

    Compelling Storytelling:

    The video’s story is as important as its visuals. It would help if you created an engaging story for your audience.

    You must know who they are and what they care about to connect with them. The story should have an introduction, main body, and conclusion while providing necessary information.

    Clear Calls To Action:

    Your brand videos should engage and inspire brand awareness among viewers. Your calls to action should be clear so viewers know what to do.

    It could be signing up for your channel or blog, visiting your website, or buying something right from the video. Ensure it’s clear at the end of your brand video so viewers can act quickly.

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    Benefits of Creative Brand Videos

    Elevated Brand Visibility

    Brand videos elevate brand recognition and establish a memorable presence in the audience’s minds. They effectively convey a brand’s story, values, and identity, creating a lasting impression that sets it apart from competitors.

    Sales Growth

    Brand videos are powerful sales tools that effectively promote products or services, translating into tangible revenue growth for businesses. They showcase product features, benefits, and unique selling points, compelling viewers to take action.

    Engagement Building

    Brand videos forge personal connections with customers, going beyond product features to create emotional engagement. This engagement builds trust and fosters long-term brand loyalty, as customers feel genuinely connected to the brand.

    Wider Reach

    Shareable marketing videos on social media accounts and platforms have the potential to reach a vast and diverse audience. These branding videos are easily shareable, allowing viewers to spread the brand’s message to their networks, attracting new customers and expanding the brand’s reach exponentially.


    What should be the ideal length of a brand video?

    The ideal length of a brand video varies but generally falls between 1 to 3 minutes, depending on the content and platform. Short videos are often more effective for social media, while longer ones work for in-depth storytelling.

    These brand videos showcase company culture, brand values, or campaign highlights that can be a powerful marketing tool in grabbing the target audience’s attention.

    How do brand videos contribute to brand identity?

    Brand videos contribute to the brand’s visual identity by reinforcing key elements, such as logos, colors, tone, and messaging while showcasing the brand’s values and unique personality.

    If you want to build brand awareness that will reach potential customers and keep the brand memorable, a good branding video highlighting the brand’s identity and brand’s core message can do the job.

    Should I get an expert in making the best brand videos?

    Yes, getting an expert is highly recommended. Crafting a compelling brand video requires a deep understanding of storytelling, visual communication, and the intricacies of connecting with your target audience.

    Vidico is a reputable marketing video production agency known for its expertise in producing top-notch brand videos tailored to your unique brand identity and digital marketing goals.

    Wrap up

    The above brand videos are a great way to spread brand awareness, engage your audience, and give them an inspiring story that resonates with your audience.

    If you want to rebrand your business and switch to the latest and greatest technology, Vidico is the perfect partner to help you make a brand video that your audience will enjoy and remember.

    With experienced project managers, talented creatives, and innovative production techniques, you can be sure that your explainer videos will capture people’s attention and keep them interested.

    From showcasing data-driven real estate technology to conveying a message of convenience and reliability – no matter what your next campaign looks like, Vidico can help make it unforgettable.

    So please take advantage of their unique services today and get ready to launch your next marketing success story!

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